More Targets?

The new animation preset Sure Target has 10 built-in targets but what if you need more? Like eleven or even twelve? Well actually you can have as many as you want with this simple solution.

The Solution:
Here’s how it works, just setup your scene as described in the tutorial with a 3D NULL object, a camera and the Sure Target Preset. With this setup, you have 10 targets ready to go.

To add 10 more, simply add another 3D NULL object and apply the Sure Target tool. Now, to link these to the first NULL (so the movement isn’t interrupted), set the 10th Target of the first NULL to use second NULL as it’s target. So whatever is designated in the second NULL will be used once the first NULL is keyframed to 10. Just be sure to start animating the second NULL after the first one reaches 10.

With this method you can add as many as you want by setting the last target of each Sure Target NULL to a new NULL containing yet another set of Sure Targets.

Another Idea:
One thing to note is that “Targets” do not have to be still, you can have 3D layers that actually animate and the preset will follow the layers movement when it is reached. You could even use an additional Sure Target NULLs in the middle of the animation like for target 3 which might be helpful for organizing complicated projects. For example, the master NULL could work as chapters 1-10 and added copies of Sure Target would be used to animated the titles for the individual chapters. This one can hurt your mind unless you have worked on a massive project like this which is never fun.

Finally, some people have experimented with the 3D Falloff preset and found that it doesn’t work with Sure Target. The reason is because the Falloff preset references the Camera and the Sure Target uses a NULL. I love the experimenting, it is really a great part of the community. I’m working on an update that should allow this feature to work. Until then.

7 years ago
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3 years ago
I tried this method (Instead in Sure Target 2 and with the 100th target) however, the camera switched its parent to null 2 and when I switched it back to null 1, my targets were out of place and order. Wondering if I am doing something wrong or if Sure Target 2 has some easier way of adding more than 100 targets.
    M. Kozal
    3 years ago
    Same thing happened to me right now. And before I realized that I saved the project so I'm in a trouble right now :)

    how did you solve it if you can remember? I will try some stuff but would be good to get a quick answer. cheers.
7 years ago
Thanks a lot for this, I'm genuinely really excited at the prospects of this Preset.
I may be a beginner with AE (hey, I'm only 16yo xD) but hopefully thanks to this I can do a lot more sophisticated effects in my future videos. (:
*big thumbs up*
7 years ago
Thanks a ton for making more targets. I was trying to do my photography sideshows with Sure Target 10 at a time.
7 years ago
"Like eleven or even twelve?" LOL

Thank you very much Andrew!!!
7 years ago
Great solution..Well done Andrew
7 years ago
You hit it out of the ballpark with Sure target Master Kramer may the force be with you
Tim Visterin
7 years ago
The sure Target works very well with the Evolution flowers. I just went from one forest
to another thanks to sure Target.
Seems like I am making an add for Greenpeace...
Just beautiful,
Thanks Mr Kramer and everybody at Videocopilot,

Antwerp - Belgium
7 years ago
Another tutorial posted without listing. You are too MUCH!!
7 years ago
Hiii Andrew, you the really the "GR8 GURU" of AFTER EFFECTS......Thanks man thanks 4 the nice tip.....
It was my 1st time when I had written in ur blog regarding this SURE TARGET doubt & I didn't expect that you will dedicate a new blog on this small topic. I am overwhemled at ur response. You are the benefactor of people like me.....Thanks again.....
Keep up ur good work of enlighting us through ur knowledge......

With love 4m India.
7 years ago
@Andrew Kramer: are you updating the code fore sure target or for falloff? I normally animate my cameras with a null anyways, so I'd like for falloff to be updated. I understand if it's too difficult to roam around in the code though ;)

A good workaround for animating camera with nulls is to pickwhip the individual camera controls to the null (with a tiny expression of course). This way, the camera position can move, and the falloff plugin can detect it... not sure how point of interest plays into it though...
7 years ago
Great tips Andrew. Thanks for the extra goodies for my information bank.... I am looking forward to playing with this preset in the current video I am working on for a jeweler. It should work excellent when moving from jewelry photo to jewelry photo....with a lot of extra work removed from my task. Many thanks Andrew.
7 years ago
cool thanks AK
7 years ago
There's a poll on the frontpage...
7 years ago
would it be possible Andrew, that you can just duplicate the targets inside the sure target plug-in?
7 years ago
sure target... more targets... too many targets :p
7 years ago
Thank you so much man! This preset is a big help to people who are new to aftereffects... others may sell this kind of preset, but you, you give it for free...
7 years ago
Simply Genius
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew,

Again, not very familiar with expressions so i wasn't sure what was involved, makes sense though. Thanks!
7 years ago
Hey andrew can you tell us whats the name of the score used in Sure Target promo? is it confidential?, Thats a nice song.
I wrote a post a few days ago, and i didnt have an answer. Hope you can check it, and email me.
7 years ago
A very quick solution to the rotation is to copy the entire expression text from the "SureTarget" layer's position property, paste it into the layer's orientation property and replace the word "position" with "orientation. Then, the orientation value of the layer you are looking at will automatically transfer to the SureTarget null.

This preset is awesome, and definitely has lots of experimentation potential. Thanks Andrew.
7 years ago
Jim, yes, but that would be a lot of sliders for one setup.
7 years ago
Instead of creating a separate Null. Is there just a way to add additional targets in the expression somehow? Im not very familiar with expressions but if you made it work with 10, why cant you make it with 100?
7 years ago
...and i am sure that andrew didnt read every comment here... :-(
7 years ago
Sorry. Thanks
7 years ago
Thans Mr.Kramer
7 years ago
7 years ago
Thanks professor Kramer!
7 years ago
Thanks for this tip Mister Kramer!!
7 years ago
Nice. Hey, thinking way back, this camera targeting could help DVD menu transitions greatly, or even the earth zoom tutorial. Something to definitely experiment with. Nice job, Andrew!
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
7 years ago
good...I dont like limitations :D
7 years ago
Duuuuuuuuuude.......... great stuff.
7 years ago Now the Spanish version gotta work...
7 years ago
Incredible. Thanks VC
7 years ago
Oh man, I spent a while figuring that out and now I check the site, there's an update with details on how to do it.

I might see if I can get the SureTarget preset to work with the Falloff before you post it ;). I'm not sure how to approach it, however.
David W.
7 years ago
Great peice of info, Andrew! You make learning AE fun and easy.
7 years ago
Clever... Damnit andrew, you're allmighty.
Paulo Renato
7 years ago
Very good...
7 years ago
I have tried and used quite a few of your presets over the last year or so and they have proved to be very helpful and productive in my learning AE, BUT this sureTarget preset is by far the best I have used. It has taken a time consuming and cumbersome task of animating the camera moves (which I never was able to do well) and made it SIMPLE! Keep up the good work and I'm glad you didn't charge for this one.
7 years ago
thanks Andrew :)
7 years ago
sounds good. you're great.
7 years ago
Your hardwork helps us a lot Andrew!

Thanks a million for making our jobs easier than ever before.

7 years ago
Holy cow, you're the best Kramer, I'm doing a poopy kinetic type that has 332 moves in 2D space, I wish I wasn't such a tool.
7 years ago
I am also experimenting with the Sure Target.
The thing I come across is when you have a bunch of text layers in 3D space it's hard moving around without seeing the other textlayers somewhere in the background. I solve this with a simple opacity animation. I also like to use SureTarget for making those carousel showreel video animations switching from one vid to another.

Andrew, have you copyrighted the SureTarget? In case AE CS5 comes out with a similar plugin. You know they're keeping an eye on you. I still don't get it why they didn't offer you something yet.

I am pleading for the inauguration of the President of After Effects ; Andrew Kramer!!!
7 years ago
Just finished the tutorial... what a great preset, and nice job on the tutorial Andrew! I'm actually using it for a clients video right away.
7 years ago
thanks man. tnx for everything...
7 years ago
Using suretarget on a project i received last week... deadline is next week, and this will help alot on animating the camera with ease, in a short timeframe!!!!

Appreciate all your hard work. Saving up my pennies for proscores!
S Gilbert
7 years ago
I just used sure target in a project and must say it's awesome. Thank you Andrew.

Any plans on coming back to new york? If you do, drinks on me...
7 years ago
the 3D Falloff preset didnt work under a german version of cs3 or cs4 :-( So i cant use it. Is there a workaround?
7 years ago
I just completed a project for work and I used Sure Target quite a bit. I also used a single 3D null object set out in front of all my layers, so after I rotated through them individually the camera pulls back to show them all in a group. I think this might be similar to the TV Wall that was mentioned, the null is set to show all the "videos" in the wall for example.
7 years ago
Maybe you could include a rotational feature in sure target, so the orientation is controlled by an expression, that makes sure it always will go straight on a layer, it can of course be turned off with a checkbox.
If the orientation is the only thing controlled, then we could still play with the rotation values, to give it our own look

Just a suggestion
7 years ago
It's been working out amazing for me. It's one of the best things you've done so far. You tackled a really annoying aspect with AE with a very simple solution and best of all free.

Keep it up.
7 years ago
u creative..and i so shock after see ur promo..^^
from real cloud until pro scores^^
7 years ago
Long live VCP !!

greets from
Windy Ape Town
South africa !
7 years ago
how many hours do you sleep for??? lol :)
thanks for everything :)
7 years ago
Always creatively thinking to make work flows better ! I appreciate all the experimentation and tutorials that has been brought to my attention, thanks.
7 years ago
Really nice tutorial, and i was just wondering about the 10th+ NULL's. Anyway, i assume i could make a text layer but turn the opacity down and post some video on its place. It should work right, like a 3d video wall, cause you know we dont have to have text everywhere.

7 years ago
Nice! Andrew r u able to get amongst Twitter?
Pierce Borgens
7 years ago
alright I was wondering about this man! Thanks for the insight! Keep it up man your products and tutorials are incredible! Cant wait for 3D Falloff fix to come out! Take care Andrew and the rest of the Video CoPilot team!

Greetings from Texas,
~Pierce Borgens
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew.
it's really a great presets , and the combination with other plug-in and presets is unlimited in motions and look.
will wait your updated ver. of 3D Falloff.

have a wonderful day :)
7 years ago
7 years ago
Thank U Andrew verygood sureTarget tuto!
Henry K
7 years ago
Woohoo! Thanks man.
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew :)
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