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At Video Copilot we do our best to keep the content flowing and always stay on the cutting edge with ideas and concepts to share with the world. All of this is made possible by your support in the DVD products department and we make no secret about it. We appreciate you guys and gals, your support allows us to drive to the desert to blow things up so you don’t have to

Anyways we don’t always have time to stop and smell the flowers especially since we probably blew many of them up but there is a charming post on the forum that I felt like sharing

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Be sure to read the photo captions too, pretty clever.

I also want to thank the Video Copilot team and our forum moderators for their hard work and continued dedication to building and maintain one awesome website. Cheers!

7 years ago
New Plug-in TRAILER! Update: 3
Our new plug-in trailer is finally online! I hope you guys can see how much work went into this! The plug-in and Tutorial will be available today-ish! Watch on youtube in HD! UPDATE: Might be a long night but this plug-in is coming out! UPDATE 2: Dinner time. Long night ahead… Not going to bed until […]
VIDEO: NAB Presentation on Star Wars!
Here is my Star Wars hologram presentation. I get into the design process a bit and focus on some of the challenges and interesting techniques we used. Including the time I met Harrison Ford… kinda. NAB was a lot of fun this year. Fun to see many of the design friends and all of the people […]
An Unstoppable Force!
  It’s been a crazy year! Getting an opportunity to work on Star Wars and learning how many days you can survive with no sleep.  It’s been an incredible honor to work with J.J. Abrams and the amazingly talented people at Bad Robot and ILM. To see the love an dedication that went into this film […]
NAB Presentation: Star Wars Holograms
If you are going to be at NAB today or tomorrow, join me at the Adobe booth at 2PM! I’ll be talking about some things I learned while working on Star Wars: The Force Awakens helping to make Holograms, Graphics and Titles! Be sure to follow us on Twittter for updates throughout the week! I had a great […]

3 years ago
It's really interesting to compare this project to the brand new Element 3d version. I mean, it's not really fair to this older project, it's a different technology, but the element 3d version pretty much dominates this one.

Nice work.
7 years ago
Sweet, I live in australia 2 n to no that I would get the vc products in 3 days jus makes it better for me
7 years ago
Andrew, stumbled onto your site while searching on the internet on how to do a slideshow in AE. I clicked on a link and someone on a different site referred to going to videocopilot where I found your tutorial on making an easy slideshow. My client had 250 pictures that needed to be made into a slideshow and your tutorial was a big help although I changed some things for my purposes. My client got the slideshow dvd and was very happy with it.

I'm probably still a beginner with After Effects, but seeing your tutorials and what you can do with the program makes me want to do more. I just purchased your bundle with pro scores and evolution Memorial day special. My way of supporting and saying thanks for the tutorials you provide and hopefully create my own eye catching AE content.
Minnesota Johnny
7 years ago
Well I've been meaning to pick up After Effects for awhile now but never really got around to it until I recently picked up CS4 MS. I bought Adobes Certified training book and although helpful(gag)it just was not fun. Then I found VC. I ordered Series One right away and of course the first thing I did was make a Lightsaber Battle with my two sons, link coming soon. Anyway, Andrew you have a great gift. Your tutorials are always FUN and COOL and actually usable in real life projects! So, now I just got my paycheck and I'm off to order "Riot Gear" and "Evolution". I am always happy to spend my hard-earned cash on something worthwile!
7 years ago
It is no wonder you guys are at the top of the list with graphic designers and media pros. I too am a happy customer. Kudos and keep it up. Sent email needing some info for a chamber marketing presentation I'm giving. Take a look at the email. Would love to spotlight you guys. Nice work with the StarTrek gig. Icing with the cake I presume? FTW Andrew...FTW!
7 years ago
No doubt this is one of the most enjoyable sites I have visited by far and the product is not just well worth the money, in many cases it's free!

I have purchased only three downloads so far but as our AUD seems to be on the up I can't wait to purchase more.
7 years ago
7 years ago
I have purchased all your products as well. Great Price.
Great Value. Can't wait for the next release.
7 years ago

I mean come on, i got mine in under 8 hrs of ordering!! THIS!



oh, and the dvd cases DO smell like bacon and a bitter-buttery-like sinck but....who goes and snifes dvd cases any way lol!
7 years ago
I would like to say that I haven't bought anything form this website. I don't even have after effects.
I use shake and recreate what I can, it's a tremendous learning experience and thank you for the inspiration.
7 years ago
From Chicago...I got the full line up of VCP and there are no complaints here.....keep up the good work and tuts Andrew you are the shitnizz
7 years ago
Happy to say that between my work and myself we have purchased every product available... some of them twice! =) Thanks AK keep the tuts coming!
7 years ago
I see you still got them stinky mini dvd cases for the oldest products :)

I think I can still smell them a little almost a year after i bought the mega bundle.

Thanks for switching to a different type of plastic with the newer cases :)

7 years ago
And how about Uruguay! Hey, we are a few kms down Brazil, so it should arrive too!
7 years ago
Yes. Customizing packages would be awesome!
7 years ago
We do ship to Brazil!
7 years ago
Yep yep yep, always good
7 years ago
Pleaseee... Answer me...

'Do you ship to Brazil'?
Jim Hines
7 years ago
Hey my birthday is almost here - 5/25 - and the wife and kids got the message as to where to go shopping. Anybody have any recommendations as to the most useful stuff? I thought the Pro Scores / Snd Fx bundle would be the way to go. But as is common she has her own ideas, I said "Hey, it's 'MY' birthday. She's pouring over the products right now and thinks the "Evolution and Riot Gear" files would be most beneficial for the two of us. She's a children's book illustrator. I've been trying to get her to learn AE because she would truly rock at it.

Ah... marriage, it's awesome. LOL. Truth be told, I couldn't live with out her and the kids.

Carry on people!
7 years ago
That's cool.
I wish I had some money...
Tony Maserati
7 years ago

We all will be interested to see how is like your studio, how does it works, see the people involved and so on.
would be interesting if you can record a short video inside videocopilot studios: no editing, just one take, from the front door coming inside during a normal rutine day.

By the way, watch this: http://www.vimeo.com/3392960

thats kramermania in ful effect!

(unfortunately i'm not the author of the video)
7 years ago
Hey A.K.

I'm from little Denmark, i bought all your products and of course I am happy about the products, but also the delivery was amazing!

Best Regards

Aleksander, Denmark (I speak danish normally, which is the cause for my bad english :D)
7 years ago
Andrew, i cant help it, am dying of Action Essentials ULCERS, please do something abt it. Its really killing me,
at times patience hurts.

UGANDA, East Africa
7 years ago
Andrew you know what would be cool is if you let us customize our own bundles and then you price it after.just a suggestion.
7 years ago
My videocopilot products are under sealevel at this moment :)
(Jup, they even shipped it all the way to the Netherlands)
7 years ago
I've gone the download route, rather than getting the DVDs, but the big bit is, I've actually used the stuff in multiple projects. That speaks volumes, as far as I am concerned. And I combined a couple of tutorials to make the logo for a sub-company of mine. So, yay for VCP!
7 years ago
I love VideoCopilot
Simon Steele
7 years ago
Our church is planning on getting the whole bundle we are just waiting for action essentials hd to come out.
7 years ago
I posted on that topic, explains how happy I am with VC :)
7 years ago
I agree Andrew. The forum moderators should be commended. They, along with all of the other users, have a wealth of knowledge that they share. Can't thank the VCP team enough.
Get that Action Essentials 2 DVD out there so we can help fund the "KILL THE DESERT FLOWERS" movement! Xp
Eric Sheffey
7 years ago
Thanks so much for the great products. I own six of them and they have helped me so much.
7 years ago
Pretty awsome.
David W.
7 years ago
Andrew, you guys rock! :)
7 years ago
If anything Andrew, you've made learning things via the net very easy and accesible. I own almost all your products and super happy to help out by paying for it. Keep up the great work.
7 years ago
Cheers for the Great GURU... CHEERSSS!!!
Anthony Miller
7 years ago
I own Seven (7) products from VC and couldn't be happier. Awesome stuff.

Support the site!!!

Malik Adeel
7 years ago
hmmm great :)
7 years ago
I love you
Joseph Ruano
7 years ago
thks A.K. For All, You are the best!!!
7 years ago
Cool keep up the good work! :) im only 15 and now because of you i want a job doin this! Over all i do understand that you cant get a job doing this stuff over night or that it is easy, im just saying that it is fun to do. Thanks
7 years ago
im with the guy above, you just inspire more people then u can imagine AK and we all thank u for all the hard work u do to make us, the customers, happy. So once again thank u and keep up the great work and i cant wait for Action Essentials HD and anything else u create to come out!!!!!!
7 years ago
Hey man Love Your stuff waiting Action Essenitials Just a request please make a bundle with Pro Scores and Designer Sound FX as i am gonna buy all of them would love to get em as a bundle
7 years ago
I got "The Bullet" and I love it! It has helped me improve so much with my color correcting, workflow, and Blender abilities. Needless to say, I am setting money aside to buy more ;)

Thanks Andrew Kramer and Video Copilot!!!
Clayton Light
7 years ago
I'm one of those who was drawn into after effects because of you AK. At first it was creative cow, then VCP. Along with my video production, I sometimes make my rent with motion graphics jobs alone. Thanks. I'll always buy your products the day they come out. Thanks for my life!
7 years ago
Hear Hear!!!
7 years ago
hehehe...its up to you buddy, you just have to release Action Essentials HD :)
Matt Scott
7 years ago
I'm in Australia too, and have had nothing but pleasant experiences receiving my goods. Paying good money for a product that is FAR more valuable than its price is a great feeling.

Its not only nice to read that people appreciate the Teacher, but also nice that the Teacher appreciates the people!
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