BLOG SHOW: Mystery of Violence

Warning: Simulated Violence

Topics Covered:
Upcoming Tutorial with Sam Loya
Behind the Scenes
Sam VS Sam
Will Sam get payback?
Video Copilot Hats!

UPDATE: The tutorial with Sam Loya will actually be online tomorrow so that our site doesn’t explode!

Video Copilot Gear: Will be available from our store at the end of NOV.

Special Blog Show on Halloween

Sam Loya joins us for an electrifying Halloween blog show and simultaneous tutorial launch. The excitement will begin tomorrow evening Mu ha ha ha.

AE CS5 64 bit only

Not fresh news but After Effects CS5 will be shipping as a 64-bit only application which requires a 64 bit operating system. There are very important advantages that I’ll let you read about from the Adobe Product Manager but the main benefits are speed and the ability to utilize more RAM for rendering and previewing. Hopefully this will put an end of “Out of memory errors” for good!

Adobe needed to finally step up and take on this monster task of supporting 64 bit to finally take advantage of modern hardware. As a note, the requirements for running 64 bit are not very steep, but if you do build out your machine, it will be able to take advantage of the extra power. No word on Adobe System requirements yet…

So if you’re upgrading to Windows 7, you might want to reach for the 64 bit version, if you’re on Mac you are already 64 bit since the last few versions. Please share your productive thoughts and ring-in at the survey on the right.

NOTE: You can count on all Video Copilot products and presets to be compatible when the time comes.

2012 Scene Building

Who doesn’t love a good disaster movie? Guilty pleasures Here is an interesting behind the scenes look at some of the special effects for the movie 2012.

Check it out

Retro Lens Flares

Showing the true power of our Optical Flares Plug-in, we were able to push it to the limits and recreate AE’s built-in lens flare from scratch! AAA-MMMAZING! Think of the possibilities…

We’re still polishing the plug-in features but expect a big release sometime in November. Aside from working on this plug-in, I’m also planning a Halloween tutorial and blog show that might be frighteningly fun. Stay Tuned! or should I say “stay ghouled!!!”. -No that doesn’t work, scratch that.

BLOG SHOW: Optical Flares & Bears Oh My!

In this new “Video Blog Show” we will be trying a new format and most importantly checking out the interface for OPTICAL FLARES for the first time!

Topics Covered:
New Blog Show Format
Fight Enhancement Tip in AE
Check out Upcoming Bar Graph Tutorial
5 Min Inside Look at the Optical Lens Flare Interface

This episode is a bit longer (18 min) but the time flies-by! We are shooting for 10 minute shows in the future! We also changed the resolution to 960×540 so you can see the tutorials and demonstrations much easier.

NOTE: Optical Flares is Mac & PC compatible.

Optical Flares Poster

We are working hard adjusting the features for our new Lens Flare plug-in called Optical Flares but I wanted to tell you about some of the cool features . I’ve included some notes that might help you understand this plug-in better but expect a video presentation soon. We are still shooting for a “sometime in November” release.

View Poster

UPDATE: For those interested, I posted a short response below.

Behind the Scenes with Digital Domain

I stumbled upon a fun behind the scenes video with Digital Domain that had a lot of interesting insights. I especially liked the environment rebuilding stuff towards the end of the video.

Check it out!

Top 50 Countries Visiting Video Copilot

I was checking out a list of countries I could visit where someone might be willing to give me a place to sleep and a warm meal. So naturally I checked the list of visitors of Video Copilot by geographic location! I actually found it very interesting when I realized that we are connected so prominently across the world in such a unique personal way. This is truly an amazing time and incredible to be part of this community. Thanks to everyone for making this site what it is today and what it will be in the future!

Check out the list to see who’s visiting and from where!
In order of website traffic by location:

List displays countries & regions.

1. United States
2. Germany
3. United Kingdom
4. France
5. Canada
6. Brazil
7. Netherlands
8. Russia
9. Italy
10. India

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In this detailed tutorial we will combine 2 static shots into a single fluid camera animation from the surface to an underground garage. We’ll use camera projection techniques and various textures to extend the scenery.

Watch Tutorial

Video Update: Canon 7D, AE Tips & Leeches

Video Update number two is online and we have several fun things to discuss in this slightly longer edition. We’ll check out the sneak peak of this weeks video tutorial, plus my take on the new Canon 7D, digital SLR. There has been a lot of interest in Video SLR’s and I wanted to look into it first hand. This discussion is a little more free but the Video blog world is starting to evolve … I’ll be trying some new things and hopefully we’ll find a format that works!

Otherwise we’ll have to start over and go back to formula. BACK TO FORUMLA!!

NOTE: The Submerged tutorial will be online this week. Stay Tuned.