Video Copilot Worldwide

Depending on your source, there are about 195 Countries and 61 territories spread across the planet not including lost or fictional cities.

According to our web statistics and my astrology skills, Video Copilot has been viewed in 224 Countries and territories throughout the world.

I think it’s incredible to live in a time that makes this kind of connection possible and I’m glad to be part of such an amazing community!

8 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
I must confess… I was never a big fan of shape layers…  we just didn’t get along.  I was used to using masks but suddenly (around AE CS3) the same mask tool began creating Red vector shapes. At first, they seemed cool enough but after accidentally adding shape layers to my comps, instead of masks, I lashed […]
Visualization Experiment and new Renders
Just playing around with a new After Effects experiment without using any 3rd Party plug-ins! I need to refine some parts of the effect but I really want to make a tutorial for it ASAP! Here are some other projects you may have missed! Using Element 3D bump mapping to create some Gold coins and […]
New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
In this tutorial we’ll use After Effects to create a realistic water effect without any 3rd party plug-ins! Great for adding atmosphere to a rainy scene or title. This effect is fully customization and can be used to create many cool FX! In this tutorial: Create a dripping water displacement map Simulate realistic camera DOF […]
Destruction Experiment!
What is this thing! I’ve basically combined a bunch of stuff into one experiment! I might have been inspired by the amazing planet explosions from The Force Awakens but wanted to see if I could get a cool version inside Element 3D. Few Notes on this experiment; I added smoke elements, shockwaves using CC Sphere, and even […]

5 years ago
Practically everything I know from After Effects I learnt from you! You do awesome work and are greatly appreciated the world over.

Cheers from Nigeria!
5 years ago
Selam greetings from ETHIOPIA :)
5 years ago
God bless andrew and all the crew and the web site cvideocopilot.
Thanks for all
5 years ago
I'm so glad I found your tutorial website in my visual broadcasting class, my classmates love your videos they are extremely helpful! Keep up the good work and great sense of humor! :D
5 years ago
Dear Mr Kramer,
I've looked up to you since i started video editing. I've bought all your products and downloaded all the project files as i'm sure many other people have. I think its great what you do and its fantastic that you share it with all of us. I have a question though which i wasn't sure where else to post but i'm a huge fan of avatar the last air bender, and i would really like to know how to animate moving water or moving earth somehow if there is a tutorial for this? or if you have any idea where i can start looking just pointing me in the right direction would be fantastic.

Again mate thanks for everything!!
5 years ago
Hey Andrew, you know why its like this??? BECAUSE VIDEO COPILOT PEOPLE IS SIMPLY SIMPLY SIMPLY AWESOME!!! YOU'RE ALL DAMN GENIUS!!! (step aside REDGIANT! hahaha) VideoCopilot is ONE HELL OF A BRAINFUL FOLKS!!!=DDD Sorry for my words, i just cant help it=) i love you VideoCopilot=)
5 years ago
Arigato from all fans in Japan!
MNi M4c
5 years ago
sir andrew ur editing ez awsome
5 years ago
We should thank you Sir Andrew. You are a blessing from the heavens above.
5 years ago
Greatings From all users of AE in Tunisia and all North african countries !
6 years ago
thank you...
you have been watched in IRAN almost many time

6 years ago
Greetings from Romania
6 years ago
Greetings From GuangZhou ChINA
6 years ago
Andrew you're doing great job.God love those who share the knowledge.Great Regard From Pakistan. :)
Sir Vejeiro
6 years ago
I found video copilot when i was living back in Japan years ago and now still following from Brazil.

I have to thanks everybody for all the amazing tutorials, forum and all the amazing products.
6 years ago
Hi! here from Angola.
6 years ago
Greetings from Berlin, Germany ;-)
6 years ago
Wat's up Andrew Kramer here from video copilot dot net.... sorry.. I mean linus again :P

Ur site, tutorials nd plug-ins re really great... there is a trace of video copilot stuff in most professional stuff here in Nigeria and on the internet,, I knw u've done ur research,, u knw... jst want 2 tell u dat u re doin great... people love:) u Andrew...

Pls keep doin' wat u do best :D
linus 4rm Lagos, Nigeria -_-
Nitin Rane
6 years ago
Nitin Rane
6 years ago
your simply great man ..... awesome!!
Thank you Brother !!
6 years ago
Thanks a lot for your awesome stuff from Schleswig, Germany! :)
6 years ago
6 years ago
Hi Andrew..

Totally Awesome tutorials and products you have here.
I have learnt more from your tutorials than what I learnt at Uni and yes I actually did pay attention in class.. lol.

Just to let you know I'm From New Zealand,
The little country at the bottom of the world that brought such movies to the cinema as Lord of the Rings, King kong, The Waterhorse, and the visual FX of Avatar, and many more..

Cheers, Glynn.
6 years ago
I love you Andrew! You've made my animation course oh-so-easy with your tutorials...

Biggest thanks from Brisbane Australia :)
6 years ago
224 countries... awesome! thank you for all of your stuff, videocopilot 4 president...!

auch aus deutschland kommen schöne grüße
Regards from germany :)
6 years ago
greetings from malaysia here..all the tutorials are awesome we like it alot and thank you for all this...
6 years ago
Dude....U r simply the best...the way u share ua knowledge is just amazing.... i think everyone owes u a lot.....Regards from Kenya.....
6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
Hello from beautifull and sunny Greece....!!!!
Dragan Pop
6 years ago
Greetings from Beograd, Srbija.
Kramer Thanks for all the cool products and tutorials
6 years ago
Thank you Andrew and the entire team for opening my eyes to a whole new world of Creativity. I have learned so many things that wouldn't be possible without this site.

btw "Optical Flares" kicks a**!

Thank you from Canada
John Lowell
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, just a 15 yrs. old kid here from the Philippines, me and my siblings have been enjoying your tuts and your jokes... We also love sam, let's not let his efforts go to waste. Greetings from the Philippines. Thank you for the knowledge.
6 years ago
From the Canary Islands, Andrew we loooooooove your stuff!!!!

Keep it comin'
6 years ago
Thanks from the people of Bangladesh too.............
you r much popular here..... ;)
Daddy C
6 years ago
Mmmmm, yes, mentioned not was Alderon. Find me in the Outer Rim you will. Great work andrew! you are the digital yoda!!
6 years ago
happy new year andrew :))
thanks for everything, really! you are like one of the most creative persons i know.. the only ones that come close to you are the rest of your crew :D

greetings from austria (noooooooo not australia.. we don't have any kangaroos here.. unfortunately)
6 years ago
keep up the good work andrew

greetz from belgium
6 years ago
Yeah.. thanks God for making such a great pro professor like you andrew... thank you from Philippines(SALAMAT NG MARAMI)
6 years ago

from The Hague, Netherland
6 years ago
thank you so much andrew from Saudi Arabia , you are great person.
6 years ago
God loves those who share…..keep up the good work sir!
7 years ago
we owe you......
Andrew.. greeting from Sri Lanka .....
ice (philippines)
8 years ago
That's because you guys ROCKS!!! (Keep up the Great_Xrow, 2x)
8 years ago
Andrew, I´m from argentina and I can´t understand that there are people like you, shareing all of your knowledge... Thank´s a lot. What should we do without you andrew???!!!
8 years ago
Hello Andrew,

In fact we are glad you have built up such a great community. I think I hit your website everyday and have learnt so much (and copied :-)). I have nothing to do with this Motion Graphics Industry as yet but I already feel strong learning from you.

I was just wondering if you have made any project for Indian clients on National TV. I see some graphics having your feel and touch. Kindly let me know.

8 years ago
I just wanted to say thay you rock.I love your work dude,you are amazing.Regards from Macedonia
8 years ago
Hey man,
No master is better.
I haven't seen this kind of inspiration of work, dedication to your job...just keep it up.
Even though I am a programmer(student) I my hobby is still vfx.
I think I am the firs one that left a comment from Tajikistan.
Great job.
8 years ago
Great work Andrew! This is by far the best site!
Greetings from the Netherlands
(by the way a lot of Dutch people here:P)
8 years ago
Philippines is with you idol AK!!!

-Lorenz, asia, Philippines
8 years ago
Just returned from 15 day holiday in Florida.
Glad to see the mobile version online.

Regards from Slovenia. http://www.slovenia.inf o/
8 years ago
Haven't you heard about the Six degrees of connection?
8 years ago
Thats great news! Cool its worldwide.

-David from the US
8 years ago
Video Copilot rocks!!
From Uruguay, South America! =D
Juan Pablo
8 years ago
Hola desde Argentina!
8 years ago
well just a thought...tutorials in nativ languages.
My case dutch and german. I know for sure that this would be a giant leap for german visitors, because there are just a few german tuts in the net.
I would gladly contribute in that case. videotut i dont know :D my voice aint that sexy as andrews. :)
8 years ago
hey andrew greetings from turkey:)
8 years ago
Hey, congrats for that man!
Greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay, South America :D
8 years ago
much love from romania andrew, keep on keepin' on! :)
8 years ago
Cool blog topic...sure is fun to read through all the messages from people in all those countries which express themselves so positively. I bet it must be an extremely nice feeling for the VCP staff to know that all they'd need to go around the world is a ticket and a toothbrush. I'm sure free tour guides and beds to crash are awaiting you all over the world. The power of i'net can be amazingly positive sometimes....there's still hope for this world after all. :-)
8 years ago
Haha, this is the best blog post ever. look at the response and where everybody is from :D

We love what you do Andrew. Thank you for all your help kind sir!

"Hey whats up? Andrew Kramer here.."

Stay cool
munkee Plymouth UK
8 years ago
thanks andrew u r great
i m from india
8 years ago
And from Egypt to thank you, you make things very advanced, too easy, and make me love AE thank you Andrew
8 years ago
From Pakistanies watch it too
8 years ago
desde mexico
8 years ago
For Mongolia. Thx All
8 years ago
Greetings from America! I have videocopilot as my homepage!!
8 years ago
Greetings from Paraguay (almost a lost or fictional city LOL)

Saludos y muchas gracias por todo!
8 years ago
Greece is watching you too Andrew...
Its my first comment here...
Man i MUST say, you have a great mind..
You've got to be a very clever..
i think it would be very nice to get to know you better
but too hard as well....
just to have in mind i'm telling you that if you ever come in greece i strongly recommend you to visit Crete..
Its an awesome island and ofcourse you're going to stay at my house...Anyways, this is it from greece..
God Bless Andrew...
8 years ago
Big shout a greetings!

From Lisbon, Portugal!
Lars Nitteberg
8 years ago
Thanx for the great tuts & inspiration Andrew! You're a true champ ;)

regards from Norway
8 years ago
we too view it very much... here in Nigeria

Nsima Aloysius
8 years ago
hi andrew, for the past 2 yrs i been listening to your tutorials i improve a lot.
thanks man.
gerald from the philippines
8 years ago
algeria here :P
8 years ago
Costa Rica is with you

A-K- President
8 years ago
Salam Andrew :)

Greetings from Afghanistan, I am sure you are not planning your holiday there any time soon! :-/
8 years ago
Hey Andrew

New Zealand. Is there really only 3 of us? I might put my prices up!

Actually I'm from Mars and would buy more of your products if I could convert my 'zonks' for US dollars :-)

It's one thing to be good at something it's another to make it successful, you and your team have done that. Big Ups to you guys.Especially your wife who we both know is your biggest secret.
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew, your support is very important for us, thanx to you we have a chance for convert illusion in opportunities.

Perú too loves Andrew!!!

gracias brother!


-4.269164, -81.221194
8 years ago
Nice news. Love your site.

Greetings from Iceland :P
8 years ago
Hello from Dagestan, (Russia, Kawkaz, Kaspian Sea)
8 years ago
Greetings From Poland
8 years ago
Great !
Thanks Andrew, keep going on.
Hello to this nice big community.

Olivier, french Marseille south of France man living in Berlin, Germany.
8 years ago
Your work is highly appreciated.

~An Egyptian guy living in Germany.
8 years ago
Hello from Romania and a BIG THANK YOU mr.Andrew
8 years ago
... and another big THANK YOU from Germany for your inspiring and excellent tuts. I have collected them all and can't wait to see more of your amazing work. If they haven't already done, ADOBE should put you on their list of personalities promoting AE, 'cause your tuts are the best reason to buy AE. KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK ! May the inspiration always be with you !

Greetings from Berlin
8 years ago
to andrew and team - anything you do, to make others happy, comes around ...

regards from Slovenia
8 years ago
From Philippines we are grateful for the tutorials you provide us. And gave us inspiration to learn new tricks. Keep up the good work guys.
8 years ago
Greetings earthling,

we the aliens from planet88 are observing you, during our next round of abductions we might put you on our list.

at the moment we are waiting for your skills to reach level impossible, and critical brain functions to get to telepathic transmission (the internet is like dinsours here)...

actual contact galaxy234,intersteller43_milkyway>lightyear62@planet88.galaxy5
8 years ago
Hello from syria :)
8 years ago
Regards from BRASIL - Valinhos City - São Paulo State.
8 years ago
Love from Australia! Your tutorials are steering me towards working in warner bros. thank you so much andrew and the rest of the team!!!
8 years ago
Even those of us from far off L.A., California are truly grateful for your tutorials.
8 years ago
Belgium loves you Andrew :) Thanks for all!!
8 years ago
Hello from Brazil :D
I allways check your tutorials, keep the great work!

...and yes, my surname is Rambo :D
8 years ago
Mr Kramer....
you're not part of this community.
You're the leader!
8 years ago
Lol, tell us how does it feel when people form 224 countries are saying that they love you and thank you for your tutorials? :D

BTW... Did I mentioned that I love you? :P

Greets from Poland!
8 years ago
Interesting. How'd you come up with that number?
8 years ago
yeah! reunion island with you !
Alex Frost
8 years ago
Greeting from Russia, Saint-Petersburg!
8 years ago
Thank you so much Andereow.

Hussein From Iraq
alex coffy
8 years ago
Haiti represent, we love you there, and yes the community is amazing. Holla at play Entertainment where we are definitely aspire to create and hope that we can create to inspire.
8 years ago
Greetings from Greece Andrew!!
Your the best.
8 years ago
Yo, from Philly, PA!
8 years ago
Bonjour de la martinique super boulo bravo
8 years ago
Wow, from all those countries thats so cool! Well you got Holland represented right here!
8 years ago
Andrew, cant you have a table somewhere on the site, saying the hit count per country? Wudnt be useful at all, but intresting!!
8 years ago
Greetings from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India and wherever else I viewed your website from =)
8 years ago
Brazil \O/\O/\O/\O/
8 years ago
ehehe, hi from a belgium guy live in China!!!!
8 years ago
Thanks, kudos and greetings from Romania :)
8 years ago
Pozdrowienia dla VC z Polski!

Grettings for VC from Poland! :>
8 years ago
Ah, cool, France Power...
BTW, HOW can you be really sure no one in Atlantis watched your tutorial... ?
I bet they do.
8 years ago
Greetings from Sweden, where I discovered your site a few weeks ago when I was home sick with the flu. What a great site, I keep coming back to see old and new turorials. Thank you Andrew!
8 years ago
And through it all, you've managed to stay cool, make us laugh and most important, share your wealth of knowledge.
Thanks Andrew!
Jan Grohn
8 years ago
Hamburg here :)
8 years ago
Hey, I don't see my favorite country on that list...

Where's Texas?
Peter K.
8 years ago
It's damn cool to live in an age where I can sit in my little room here in New Zealand and be shown new stuff from the other side of the world as if I was actually there - thanks a bunch!
8 years ago
New Zealand Rules!!!
8 years ago
Congrats!!!..In Andrew we trust (fight club)...hahah

8 years ago
awesome website - awesome community
it's soooh easy ;)
8 years ago
I'm from Switzerland!!!
8 years ago
,,uh….hi from Romania.(by when a Dracula tutorial?)''

Heloo teacher , from Romania
8 years ago
+1 from Hungary ( this is a middle-east country in Europe, just for information okidoki? )
8 years ago
malaysia here..
8 years ago
well andrew.. u are a master for us i think !! keep going
8 years ago
You should win a Nobel Prize for this, AK!
8 years ago
BIG thank you from Tokyo, Japan!

you guys are the best!!
Juan Francisco
8 years ago
nice one!

From Peru :)
Ali Nugraha
8 years ago
Halo Andrew!! ane dari indonesia nih!!

terima kasih buat tutorialnya yang sangat berguna bagi kita kita khususnya para motion graphic di indonesia!!

kapan kapan bisa dong main main d negara kite!!

Thnks A lot Andrew for the amazing tutorial!! CHEERS FROM INDONESIA!!!!

8 years ago
Im here too :)
Josh M
8 years ago
Your the best Andrew!

From the US :)
8 years ago
WOW this is really a big family here KAMAL from Jamaica
8 years ago
that's awesome!

cheers from Dortmund - Germany
8 years ago
Greetings from Sri Lanka
8 years ago
greetings from ALGERIA.

Andrew...U R the best and you know it!
no need to tell you how much stuff, hundreds, if not thousands of people learned from you MR.K ;)

Just give us a way to pay you from here (the 3rd world :s), and i will BUY ALL YOUR DVDs three times, just for fun :D

EN: Andrew Kramer, thank you so much, you Are the best
FR : Merci beaucoup, T le meilleur
AR : anta houwa alafdal, la a7adda yakifou ma3aka abaddane
DZ : ellah ya3tik matetmenna kho, inta houwa echikour !?!?!? :)
KB: akdyefk rabbi khri thevridh, o satdh wek yifenne !?!?!? !?!?!? !?!?!? !?!?!? XD

PS: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ happy valentine day for you and your wife ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Evil in Your Closet
8 years ago
@ Peter Pan: thats not too far away from Wattenscheid, haha!

and i DO see some of your tuts / Products used on German TV every now and then, andrew... keep da good stuff comin´...

8 years ago
you rock mister kramer!

-from Philippines
Samuel Kaylor
8 years ago
My Name is Samuel, and I'm 16.
I've watching from Tokyo, Japan for almost a year now and I'm learning so much from you and your website. I've also bought some of your products.
I love pro scores and evolution.
8 years ago
...enjoy your work...:-)

grz from recklinghausen germany
Dustin James
8 years ago
8 years ago
your web site is awsome !!!
Quebec, Canada !!
Terence Ho
8 years ago
ned flanders
8 years ago
Canada ftw! #4 on your list of top hits! lol. thats awesome.
8 years ago
Greetings from AREA 51! lol...
8 years ago
Tanks Andrew!!
I'm live in Japan.
8 years ago
and it's 6:41 PM where I'm at, not 3:44
8 years ago
From Port-au-Prince
Haiti in the carribeans ..
yup dude you're everywhere
Clayton Light
8 years ago
Greetings from the faraway land of Newport Beach, CA.
I could probably drive to your studio in about 45 minutes!
Except it's raining today. Congrats Andrew!
8 years ago
Gracias a vos por crear esta Comunidad!!
8 years ago
greetings from India... and i love this community, your tutorials and the way you approach them and everything :D

thanks a lot for doing this bro.
8 years ago
uhm Mars up in here !!

no I mean Tunisia :) .. it will be hard to find it on the map :D ..
not only have I learned too much stuff in AE, but made my english accent way better ;)

8 years ago

French people thank you a lot for everything ... You are the perfect teacher we need :p ...
8 years ago
VC rock!!!
VC rock!!!!!
8 years ago
Cool ! South of France for me !
Keep rockin' =)
Patrick Kakambong
8 years ago
where Indonesia??
Some Guy
8 years ago
Haha Germany loves you! :D
8 years ago
Greetings From Bulgaria!~ ^^
8 years ago
YES! Go Brazil!
    5 years ago
    so tennho 14A.N
    concerteza meu irmao!!!!!!!!!
Jorrit Schulte
8 years ago
Groeten uit Nederland!
het land van de kaas, tulpen, klompen en molens!
Oranje Boven! Hup Holland Hup!

Greetings from the Netherlands!
the country of the cheese, tulips, wooden shoes and windmills!
Orange above! Go holland Go!
8 years ago
Top 25 by hit count in last 30 days:

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea
8 years ago
Greetings from a Cuban in Vienna, Austria. God bless Andrew and his family. God save the King of AE.
8 years ago
Btw, representing Philippines. Maraming salamat po Sir Andrew Kramer. Greatest tutors ever!
8 years ago
Very nice! few more countries, you will take over the world.
8 years ago
Can you give us a list like with the top ten countries Video Copilot has been viewed in???
8 years ago
Cheers from Belgium!
8 years ago
Greetings - all the way from
Jacksonville Florida, USA!

Dr. K - you are an inspration for all of humanity - Thank you for sharing your passion with the planet - I am a big fan and visit VC everyday - several times a day.
8 years ago
Your website rocks, it's amazing. Cool to see everybody saying hi from different places!

I wonder what would be the perfect soundtrack to listen while we read all these comments around the world...
8 years ago
hi from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. You are the man
8 years ago
UK's in the house

woot woot
8 years ago
Argentina dice presente =)
8 years ago
Salam dari Indonesia = Greetings from Indonesia

Thanks Andrew for share your skill to the world !!!!

try to be the best like you .... :D
8 years ago
Greetings from the far away land of San Diego, Cali. Oh, wait, you're only a half hour away. Well, greetings're still the bees knees!

8 years ago
representing Costa Rica as well.

los mejores tutoriales
8 years ago
Respect to Andrew Kramer from UZBEKISTAN!!!! )))
8 years ago
COol!!! Hola, from Mexico... Coolest AF tutorials, and cool products!!! An award on my behalf.
8 years ago
Greetings from Poland

Dawać dawać panowie ;)
8 years ago
8 years ago
Regards from Chile

Just keep on rollin' andrew...
Evil in Your Closet
8 years ago
I agree.

Its amazing, how people can exchange ideas, philosophys and creativity through the internet.

Its amazing, how websites like VCP, deviantART and many others pull the entire world a little closer together and make spatial and intellectual borders melt away a little and fade off into areas of grey, which our thoughts and minds can easily pass without prejudice or boundaries.

Thanks, for putting in the effort to add your own "piece of the puzzle" with VideoCopilot.

Greetings from Wattenscheid, Germany =)
Felipe Salinas
8 years ago
Chile here!

Carlos G.
8 years ago
Greetings from Panama!
8 years ago
It's because of this site that I finally plucked up the courage to power up AE - as it had always frightened me to death! Now I'm an AE addict and will never look back :-)

Thanks AK for making such top quality training and inspiration all so accessible... and a lot of fun, too :-)
8 years ago
I live on a boat and I have VCPed in 10 countries.

8 years ago
My cousin lives in atlantis, why the heck can't he watch videos??? XD
We all love you andrew!
8 years ago
Hallo Andrew, ist einer meiner meist besuchten Seiten.
Vielen Dank für diese tollen und inspirierenden Tutorial´s und natürlich für die super Produkte.
Ich erwarte jedes neue Tutorial mit Spannung und schaue manchmal 3 mal am Tag ob es was neues gibt. Ganz schön verrückt. Mach bitte noch lange weiter so.
Viele Grüße aus Celle - Niedersachen - Deutschland
an Dich, Deine Familie und das VC Team inkl. Sam!
8 years ago
Normal Andrew. Votre site est LA référence pour After Effects.
8 years ago

What I see here are a lot of people from everywhere thankful and grateful for this site, including me! But makes it so much more personal is Kramer is so proud and thankful for everyone's support too. Its just good business and Kramer and Copilot deserve nothing but the best future! Thank!

Ps. I'm writing this with CrackBerry Storm on the mobile site. It look and work well! Although I'm having issues with watching videos but I think that's on the CrackBerry side.
8 years ago
Sweet :)
8 years ago
since september 2008 ..i look ur page up everyday like 5-20 times ..greetings from germany
8 years ago
En france aussi on Aime VIDEOCOPILOT !!! MERCI ANDREW !!

In France too, we love VIDEOCOPILOT !!! Thank YOU ANDREW
8 years ago

What I see here are a lot of people from everywhere thankful and grateful for this site, including me! But makes it so much more personal is Kramer is so proud and thankful for everyone's support too. Its just good business and Kramer and Copilot deserve nothing but the best future! Thank!

Ps. I'm writing this with CrackBerry Storm on the mobile site. It look and work well! Although I'm having issues with watching videos but I think that's on the CrackBerry side.
8 years ago
Brazil here! Keep the great work!
8 years ago
hola Andrew
te hablo desde Argentina, país de America Del Sur
tengo 16 años y visito tu web desde hace 4 años
realizo cortometrajes de humor
y amo los VFX

Hi Andrew
I speak from Argentina, South America
I have 16 years and I visited your site for 4 years
I make short films comedy
I love VFX
8 years ago
Hey Andrew, why don't you give us a shout out to who is all responsible for making Video Copilot work besides you and Sam. I am sure that I speak for everyone else that we would love to thank them as well to make your Tutorials and Business a very popular and credible resource for us all.

With that said thank you Andrew and your ninja crew!
8 years ago
Here´s from Seville (Spain): You´re the man, man! Think about this: If your wife ever think on going on family holidays overseas... you got it! Let me be the first guy to offer a house for you to spend the holidays in. We all owe you too much.
Pat Norman
8 years ago
Cleveland, Ohio REP-RE-SENT!!!

8 years ago
Amazing times to live in.
Thanks for sharing such amazing tutorials. Video Copilot is the shizzle!!
8 years ago
Is Belgium already mentioned? I don't think so. Thank you guys for the great work! Not only Andrew, but the whole Video Copilot crew.

Because, let's not forget: there is a bigger crew behind Andrew. :-)
8 years ago
That's outstanding!!!
Reginald repersent for Haiti :)
Emanuel (PT)
8 years ago
Don`t cry Andrew copilot(Kramer) =)... we all love you and your great work keep it up =)
8 years ago
Andrew, please let me know how you made the beautifull earth picture!
greetings from Germany
8 years ago
que dure para siempre !!!!!!!
from Uruguay
Ana María (Eniebe)
8 years ago
I visit your site every day from the beginning and I begin to use After effects after this. You are my teacher! then I need say thanks to you and the rest of the people who do this fantastic site for sharing his knowledge and experience with us. It's an amazing work!

Greetings from Canary Ilands SPAIN
8 years ago
8 years ago

best ae website on the net. andrew kramer you r the man.

8 years ago
8 years ago
Hola!, Best wishes to yo Mr. Andrew Kramer and to this world wide community from Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.
8 years ago
I know you don't like us, but a big thank you from CANADA, yes!
8 years ago
That is the power of the inter net
8 years ago
Un bonjour de Lyon en France ! :D
8 years ago
Rip tick tick boom boom, ola from the moon, ra ra ra (i took the phot above..)
8 years ago
is great Andrew, Thank you from Yucatàn, México!! Visit Cancun!!!
8 years ago
AK the best!
Brazil loves you! i see footage of all your dvds every day on brazillian's tv.
8 years ago
Well, I can't say regards from Italy, China, Switzerland or Atlantis, but I what I can say is: Regards from America!

We love it here, too!!

Keep it coming!
8 years ago
Well, I'm happy to be right here in your own backyard. Not literally, that would be weird. hahaha
8 years ago
8 years ago
Just about anything I know about AfterFX (that's worth knowing) comes from you're site. Keep it up Andrew!

From Southern Oregon (if you add up all the militia owned land, cult compounds, and wackos living in bomb shelters around here you'd think we were our own country too)
8 years ago
...any passing UFO's logging onto videocopilot during there intergalatic tours? :)
8 years ago
Andrew Kramer,

You're the man, my AEteacher! I would also love a video wall type of tutorial in combination with SureTarget in 3D space. trying to create an original flashy showreel.

Greetings from Rotterdam, The Netherlands
8 years ago
Video Copilot. Best. Ever.

Shouts from Belgrade, Serbia.
8 years ago
Felicidades friend!
Saludos desde Panamá
8 years ago
Exactly...I am from Brazil/Venezuela but I have met people from several countries here. Its a big example that definably can make a difference in the world. Just to think in this place a Palestinian can ask a question and a Israeli can answer and they can thank each other...this is a big example...Thanks Andrew, Thanks After Effects.
8 years ago
Even we are proud to have you as ou VFX teacher :)

This is excellent...............keep rocking like this

Thnx for sharing your amazing knowledge with us

I'm proud to be a part of this amazing community

VFX ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago
THX Andrew! Best regards from Argentina!
8 years ago
Greetings from Germany ;)
Lee Skinner
8 years ago
That's my desktop wallpaper!

And congrats on being so global...
8 years ago
Way to go VC TEAM! World domination!

You are the best drug addiction that someone can have!
And it's free!!!

Thanx to you, I can now say like Neo in the MATRIX:
"Whoa, I know AE"

Keep the good stuff coming!

From Sherbrooke, Québec - Canada
Leonardo Koakowski
8 years ago
Yes, its incredibre how many people can acess diffrent things.

Greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil

8 years ago
Hello from Paris, france
Thank's a lot for your work

That's huge !
8 years ago
You are the king of the VFX global world, Mister Andrew!
Congratulations from France
8 years ago
No puedo imaginar lo que sientes con tantos halagos de tantas personas de todas partes del mundo!
Es que te lo mereces.

He aquí uno más! desde Argentina.

Saludos Latinos Andrew ;)
8 years ago
Congratulations Andrew!
You've built an amazing community!
8 years ago
Greetings from Argentina!
R. Ortiz
8 years ago
Guatemala Central America is present!!...
8 years ago
Thanks for great tutorials and products!

Greetings from Slovakia!
Thorsten Miess
8 years ago
I am very glad that your site conntecs people from all over the world! VCP rocks! Happy VFXing,
cheers from germany ;)
8 years ago
Hola!!! u have a lot of reason, im from Colombia!!!
Congrats for u work and ur tutorials, jeje this help me to be better in my work...
8 years ago
master andrew! A huge thanks from the philippines. I am forever in your debt.
8 years ago
Cheers, Andrew! From Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.
8 years ago
A big THANK YOU from Oklahoma! We all appreciate how much you give to the community. It's really done a lot for people in this field of interest. :)
8 years ago
yeah baby!!

Borneo island, represent!
8 years ago
i think its really safe to say we the world loves videocopilot and you Andrew!! and this was sent from my PSP
8 years ago
"I think it’s incredible to live ...". what's really incredible it's that despite this communication, we are still killing each other just because different believes and colors. Maybe this effort of yours will change this in an aesthetic debate on colors used and a "Socrate style" discussion 'bout faith and all. And all the guns will be very well done only in after effects with amazingly well done bullets in max. As Erwin the dutchie said it would be nice...
uh....hi from Romania.(by when a Dracula tutorial?)
8 years ago
Caldwell, ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Were would you rather be.... : )

Thanks Mistah Kramer!
8 years ago
Congratulations :D

Poland :)
8 years ago
Eskerrik Asko from Euskadi (Spain)
Excellent site and of course great job!!
8 years ago
Santa Cruz, California

Best place in the world.... :D

Andrew Kramer is international :)
8 years ago
Love your tutorials and your jokes! Thanks!
Greetings from Peru
8 years ago
amazing job Andrew, you have become an internet rock start. on a side note, are you going to show us how to make that cool earth picture? :)

keep up the good work Andrew, you will always hold the cherished position on my homepage.
8 years ago
You are the man, and though still in the US, it's the opposite side. Another daily follower in Lynchburg, VA.
Alejandro Ortiz
8 years ago
Greetings from Costa Rica and yes, you should come here one day ! (all expenses paid by Fernando)
8 years ago
Congrats from Philly, PA
8 years ago
Congrats VCP

From Lisbon, Portugal!!
this website is an example of how technology can be a good thing! (uniting the world thru AE) ha.

thanks for the great tutorials, and giving a hack like myself the opportunity to learn new techniques & skills.
(your products rock too!)
8 years ago
Well, actually, the truth is, you´re sitting in one of these chairs at the Total Recall Centre... I saw you there, they are having problems connecting you off...
8 years ago
Greetings to the After effects(and more) Master from
Greece :P
8 years ago
8 years ago
Hey Nice Website:

Just thought you might want to know Australia's here all the way...

Thanks for all the great tutorials.
Matt in MO.
8 years ago
Kansas City, Misery USA
8 years ago
Greetings from french. Thank you so much Andrew and keep up the good work!
8 years ago
The world loves you :D

Greetings from Estonia!
8 years ago
Glad to be part of it.
8 years ago
Greetings from Brazil!
I check your website every day!
Amazing work... proud to be part of this comunity!
8 years ago
Your blog is awesome. I learned a lot of video effects from you. Now i am very upset that i will work only as a chemical teacher :-(

Greetingz from Mainhatten (Frankfurt/Germany)
8 years ago
And greetings from Vienna, Austria!
8 years ago
Greetings from Sweden.
8 years ago
Hi, Andrew.
I'm an medical school student from South Korea, who happens to be very interested in motion graphics.
(I personally have experience working as a 3D animator for a game company for three years)

I'll just cut to the chase.
There is a famous online community in Korea, called "Rythmical Imagination (
"where thousands of professionals, and non-pros, like me, gather and share knoweldge regarding motion graphics and the information of the most recent technology in computer graphics.

Some of you may not be familiar with the fact that South Korea is one of the forefronts in the IT business, and computer graphics.
Even with one of the most advanced technologies in IT and computer arts, I would dare say that Mr. Kramer's website "Video Copilot" is the most influential website ever in the land of Korea.

Many professional artist and amateurs are inspired by your cutting edge techniques and artistic vision every day,
I do get the impression that many commercial films on TV are greatly influenced by you.
No, I would say that most of the commercial films have traces of video copilot here and there.

I personally believe that Andre Kramer is the global ambassador of motion graphics, and we do owe you a novel prize in
motion graphics. Thank you Andrew.

ps. Last year, as a student who had the experience in working in the industry, I have been offered from my university to create a promoting film of our school and hospital.
Despite the effort to be creative, I realized that my work could not be free from your guidance. When will I ever be free?
Name (required)
8 years ago
Thanks a lot for all you are doing!
Youre great man.

Greeting from Czech Republic
8 years ago
Andrew, awesome stats, but be even more encouraged - I've been routing your stuff through a meson communicator aimed at a polygalactic quantum window. What this simply means is that you are not a worldwide phenomenon, you are a worlds-wide phenomenon.

And well deserved!
8 years ago
'zdorovenki byli' from Ukraine!
Some Guy
8 years ago
Greetings from Germany! :D

PS: Have you seen the new The Prodigy music video "The Omen"? I'm not sure, but it looks like somebody loves Twitch and your Demon Face Tutorial...
8 years ago
Greetings from Uruguay!!!!
I visit yout Web since you don´t have it...

(sorryabout my english... :P)
8 years ago
Cheers from Poland dude ; )

Lucas wpisujemy sie !
8 years ago
Videocopilot have inspired thousands of people to be creative, including myself. It's an awesome site, your products are very affordable and the free tutorials/stuff are just mindblowing.

All credits to Andrew and his crew.
Happy greetings from Norway:-)
Ricardo Godoy
8 years ago
hey Andrew when are we having some creepy stuff like demon face warp again? I´m a big horror fan and I love your tutorials you´re becoming greater and greater each day!!! greetings from El Salvador.
8 years ago
Next tutorial teaser: Andrew on the front of the titanic shouting "I'm King of the World!" (which he is).

Andrew Hawryluk
8 years ago
Reigning from good ol USA.
I've been visiting every day for the past year and a half and quite often before that as well. Thanks for a. Amazing site and all of the wonderful inspiration, Mr. Kramer.

P.S. I'm posting this from the mobile site and everything seems to run perfectly - this will come quite in handy in the future.
Ricardo Godoy
8 years ago
greetings from El Salvador in Central America
8 years ago
VCP is a global player, baby! Watch out Microsoft!
8 years ago
All the members of Captive, our video engineering school association (50 members from ESIGELEC) , are watching your tutorials.

Un grand merci depuis la France !
8 years ago
Hello, from Ukraine!
8 years ago
Greeting from the USofA Houston, TX! Plus... I thought it was fitting that since this was a blog post about world exploration through a website that fellow named Marco was the first to post a reply. Long live exploration!
Mark Bowen
8 years ago
It's really great to be part of something so much bigger and it's only thanks to the exceptional hard work that you put into this site that this has all become reality.

Now if only someone could get the world leaders to follow in their actions like this then the world would be a much better place.

Can't wait to see what you have hiding up your sleeves for everyone this year Andrew :-)

Best wishes,

8 years ago
Hello_-Video Copilot-_!!!
Thank's for you are :)
Greetings From UKRAINE ;)
8 years ago
That's happened because you are so helpful with all of us sharing your knowledge. Thanks so much.
Greetings from italy
8 years ago
Mae, Pura Vida!! saludos desde Costa Rica!!!!
Greetings from Costa Rica.... Surf' Up... you should come here to give some conference or something like that!!!!
Think about it, and let me know :D
8 years ago
thanks for anything andrew...

greets from a daily-visiting-user from switzerland :-)

8 years ago
Hi Andrew, even I, since your first tutorial, every day visite your site...

Cheers from Italy.
salma dalmook
8 years ago
I'm viewing your page from the United Arab Emirates :D
your stuff are amazing man, helped me in a lot of my projects.
8 years ago
Greetings From Russia ! :)
In AK we trust :)
Gery Greyhound
8 years ago
Greeting from Budapest, the Capital of What European Country :)

It's a great thing what you created, Andrew! You deserve the popularity you have!
8 years ago
Video Copilot is a greatest motion graphics tutorial site on the web I think. I love!
from Japan:D
8 years ago
muchas greeting from gondwonaland andrew kramers
8 years ago
This comment is for Paul from England; Manny from the USA, Andrew K. Has all of our support!
8 years ago
Another everyday visit from Brazil! keep the excellent work!
8 years ago
Yeah!! Brazil here =D
8 years ago
Greetings From Egypt
we love you :)
8 years ago
Asi es amigo, muchas gracias por compartir con el mundo, segui adelante. saludos desde un pequeño pueblito de argentina
8 years ago
Greetings from the Czech republic!:)
8 years ago
Sorry...forgot to mention that we also dig you in SA...South Africa..and to those stereo typed monkeys out there no I dont see an elephant or a lion outside my window...yes we do have windows, all kinds of windows, 95, 98, ME, 200, XP, Vista, Sista, and even Windows 7 but we all prefer MAC.
8 years ago
That is good news Andrew
8 years ago
Denmark! :D
8 years ago
Cool keep it up man ur Amazing from Australia
8 years ago
you're the guy that helps a lot
of people in our daily living..=)

I made a video presentation for my school
almost a month ago...
And I used a lot of things that I learned
here... If you have time pls watch it...

Thanks Andrew...

From Philippines....
8 years ago
hello from Mauritius
8 years ago
Morocco :)
8 years ago
Shalom, From Israel! :D
Thanx for all youve done for us, Andrew! Getting me, personally into the AE world. And Thanx for opening the forums for Everyone, so we could Actually communicate and help each other.

that's just AUSUM6000!! :D
Rajesh Joseph
8 years ago
Namaste, Andrew Sir Pls let me know when you come to india i really owe a lot to u really its true you know videocopilot act as 911 in our field
Mumbai INDIA
8 years ago
I dont know, do you know where the Serbia is...
but just to know...we are watching...and of course..

p.s. soory for a bad english...
8 years ago
would love to see the average country rankings...
thanks for sharing..

from unknown...
8 years ago
Is anyone actually from USA here? lol

8 years ago
8 years ago
Thanks for all the amazing work Andrew...Greetings and support from Greece!!!
8 years ago
Dude, you kick ass...what did you expect!?

You and the entire Video Copilot team!
Incl Sam...
See how I did that I just sorta made fun of Sam like you always do...

Yeah, anyway... Keep it up guys..
VC to infinity and beyond!
8 years ago
You should post a checklist on your blog of the territories and countries left. :D


Previously: Japan, Korea, US, The Philippines, Australia and Hong Kong.
Ben Wotton
8 years ago
Holy canoly! that's amazing!

Greetings from Down Under in Australia
8 years ago
Felicidades a ti a toda tu gente!!!
8 years ago
Hi Andrew.
I wish I could see your content. But since your last major website upgrade, I cannot watch any of your tutorials here in Shanghai (China). :(

But anyway - you do an amazing job with this website/community. Thanks for all your hard work!

Timothy Qiu
8 years ago
Greetings from China :)
8 years ago
It's because its done the way you do it, if that makes any sense at all lol
8 years ago
Greetings from Poland Andrew!

Pozdrowienia, Ernest.
8 years ago
This site is internet at it's very, very best and you have all the reason in the world (now officially proven) to be proud!

Oh, and I have a message from my wife as well: "Stop making videos you husband-stealing-McDonalds-offspring! I want our yatzy-nights back!"

I made that last part up... except for the yatzy-part.

Thanks from Sweden - the country that gave you Ingmar Bergman, Greta Garbo, Alfred Nobel and... Ace of Base.
greek lover
8 years ago
you should say videocopilot universal
greek lover
8 years ago
What do you mean worldwide Andrew?i know an alien who's watching the tutorials.he told me to say hi.
8 years ago
8 years ago
biggest support from switzerland dude :)
8 years ago
In Brazil.....

8 years ago
abraços from Portugal
8 years ago
"SHALOM" and THANK YOU from israel, jerusalem.
8 years ago
si skvely AK :)

szaky from Slovakia
8 years ago
If you ever wan´t to come to Vienna (Austria) be my guest. Then we´ll go and Drink a Milkshake! I owe you one (or two, or actually a whole cow!)
8 years ago
Mabuhay Andrew Kramer!

joell here, from Philippines
8 years ago

Hong Kong
8 years ago
Greetings from Sweden.
8 years ago
Greetings from Chandigarh!
Small city, 250 KM from New Delhi India.
8 years ago
Poland ...
Panowie wpisywać się ...
8 years ago
Regards from italy
8 years ago
Year. Thank you for this great community. I visit your homepage, especially the blog, since 2 years.
Not very long time, but I think I've learned a lot in those 2 years.

You're very famous in Germany by the way. :)

8 years ago
Israli representation here too... :)
8 years ago
Andrew.....You still rock :)
Good thinking ;)
8 years ago
Kudos from the Philippines!
8 years ago
and all visits are worth it 100%=)

greetz from The Netherlands=)
8 years ago
The beauty is that through shared interest in CGI, distances and differences (we all know which ones I mean) don't seem to matter for a bit. It surely would be a good thing for the world if people would apply the same behaviour to the physical world.

greets from a dutchie living in Bulgaria.
8 years ago
Impressive !
8 years ago
I'm glad that someone like Mr. Kramer gives so much without wanting something back. This forum/ community is one of the few internetforums where people speak in a friendly tone to each other no mather which religion, etnical, political og financial background they have. You (and your great team) make that possible, and for that we thank you! "Hail to the King, baby!"

Greetings from Norway
Johneg Mnemoneg
8 years ago
Thanks A LOT, Andrew!

8 years ago
The Lord of FX! Thanks a lot pal. 4rom Nigeria.
8 years ago
Hello from Russia,
thank you for beautiful site and clever tutorial, you are the best=)
I wish you a good day and inspiration for your creative's
From the last bench in my classroom=) wifi 4ever
8 years ago
Maybe it's classing countries such as UK as their constituent parts i.e. Scotland, Ireland, Wales and last but only slightly least, England?
8 years ago
well i think thats true am an kurdish artist i live in holland and everything i learned from after effects was thanx to you and now am even giving lessons in my own school about after effects everyone knows ur website and how great youre work is..and if u have iraqi television u can watch ur own work there they use it on telli all the tutorials u have been given u can see them there so i thank you for ut great job and keep up the good work.

greets from holland and northern-iraq
8 years ago
Still 32 too go.
Barry Barrera
8 years ago
God loves those who share.....keep up the good work sir!
8 years ago
Greetings from Spain.
Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
8 years ago
desde España,
8 years ago
I am really happy to hear such a good news. This means Video Copilot will have a long and prosper future. I personally come across this website a year and half ago, and ever since then I'm checking the website every day, several times. For me, it's like BBC for others, no joke. At that time was really hard to find a website with great tutorials, and for beginners and intermediate users as well this is a great website in bookmarks. Ever since Video Copilot managed to stay on top, and many people and companies are visiting and purchasing stuff from here. I am just really happy for Andrew and his team to be so successful. Hope they never give up and they'll keep up the good work.
All the best.
8 years ago
Sorry Andrew, most of them were me I am afraid. I am a bit of a travel junkie and logged into VC from 152 countries last year. And from this place

For a new video wall tutorial I might even tell you where it is. ;)
8 years ago
greetings from Zagreb, Croatia. It is a beautiful sunny morning and I am drinking my coffee and surfing the net. Videocopilot first, of course.
8 years ago
Thank you(Andrew) for taking things to the next level, sharing your knowledge and building a stronger AE community.
8 years ago
Since 2007 I am a every day page blog viewer and customer from VideoCopilot! I am starting the day with going to this website. I get big inspiration from this team.

Keep up the good work! Regards from The Netherlands / Amsterdam