California Dreamin’

I am back in California where everything is 3 hours behind New York. So essentially I went back in time. Good to be back so I can start working on some of these tutorials; we’re going to have some fun!

7 years ago
VIDEO: NAB Presentation on Star Wars!
Here is my Star Wars hologram presentation. I get into the design process a bit and focus on some of the challenges and interesting techniques we used. Including the time I met Harrison Ford… kinda. NAB was a lot of fun this year. Fun to see many of the design friends and all of the people […]
All Nighter! UPDATED
Our new mystery Plug-in is not quite ready to launch! But almost there! I know, I know… Once I began working on the tutorial, I realized it needed a few new functions. Even though we are releasing a new free plug-in, it still has to be good! I guess I have a bit of a reputation for going over […]
Still alive!
Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been tucked away working on all sorts of things! Here is the thing: As some of you may know, I’m currently working at Bad Robot on a certain film that I can’t really talk about.  Believe me it is a dream come true, so […]
Intercept update and a Look Ahead!
As I started work today I was overcome with a feeling of positive energy that real progress was underway. I got a chance to see major updates on some new plug-ins we’re developing and one high-flying model pack. Plus this week I had a chance to shoot a new Blog Show and make some big progress on my short film Intercept! I know there […]

7 years ago
The link to that song was banned by the UMG, it's now a seether song lol. If you want this youtube is the actual song, not that you need to edit the blog.
7 years ago
Reminds me of this nike commercial!
Favorite ad ever!
7 years ago
I thought the song was gonna be "Back in Time" from Back to the Future.
7 years ago
i heard the song on a hongkong movie i think...with faye wong in it.
7 years ago
Waiting for FUN :)
7 years ago
heh I like this version :P

Greetings from London, were the time is as it should be :P
7 years ago
hahaha. All the youtube links Andrew links to suffer from the Andrew effect where the comments are flooded with people going "Kramer ftw!" and "ANDREWWEE!"
7 years ago
please don't forget the quick 3D lighting tutorial.
Thank you VERY MUCH.

7 years ago
Cool, thanks for the update Kramer! Glad you're back from 1985
7 years ago
Hell yeah ;)
7 years ago
Ahahaha, nice! I love that song. You notice how many more views it's gotten since Andrew put that link up, though? O.O The power of celebrity at work.
7 years ago
Nice song :)
This is a good song too. 2 Pac - California Love
7 years ago
woohoo i like fun!
alex coffy
7 years ago
I guess spiderman is for next year lol. Welcome back buddy
Fractal Noise
7 years ago
Oh I Hate That Song .... You can only play it in calf... it make me think of hippies
7 years ago
Great taste in music
7 years ago
theoretically by Einsteins theories you travelled into the future. Whenever an object speeds up (and approaches the speed of light) you travel into the future, even riding an airplane makes you travel into the future by a very,very small amount of time. This is also why satellites in orbit (travelling pretty fast) have special seperate clocks that take Einstein theory into affect.
7 years ago
@ speedbreaker
word! was my first thought, too ;)
7 years ago
Andrew, now's your chance to warn the passengers of Oceanic 815!
7 years ago
Good to hear you're back! I though the plain might have crashed or something :S
7 years ago
I have a hat just like the guy that was splitting vocals with Ringo Starr.

Welcome home.
7 years ago
the only problem with traveling back in time is that it takes so long its almost not worth it. I mean did you get back before you left?

Maybe I'm not using enough plutonium.
7 years ago
While you were in "The Future" did you happen to nab the lottery numbers?
7 years ago
Woohoo! He returns!

7 years ago
husein almadary
7 years ago
glad u made home back mr. andrew...
cant wait the next awesome tutor, with little joke ofcourse...
7 years ago
Nice to hear your v.... text again!

Dude you've just traveled across time like Marty and the Doc from Back To The Future movies!

What a bad joke!!!

McKramer xD (Not McLovin!)
7 years ago
lol is nice..
trnslate this: eres la mejor persona del mundo, yo creo que eres un genio, un maestro de la video edición...
lol if you wont translate that i'll do it for you: you're the best person in the world, i think that you are a genious, the video edition master...
well... kisses from Mendoza (Argentina)...
7 years ago
Ya got me with the song, Andrew ;)

I'm not a big fan of 60's, but I kind of like this one.
7 years ago
hey nico, i guess that's the remix you are talking about. Yeah, it's pretty cool.
7 years ago
"Good to have you back" Being waiting for the new products and new Tuts....
7 years ago
Good day to be from Cali!

Everyone thinks that going from different times zones is a form of time travel. When in fact time isn't measured by numbers on a clock but rather by the present. It actually took time to fly and did not change what had already happened in either time zone.

BOOM! roasted.

Thanks Kramer for the music that keeps me rollin' to some work on a great day. Happy birthday everyone!
7 years ago
Amazing stuff! I thought you seeing spiderman was inspirational... Can't wait to see what kind of inspiration that song gave you!
7 years ago
I love saying i went back in time, lol. when i come back from my dad's in South Korea i always say, "i am from tomorrow!!!"

Good to have you back!
7 years ago
Hey, i like that song...
There was a very popular remix of it here in Argentina =)
Can't wait for the next tutorial!
7 years ago
Great to have you back Andrew, New York looks like it was fun! Looking forward to the great tutorials to follow soon. thanks again :o)
7 years ago
nice, but for the first time I am actually more anxious to see the Action HD mini-movie than any tuts...well, lets just say i want to see both really bad. Until then, rest a lot, I know how tiring flights can be.
7 years ago
Glad to see you back!!
7 years ago
Glad to have you back :D.
Hehe, you should have put this song.
Anthony Miller
7 years ago
Dayam! I love that song. I also think it's been in every movie profiling that era. I may have even licensed it at some point =)

Welcome home, Man. Speaking on behalf of your mousepad, and others, you were missed.

7 years ago
When I grow up, it is Southern Cal for me.
I live in Caldwell, Id.
It just hailed/rained/blew the house down with 30 mph wind!!!!!!!
We have the dumbest weather here.
Can't wait for the new Action Essentials!
7 years ago
I loooove that song!, by the way andrew, what was the disco-song you played during the sure target demo?

It was asume!
7 years ago
I cant wait for the new tutorials. Glad to see you are back. Hope it was a good flight.
On one of my flights into Fiji once, the pilot slammed the landing gear into the ground and bounced about 3 times. Was pretty freaky. Would take a lot of wiggle to emulate that. :P
7 years ago
Nice, I can't wait!!!
7 years ago
Welcome back.
Greetings from 9 hours in the future.
7 years ago
he knows am gonna stay, this song the reason i live in california.
David W.
7 years ago
Good to here you made it home safely. Air travel can be dangerous. (You can run into Superman, run out of gas, or run a red light). ;)
7 years ago
It is a very good song(H)
Whenever you want to travel again, step by in Holland.
Great counrty!
I'm looking forward to your next tutorial, but first, get some sleep! I have no idea of the time in calafornia, but even when you made 3 hours profit, it doesnt say you dont need to sleep! Ik dont want you to loose youre voice once more:)
Im really exitited about Action gear essentials, so please tell us more:D

greats from holland
David K.
7 years ago
cant wait
mads Hansen
7 years ago
Hippie ;)

- nice song tho
7 years ago
Whoohoo! Looking forward to good 'ol California made stuff.
7 years ago
That's really cool that you "went in time" hahaha, typos..... Can't wait for some more tutorials!
7 years ago
wow cool song
Can't wait for the action gear essentials HD!
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