Real Earth-Zoom!

In our earth-zoom tutorial from 2007, I jokingly suggested one method of capturing aerial photography was to send a video camera into space with a weather baloon. Well, someone finally took one of my jokes too far and sent a real camera into space. Admittedly this project was just a coincidence but the fact that it is possible is quite cool and yet somehow frightening…

Hats off to those guys for the uplifting experiment.

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Now if only I could find a clip from the simpsons where Bart launches a weather baloon in the meteor episode… oh well.

6 years ago
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Robert maximus
3 years ago
James may off top gear did a better shot of the earth by balloon and string just saying.
4 years ago
how did you get the googel earth screnshots?
6 years ago
My brother launched a ballon as well, which captured both video and high resolution images:
Atahan Kiltan
6 years ago
Yeah that was funny
6 years ago
there is also this attempt that uses a videocamera. it is also impressive.maybe even more.
Aitor CeReceto
6 years ago
heyy im cataloniann and this is Awesome! :)

huges from Barcelona! :)
6 years ago

Here are the rest of the pictures :=)
Muhammad Waseem Ata Attari
6 years ago
Hi to all,
i have no words to share for this IMAGE yar exactally very nice.
6 years ago
Yes.... From cataluña...Spanish region.... and not catalunya as a country like somebody said before...
6 years ago
6 years ago
They didn't forget to press the "REC" button! ;)

Beautiful result!
6 years ago
Please, don't make a Nuke joke.
6 years ago
Bueno pues un orgullo para los jovenes de hablas hispana.
Y recuerda Andrés Kramer, la coincidencia , simplemente no existe.

Saludos buddy.
6 years ago
Congrats Europe! The Americans got beaten another time xD
6 years ago
When I said I need this tutorial, I commented the wrong article :) It was a comment for previous one - lighting of 3D text.
6 years ago
HAHA, this is amazing!!
6 years ago
Well done! Just goes to show what a little imagination and alot of spirit can do in this crazy world...
6 years ago
Are you serious?
I think that was the first tutorial I watched on this site (since then I've been hooked) and I actually believed you when you said how to get those pictures...

but still that experiment must've been awesome to execute!
6 years ago
Good to see students using their brain for something besides phone-texting and video-taping schoolyard fights. Big kudos to the students and teacher. If we had more students like these guys, I would have a lot more faith in the future of our youth.
6 years ago
lets just hope someone doesnt go into there back yard and pick up a pile of dirt and hold it in there hand with a small fire cracker so that when there hand blows off they can sue the fireworks company so they can then purchess particular like you said to do in Meteor Crash 3D p1 haha
6 years ago
Catalonia to the world!!
6 years ago
I really need this tutorial. Thanks. Hope it will be available soon.
6 years ago
Despite the fact that is great science, is no one wondering about the dangers attached to this whole event? Like the article said, they had to cross the commercial airline zone. The balloon could well end up in one of those aircraft engines. And second first thing I thought about was were is the equipment going to land? Maybe on someones car, house, chiwawa , or even your own head. Wind may have blown the whole piece many km's out of flight line, bizarre the equipment survived the fall at all!
6 years ago
And I thought our earth zoom looked good. Dang! way to go guys. next stop better shots of the moon. LOL
6 years ago
Andrew U R RoOoCk man
6 years ago
oh, so it was a joke!

anyone need a balloon maybe?
6 years ago
hahahaha that joke came true....
6 years ago
I can post that requested clip of the Simpsons if you'd like... Let me know.
6 years ago
Flim By Tim Productions
6 years ago
I can tell someone looks at digg, nice though.
6 years ago

Thats really really really cool.
6 years ago
I heard they almost forgot to load the batteries in the camera... :-)
6 years ago
Photos on flickr from the project:
6 years ago
oh.... I didnt know you were joking. Attached my sony V1u to a balloon... the cord snapped.
All well.
6 years ago
Cool !! but what about air traffic ? I guess all was fixed before lunch the baloon. :)
6 years ago
lol, and they are gonna need some after effects tutorials to get rid of that string in the picture! rofl
6 years ago
Having a RED camera attached and when the Ballon explodes, the fall back to earth would have been A REAL 2K EARTH ZOMM EXPERIENCE!
But that'd be just Experiments for the big bugs ;)
6 years ago
why didnt they use a $100+ video camera...
anyway nice work!
6 years ago
Hmm... blueprints of the dummy... notarized photos of you making the dummy... and an alternate wording for the banner, "Buttzilla".
6 years ago
Saw that on digg.
6 years ago
"waiting for “Real Planet Explosion” ^_^"

6 years ago
wow..imma gonna get me one of those hehe
6 years ago
Balloons are fun! Like when you blow it up and then pull the lip apart and its makes that squealing sound.
6 years ago
6 years ago
It's great to see we share a love for DIGG....but then again what else is there to do when you work in an office like
6 years ago
So the Demon face is a no-no!! damn, I have a bunch of candles at home I have not idea what to do with them :D
This is awesome man, thanks for sharing AK....
6 years ago
waiting for "Real Planet Explosion" ^_^
6 years ago
Kramer is influencing the world... Render farm, now earth zoom :P

I hope none tries the demon thing in Face Warp tutorial...

Last thing i need is Lucifer washing my windows :P
6 years ago
6 years ago
haha that's awesome
6 years ago
uau!! they are from catalunya!! my country :D:D:D visca catalunya!!

wiii bye!
6 years ago
This is so cool
David W.
6 years ago
That's funny. Wow, two posts in one day!
6 years ago
Big LOL...are there more pictures or videoclip they have capure?
6 years ago
Awesome sauce. :P
6 years ago
lol, how did they get the camera back?
Bayden Docking
6 years ago
HAHA, I wonder if they could get it to work filming video. That would look cool.
S Gilbert
6 years ago
Wait your were joking? What am I supposed to do with all this string and Helium ballons I bought?
6 years ago
6 years ago
haha :) stick it to the man!! :)
6 years ago
Haha, awesome. I wish i had one of those.
6 years ago
well ar least it was a cheap camera and not a £300 one
of the cable snapped or the camera fell off i would be annoyed lol
6 years ago
Unfortunately shot with a small nikon digital camera.

But I'm sure it looks great! lol :D
6 years ago
crack up
6 years ago
Very cool
6 years ago
Now that's amazing. I'd like to see all pics it took.
6 years ago
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