Procedural Disintegration


Here is a quick example of what I like to call ‘procedural disintegration’. In this sample video you will see an interesting effect but what is more interesting is the technique used to build it. A tutorial will be online this week and it will be a cross between VFX and Motion Graphics (100% AE). I might even produce 2 tutorials since this technique has so many uses; I don’t want it to be lost in the mist of specific visual effects shot.

View Sample Video

Occasionally I’m asked “How do you come up with ideas or techniques for your tutorials?”. Well the truth is, I spend a fair amount of time playing around inside of After Effects. Ideas come from many sources and it’s important to stay fluid so that you don’t overlook something useful. Often times my experiments will be completely different than what I began developing. These projects are usually more functional in order to prove an idea or technique. It’s only after I’m happy with one that I try to work it into a real-world project and tutorial. Most of all, I try to focus on things that will benefit this amazing community, you guys motivate me to push the limits of After Effects and we’ve only began to scratch the surface…

The grenade example does not use shatter or particular and the grenade is an image… By changing the source image, the burn updates automatically as seen here.

8 years ago
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