Object Descriptions

Our new plug-in Optical Flares includes 12 powerful Core Objects that are the building blocks for making intricate lens flares with this tool. I’ve put together a basic breakdown of the the 12 objects in a handy PDF.

Download PDF

You can also watch a video demonstration in the Feature Videos.
Watch Core Object Feature Video

7 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
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Visualization Experiment and new Renders
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New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
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Destruction Experiment!
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7 years ago
there are so many coments, this might have been asked already but... What are the chances of seeing a version of this for applications other than after effects??... Avid products, or final cut for example

7 years ago
HI only wondering that will all video copilot programs work in sony vegas pro 9 ? just find its interface abit easier to work then AE
7 years ago
Does this work with Vegas Pro 9?
7 years ago
hello i this look splendid.
7 years ago
Is the page with the demo videos not compatible with firefox?
7 years ago
7 years ago
Is there going to be a full promo on the page for optical flares? :)
7 years ago
Flares is working out just great for me at home and work, good stuff.

A little tip here for those doing the "Light Wall" tutorial.

Try creating a solid with a grid plugin applied to it when setting up initially...definitely helps get the spacing right and is quick.

Thanks, AK..and team...I love it
7 years ago
hi andrew can u tell me when you release film magic pro latest version which is comfortable with adobe after effect cs4?
7 years ago
I no not dispute that this is worth the $, and much more reasonable then most packages of this magnitude... but I simply cannot afford this.

You deserve every penny you make from this, but...
I wish there was some way you could make money off "FREE"... at the same time i'm glad there are no ads here.
Mike Perry
7 years ago
I purchased your product yesterday, let me tell you something. Great job I have not been able to stop playing with them and making custom presets, I think I have made over 40. Thanks again for your hard work with the tutorials and your products!

VR Mike Perry
Georgia Army National Guard
ken c
7 years ago
Congrats on the OF launch - and hey I just noticed, if you google the term "after effects" you're #1!!! wow. that's a big accomplishment - nice job. be sure to add an email optin box or something to get leads.

VCP Is #1 in Google for k/w phrase "after effects". nice!

Yogesh Chaudhary
7 years ago
You are great dear. The plugins are very very very cool.
lage raho
semiasty (Chris)
7 years ago
Hi ther Andrew ;) im learning everything abaut AE from videocopilot.net and i wonder if u will make soon some tuts using those 3D flares plug :>
7 years ago
why this is good, compare that to genarts sapphire lense flare.
7 years ago
honestly.. how can this be under $200????????
im blown away!!

..........ps- still amazed with Action Essentials 2!!!!!
7 years ago
Hey Andrew its dazzling cant look in to my Composition by empty eyes any more !!!(Wear Sun Glasses?)
ken c
7 years ago
best plugin I've ever bought for AE, by far. hey I see a bright future for vcp's plugin business... should be neat to see what comes next, plus new user presets to learn from. thanks very much, you done good andrew.
7 years ago
I like all your tutorials...
I would like to ask you, do you live Gaza??!!
7 years ago
How do I get on the presets network?
I bought this the other day, am very impressed, but never got a link.
Cheers in advance
7 years ago
By the way guys here's an optical flares plugin review:

7 years ago
Awesome! I have no more words... Really! :)
7 years ago
OUTSTANDING! Innovative beyond comparability... Truly a benchmark in plug-in dev.
7 years ago
This is really GREAT,
but what about tutorials??
We Want to Learn some more!!
7 years ago
Promo. Is. Still. In. Production. D:
Paul Martinez
7 years ago
Just saw a review saying this plugin is gonna kill off Knoll Light Factory....and I have to agree. You guys kick arse in HD fashion.
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, thanks for another great feature from VC. I'd like to ask you one thing. I was especially focussed on the layer occlusion. But when I try that, nothing seems to happen. It looks like nothing changes. I tried to make several blending modes, but it makes no sense. Did I missed something here? Again thanks a lot for all the great things you offer.
From the Netherlands
7 years ago
Nice Flares, looks better than the one I use...!
7 years ago
thank you mr Andrew Kreamer!
7 years ago

This is going to make my reel sparkle!
7 years ago
Andrew, would you please say Lens Flares 20 times after another ? This would make my day !
7 years ago
very cool thanks very much
7 years ago
it's aewsome...
but i impossible to buy this...
you're great again, AK..
7 years ago
Nice thanks man...this is handy
7 years ago
WOW, Takes some expirence there
7 years ago
everything you do is art!
videocopilot 4 ever :D
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew and VP! great plug-in!

here's a little test on the plug-in


I use it with the action essential footage,

I was planning to use the window rain footage as the lens texture, but somehow the color become flat and have some discoloration. so I turn them off and just use add mode instead.
7 years ago
thanks andrew for this great product.
7 years ago
Best plug-in I've ever owned. I'm so engrossed at the possibilities. Thanks for the reference.
7 years ago
Great plugin.
I have so fun with it ! good job to all the VC crew !

I have though a suggestion about prenet :
there is only one still image of the flare and perhaps it would be great to check how it responses (triggering etc...) on a preview window like in the plugin by playing around with the mouse.
I don't know how difficult it would be, in term of programmation, but if by any chance you can put it in there, it would be perfect !

but still, OF and prenet are pure happiness!
thank you again to all of you.
7 years ago
Old Comic Book...

"So pretty! Now where’s the missile trail tutorial already?!"

Relax dude. New plugin , new features and you want all at once ? He did more than great job with Optical flares release .
Matthew Park
7 years ago
Many thanks, Kramer! Looking forward into buying this brand new awesome product.
Sergio Jr
7 years ago
Congratulations Andrew... xD
I would like to know about the promo to. =D
7 years ago
Awesome! I been uploading some presets on the network and I noticed Optical Flares has so many features I think if you would write a manual for all the functions it has, you wouldn't have time to make these great tutorials. Thanks for this!
7 years ago
great work Andrew :D can you tell us please when the promo of optical flares will post on the website please ?
7 years ago
Great once again!

But I do have a question/suggestion:

Say, I want to make an anamorphic or realistic lens flare from scratch... And I really want it to be that way. Well, how do I make sure that it is the type of flare I wanted to make?

In other words:

A file containing the specific caracteristics of different types of lens flares, like anamorphic and realistic lens flares could act as a reference for compositing the right elements on eachother to be sure you are doing what you intended to do. So you don't end up with an anamorphic element, that in no way could exist in real life, while you actualy wanted a realistic one..

A little bit 'lensflares for dummies' ^^

(I know I should use it)
7 years ago
A.R. Thanks for the complement. It was just a quick test, but I am hoping to create something a little more elaborate real soon. :-)
7 years ago
Man you must have fun doing this stuff. Yes, it's lots of work but you've pinned down the essence of using this tool.

Great work, as usual.
7 years ago
@ Kevin
That looks very cool! Good job! Gold Star... literally! xD
7 years ago
Awesome! thx for all your tutorials and videocopilot stuff!!
So pretty! Now where's the missile trail tutorial already?!
7 years ago
Very handy :D
now maybe i can figure out how to make my flares look amazing!
7 years ago
Wow! I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing plug-in. Optical Flares exceeds my expectations. I can't believe this is a version 1.0 plug-in. I am also amazed how easy it is to integrate with Cinema 4D renders. Here is a quick test I just did...loving it!

7 years ago
why does everything you publish look so amazing? usually .pdfs are so boring... :P
7 years ago

Having a great experience using the OF plug-in so far. It's really amazing how many different ways you can mix things up and it's really easy to use.

Again.... GREAT JOB!!
7 years ago
I'm wondering if you'll ever release a demo version of this plug-in?
Nic Vigil
7 years ago
woah very nice AK
7 years ago
Awesome, thanks! I'm loving OF so far. I'm playing around with ways to add it to live action footage. Trying to get a shaky, flare in the camera look like in Star Trek. Been using After Shake with OF and it's worked pretty well.
7 years ago
Really Great, Keep working! You awesome!