2 Versions of Action Essentials 2

*Updated Below

As we continue to add more high quality visual effects elements to our upcoming action stock footage collection, it has become clear that this product is bigger than we ever imagined. So far there are 15 categories with over 200 HD elements and growing.

We plan on releasing the product at 720p high definition (1280 x 720) which is a great format for standard definition and of course HD film work, since it up-converts so well. This also allows us to keep the product price below $100! (Yay!)

We also realize that there is a growing number of users that need even higher resolution elements such as 1080p (1920 x 1080) and possibly even 2k. And since Video Copilot is always on the cutting edge, we have decided to make 2 versions with exactly the same elements at 2 different resolutions (720p or 1080p). We believe the 720p version will have more than enough juice to blow your house up and possibly the neighbors but I’m sure many of you are excited about having option.

The higher resolution version will be a little more expensive but a MAJOR value when compared to any other alternative, plus they are ready to go. I just hope your computer can handle it; since this larger product could be 20-30 GBs on several DVDs. (GIGABYTES!) The 720p version will probably be 8 GBs or so.

We are also considering the option of supplying the files on a pre-formatted portable hard drive that can be purchased with the product to save time off-loading this massive collection and take it with you on the road. We’re still working out some logistics but we’ll let you know.

I’ll also remind you that this collection has over 90% live action elements that will likely blow your socks off. Including many slow-motion clips that would blow your socks off slowly.

UPDATE: I’ve noticed a few questions below so I’d like to clarify.

First, both product options (720p and 1080p) will be available on DVD or multiple DVDs as needed. The 1080p version of the product will also contain the 720p files as well.

The portable hard drive option is something we are considering as an upgrade that will simply come pre-loaded for convenience in addition to the DVD version for backing up. Of course, you can buy your own drive and load it up from the DVDs too. The hard drive is not required for either version.

Some people have suggested an interesting idea to offer Memory Cards/Sticks as a way to distribute the files. Unfortunately they do not have the speed necessary to efficiently work from and many people do not have the necessary card readers for some media. BluRay also has the same problem, slow and few people have drives. Besides, the hard drive option is to save you time off-loading DVDs so you can work right away just by plugging in.

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