Mobile Site Update

Some of you may have noticed our mobile site now includes access to all 84+ tutorials and basic training in a small podcast form. The brand new tutorials (like the one coming out in a few days) will be added a week or two after they launch on the site. They seem to work best on Apple flavored phones but some people have been successful with other mobile devices.

The mobile forum has a few more functions like “edit” and we are adding even more so you have something to do while sitting in meetings.

I think our homepage automatically directs you to the mobile version of the site or just type

6 years ago
New Tutorial: Classic Car 3D Text!
In this tutorial we’ll create a Classic Car 3D title using our new plug-in Element 3D V2! Tips in this Tutorial Extruding Text & Adjusting Bevels Outline Bevel mode for creating Emblems Dynamic Reflection Modes Create fake car paint flake material. Tips for adjust render quality Watch on Youtube in HD Watch on Video Copilot Stay UPDATED! If you own […]
New Tutorial: Advanced 3D Noise & Deform
In this tutorial we’ll create an intricate deform animation using 3D Noise & Twist! We’ll be using Element 3D V2 so check it out! Watch Tutorial on Youtube in HD Watch Tutorial on Video Copilot NOTE: If you are already an Element 3D V2 user, be sure you are running the Latest Version 2.0.7
Development Jobs @ Video Copilot
Video Copilot is expanding and we are looking for talented developers to work with Video Copilot! Currently we are looking for candidates to join our web development team and our software development division. _________________________________________________________ WEBSITE DEVELOPER (Full Time) - PHP & Database experience – Skilled with Webpage Design Layout & Implementation – HTML, CSS & JavaScript, […]
New Tutorial: Animated Polygon!
Welcome back everyone! 2015 is upon us and we are getting busy! In this exciting new tutorial we’ll be creating a fun cascading polygon using some sweet animation tricks! This technique is highly customizable so you can start experimenting now! It’s 2015 let’s push things to the next level and learn everything we can! Watch on Youtube […]

5 years ago
i can't open this mobile site help!
6 years ago
That works on my samsung u700.
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, why isn't there a Video Copilot podcast available to the US iTunes store? Better yet, a link to one here on the site? I'd love to subscribe but can't find it.
6 years ago
It works on my mom's Sprint Treo
6 years ago
Andrew, you're ruining my eyes!
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew!!! Great!
6 years ago

That's great as everytime!
Thanks for your great website, tutorials and products!

Cheers from switzerland,

6 years ago
Could you make this work for the PSP? The site is shown correctly but the downloaded tutorials can't be played.
6 years ago
Thanx Very much... interface fits, and works well in my T-Mobile G1.
6 years ago
Works like a charm on my Windowsbased HP phone!
6 years ago
Nice try, but except, USA, there are some other countries wich not like the iPhone. I Use Nokia's N95 8GB, which is more powerfull than iphone, But, the player doesn't play the file. Plays only the sound, and that should be an encoding issue. Please re encode some files for more Mobile Phones support....

Thanks in advance Adrew..... Keep Doing Great Things
6 years ago
Thank you so much! I love you guys!!!
You inspire, motivate, and teach me and now that can continue while at home and on the move!
Thank you so much again!!
6 years ago
This is such a cool thing Andrew. Thank you thank you!
6 years ago
Great on G1, video tutorials are clear and play reliably enough to follow along with.
6 years ago
6 years ago
Símplemente perfecto!!
Hoy en el instituto he estado entretenido... jajajaja

6 years ago
Yeah, on blackberry, its non exisistant! Looks bad. But all good, still have my laptop with me while I'm at work... LoL
Fernando Araya
6 years ago
Dudes, anyone having problem opening it on a MiniOpera.. it will open the full site not the mobile one....
Josh M
6 years ago
@ MarksVFX

Nice, Zunes all the way!

But anyways, cool, I will have to steal my dad's iPhone or my sisters iTouch and get on here with it! :)
aaron sweden
6 years ago
sooooooooooo coooooooooooool.
Chris Reardon
6 years ago
Great mobile site!
Tech question...
How do you get make a redirect so that it goes to either the mobile site, or the regular site, by just typing in

6 years ago
This is a great idea. I was all web tutorials were available this way.
6 years ago
Good looking stuff
6 years ago
Sweet! Andrew how about showing us how you produced the iPhone in 3D and place the mobile page display on it. Plus how does it look sideways instead of vertical.
You are the Man!! Keep pumping out the great stuff!!
6 years ago
It's awesome, I typed in on my iPhone and it took me directly to the mobile website. Great job as always!
6 years ago
amazing, can't wait until I go on a trip just to try this out, lol.
6 years ago
would be cool if you eventually make a list of what devices work and which don't. I would love to buy an Iphone, but I'm not ready to foot the expensive phone bill.
6 years ago
6 years ago
"Some of you may have notice>d<"...xD sorry had to do that :)
cool thing anyways...although I don't have an iPhone..
Mark Bowen
6 years ago
Don't have a mobile to check the site on but I'm betting that it's just as great as seeing it on a full web-browser.

Just can't wait to see the new tutorial in a few days :-)

Best wishes,

6 years ago
Nicely done, by the way. The mobile site looks great!

6 years ago
Cool move.

I dunno but I wonder if u make the pan n zoom on the tutorials small version. I think it will be a big headache to do it and may require you a big team of employees to do it.

Anyway, I think this is a reminder to make your future tutorials includes this pan and xoom for the smaller versions.

You may also, make your tutorials [ w i d e r ] !!
6 years ago
seriously awsome
6 years ago
sure......a few more day's huh! :) you do realize I am drooling over that little clip you showed right?...... And I'm running out of drool.... just poking. Keep on keepin on.
6 years ago
Hey VCP-Team!
I just traveling by train in Germany and decided to test some tutorials.
It works just fine!
Even if my iPhone is switching between 3G and EDGE!
Great work ;)

Jack G
6 years ago
Hey everyone it works on the Samsung Omnia too, this will be really handy at college. xxx
6 years ago
mmm iphone 3g))
1000$ prise in russia)))
6 years ago
That's awesome =) Viewing the Tutorials on my iPod Touch is great. Now it's time for an iPhone, so i can watch the tutorials wherever i go ;-)

Greetings from Germany
6 years ago
Nice Nice :)
6 years ago
waiting for the 2.0 :)
6 years ago
Mobile Colpilot version 1.5
6 years ago
thats cool man
6 years ago
hey guys at the vcopilot krew watching u work from an iPhone gives me more an more time for sexy mac time love the new site very nice keep up the good work bit of advice really a website called aetuts have some really good tutorials that utulise real world design software with after effects u might want to incorporate more packages with some of your tutorials so if a client asks for something with heavey tracking data like in pftrack or boujou then your site would be used heavely by designers as well as emphusiasts this could really help I think for people like me I work for a design company and I love how u teach it's very effective but this could be improved ten fold if you utilise more 3d and after effects on a multiplayform like mac for 3d in cinema 4d instead of heavey studio max whoch won't work for the likes of me or my collegues I buy your products and I love them just want to see more commercial uses for tutorials on a designer designing for real world clients level cheers guys marc
6 years ago
on my nokia 5800 the video tutorials don't work. It seems that there's a problem with the video resolution, audio plays nice instead. The creativecow video podcasts play without problems but their resolution is 320x240.
Fantastic work yet again from the Team.

So far it looks great on iPods and iPhones. I haven't used it with any other mobile devices, but nonetheless looks great on Apple devices.
6 years ago
Carrier? Hacked iPhone? Try the iPhone simulator as part of the iPhone SDK. Hacked, who the heck does that anyways, LOL
Monroe E. “tequilaman2006″
6 years ago
hahaha i love it... "Carrier." i wonder who has a T-mobile hacked iPhone over there... :P

thank God for Ps too! just becase Ae rocks doesn't mean Ps doesn't have its (legal) benefits. lol
Prodat TV
6 years ago
We don't have this flavored phones in my planet yet, but thank you, I will see you soooo clooose in your site,It's a little bit more direct, I'm feel. I'm very happy with your new tutorials and I wanna more time to learn your new stuff. See you soon.

ned flanders
6 years ago
i dunno about you guys, but ever since sites have started making mobile versions, im kind of itching to pick up an i phone.
6 years ago
Kool, thankfully I got an iPhone, can't wait for tuts
6 years ago
Just a small thing, but I've noticed that everyone who uses that 'iPhone PSD Vector Kit', doesn't place their screen image under the "shine" layer. It looks more like glass if you do.
6 years ago
Makes me wish I had a mobile device... :p
6 years ago
Awesome this works great with the tmobile G1 (Android)
6 years ago
Yah - it works xD
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew and Patrick for all your hard work you guys are truly an insperation. Keep doin what you do, hit me up if you ever need anything. Got you linked up to a bunch of websites hope it helps. Hey does the mobile work for the BB Storm.

    4 years ago
    ineed how to get the project files
6 years ago
I guess I need to get an iPhone. Just wish they had a subscription based music service. I'd be all over it. Hopefully my Zunes future is bright.

Your constant updates keeps me inspired to do much more. Good work VCP team.
6 years ago
6 years ago
hehe... I'm reading this post with my mobile device... this proves to be very useful
6 years ago
keep it up
146. Fancy Bevels
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