Mystery Comp

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I don’t know what this is but it took a long time to make and rendering was really slow. What could it be? Some crazy test? A new production company logo? Perhaps a new tutorial idea? I’ll post a video when it is done. I’ll tell you it was created in After Effects and every piece is an individual AE layer.

AND, the background has a gradient!!!

7 years ago
Presenting NAB 2015 in Las Vegas!
If anyone is planning to go to NAB in Las Vegas, I’ll be presenting at the Adobe booth! This year I only have time to do a single presentation so grab some lunch and then go to the Adobe Booth! Presentation Time: 2pm on April 14th See if you there but if not, I think Adobe […]
Still alive!
Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been tucked away working on all sorts of things! Here is the thing: As some of you may know, I’m currently working at Bad Robot on a certain film that I can’t really talk about.  Believe me it is a dream come true, so […]
Development Jobs @ Video Copilot
Video Copilot is expanding and we are looking for talented developers to work with Video Copilot! Currently we are looking for candidates to join our web development team and our software development division. _________________________________________________________ WEBSITE DEVELOPER (Full Time) – PHP & Database experience – Skilled with Webpage Design Layout & Implementation – HTML, CSS & JavaScript, […]
Announcing Element 3D V2.2
Super busy but I wanted to share some exciting news, Element 3D V2.2 is almost ready! We’ve added some very cool new features for compositing, rendering, workflow and design!  Plus some improved C4D integration.  There are at least 5 impressive new features in this update! The poster graphic was also created entirely inside of Element 3D […]

7 years ago
its killer project ...... your the perfect awesome guy AK ...thx
7 years ago
very coooooooool fx
7 years ago
reflections into pieces of faik glases, well this look like title design for a film trailer.
7 years ago
what kind of gradient? radial or linear - either way, i wanna learn! Haha. Can't Wait!
David H
7 years ago
if it is a projection, i suppose you could just do a mask where the text is transparent, and it casts shadows and all the other layers accept shadows, and you put the light source on the other side of a solid gen media less the text that is being subtracted from the gen media.

Just a thought I guess on how it could be accomplished if what i was guessing was correct
7 years ago
Looks like a piece of slate or something like that, but what's really interesting is that it looks like the text is being projected as a light onto the breaking surface ( whatever it is ). I'm certainly no guru in AE so this is certainly something that's maybe easy to do and I just don't know it, but I have to say - it's not something I've seen before.

alex coffy
7 years ago
krazy se rans, this man is just impossible.
7 years ago
Kramer you area crazy dog!
7 years ago
Prodat TV
7 years ago
When do you sleep?
In my country we have two hours more than in yours. but it is too much... Do you have nightmares? I'm just kidding.

Maybe if you can put under the water with an effect of light through the water, with a fractal noise technique and a Particular reaction of bubbles. with slow camera movements similar to those of a submarine that is finding something on the seabed.
7 years ago
a gradient?!?!

7 years ago
I hope this is what I think it is. [crosses fingers]
7 years ago
Background gradients are just like "What's up! I'm Andrew Kramer..." line.
They're a must!
7 years ago
A gradient background?! What will he think of next!!?
7 years ago
PierceFX(one day)
7 years ago
i agree with luke, my computer is no where near your computer's power, i try to follow along, but it takes 5 seconds to open the effects menu... much less render the shatter with repetitions at 200, it's slow at a 1/4 of the resolution, it looks like shatter... but i see a few things that shatter can't do... especially the individual layers,

awesome gradient by the way... is that one of the riot gear textures? with glass added? i can't wait, i haven't got a chance to try the HUD yet, and i can't get sure target to work with auto-rotate, so i hope this is a little less annoying :D

did you really work on the fringe intro... your name should be everywhere, i mean, holy carp... you're awesome
7 years ago
Glass shattering?

Extremely cool
7 years ago
oh no.. if its going to take along time to render on your comp its going to be weeks for me!haha
7 years ago
Projected light "gobo" with VC logo?
Reverse wall shatter?

Looks very interesting...I look forward to the tutorial.
7 years ago
it's a TRANSFORMERS animation
7 years ago
looks like a segment of the intro to the FRINGE tv show
7 years ago
looks absolutly awesome and 3Ds MAXish :)
Mark Bowen
7 years ago
Looks nice and interesting. Seems as though you are shining the VCP logo onto the pieces though.

Can't wait to see what you are up to on this one :-)

Best wishes,

7 years ago
I don't know what it looks like, but i know one thing... it's amazing!!!
7 years ago
"That's interesting......................That's very interesting"
-jack sparrow
7 years ago
Gosh I love the spelling on these blog / tutorial posts.
7 years ago
I am already drooling. I love the way the text just falls on each shattered fragment as if it is projected by a projector. I can't wait to see how this is done. Very cool FX.
7 years ago
Its IS a mystery!

Like the glass from a brocken window 30 stories up and there is dead guy lieing there! :)
7 years ago
its a glass, shot bij a sniper...
but the sniper used VIDEO COPILOT in stead of a red dot.
Wich is interesting, beacause you wanna know why the glass got shot...

I think some jealous man, is trying to steal the secret recept for a good tutorial!

To much fantasie?
However, its great!
7 years ago
Whatever it looks exciting!
7 years ago
Can you say Projection map layer?!?!?!
Hee hee
7 years ago
7 years ago
It's so cool to be able to break stuff in AE constantly without having to notify insurance agencies or cleaning up the mess afterwards.
7 years ago
Maybe too much detail on projection layer(over 20000)??
Brock Smith
7 years ago
It's a transformers trailer styled mutation...
7 years ago
I like how the text is on the broken pieces. It would be cool if it all comes together and forms the VC logo. Yeah come you can do it...
7 years ago
Ugh, I understand the pain you must've gone through working with so many 3D layers.
Jack Daniel Jenkins
7 years ago
nope.. don't believe you. not listening. la la la la!!!
7 years ago
every piece is a layer......?
Dave B
7 years ago
I think you should say "Hey wassup guys ANDREW KRAMER here with another MYSTERIOUSSSSLY WICKED tutorial" as the introduction for this vid. I dunno why I asked that, but it would be cool to know your listening lol. Or reading.
7 years ago
These are the test files for the fringe, that you have been working on, right ?
7 years ago
you never seem to amaze me...wait that came out wrong. You're the High Priest of the Church of the Wickedly Cool...okay i should stop now.
Thanks a million for all u do. checks in the mail.
Fernando Araya
7 years ago
You get evertyhign in VC... MYSTERY, ROMANCE, THRILLER.... Hope to see horror soon :D
7 years ago
I wish,this is new tutorial :D
7 years ago
It's shiny, so I want it!
7 years ago
Zoinks Scoobs!
7 years ago
And I'm a walrus! Coo coo ca choo!
7 years ago
The top one looks like your projecting the Video Copilot text onto the "shatterd glass" somehow...
7 years ago
A Videocopilot Transformer?
7 years ago
OH BOY!!! GRADIENT!!! (it's so fun to say!)
David W.
7 years ago
Oooooh, looks spooky! I can't wait to see what it is.
7 years ago
Woot, creepy
7 years ago Sherlock Holmes!
7 years ago
dadada-dammmm xD

looks great!
7 years ago
VCP goes mystery
7 years ago
Are you shining a light through some kind of alpha stencil??
7 years ago
dang....cant wait at all....
7 years ago
Woooo... hold on! A gradient!? Nice, always wanted to learn how to make gradients! You guys are so fortunate! ;)
7 years ago
7 years ago
For a second I thought it was that super cool Fringe-style text intro deal.

Either way it looks cool!
7 years ago
wow cool, really looking great;)
7 years ago
looks like some kind of shattered wall falling into 1 piece again.
7 years ago
You tease us with your computer fingers Mr Kramer........
7 years ago
Great guy!
7 years ago
It looks like a section from one of your dvd trailers, looks awesome though! Your tutorials are so inspiring!! Keep up the great work!!
7 years ago
Background gradients? I can't decide whether you're a madman, or an innovator.
7 years ago
It does look interesting...I have to admit I'm actually curious to see what this is and how it was made!

Knowing you this probably kicks tons and tons of ass...

Thank you kind sir!
7 years ago
Looks... interesting, whatever it is. Looking
forward to the vid.
7 years ago
another great kramer's idea !!!

you're the best!!!

best regards from france !
7 years ago
yeah man awsome a fkn GRADIANT!! ;D

Keep going, im excited what you build this time.
Jakub Foglar
7 years ago
Still awesome
Malik Adeel
7 years ago
u r work is awuuuuuuuuusum..........
Malik Adeel
7 years ago
great men
i loveeeeee it............
7 years ago

It looks kinda like glass shattering over the videocopilot logo ^^
7 years ago
andrew u roooock !!
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