Working on a New Tutorial & Preset

Hey! Just wanted to let you know, I’m developing a new tutorial and preset that will be out this week. It’s so cool, that it’s getting it’s own blog post.

It’s not a specific effect but rather a tool and a technique that will give your work amazing depth (not DOF either). And it’s free! Of course, if you want to support Video Copilot’s ongoing mission to make cool stuff, head over to the products page and check out our great DVDs! I think there’s a banner somewhere around here

Be sure to check out our new tool Pro Scores while your at it, the audio demo is now online.

New Products

8 years ago
NAB Presentation: Star Wars Holograms
If you are going to be at NAB today or tomorrow, join me at the Adobe booth at 2PM! I’ll be talking about some things I learned while working on Star Wars: The Force Awakens helping to make Holograms, Graphics and Titles! Be sure to follow us on Twittter for updates throughout the week! I had a great […]
VIDEO: NAB Presentation on Star Wars!
Here is my Star Wars hologram presentation. I get into the design process a bit and focus on some of the challenges and interesting techniques we used. Including the time I met Harrison Ford… kinda. NAB was a lot of fun this year. Fun to see many of the design friends and all of the people […]
Free Star Wars Model Pack!
Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate our love for Star Wars we are giving away a sweet collection of 3D models that we built so you can learn to create your own visual effects! Our goal is to show you tips for Lighting, Rigging and animating so you can learn to create exciting visual FX too! These are […]
All Nighter! UPDATED
Our new mystery Plug-in is not quite ready to launch! But almost there! I know, I know… Once I began working on the tutorial, I realized it needed a few new functions. Even though we are releasing a new free plug-in, it still has to be good! I guess I have a bit of a reputation for going over […]

7 years ago
Hi, I just want to say thanks for all tuts and for looking forward.

Matej, Slovenia
8 years ago
Cool...when can we get our hands on a lightsaber preset for AfterEffects CS3?????
8 years ago
hi andrew give me a best tutorial for this christmas
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew, you probably are one of the best if not the number one between all tutorials and resources i've ever saw.

Keep going, you're just incredible.. Never saw anywhere so great material, tutorial and such for free.. its really impressive, thanks a lot.
8 years ago
Cool, i've been waiting for something new at last; you're a great guy, but, I hope that we can use this tutorial instead of some of the other stuff that you use! O.J: Andrew Kramer, i praise you!!!!!! :p :)
8 years ago
Argh! I can't guess what it is! Stop playing these mind games, Kramer!
8 years ago
Quick Matte ?
8 years ago
Awesome.. waiting for the new tutorial...
Just Amit
8 years ago
I know what it is! a reindeer simulating plug in right? Great! Haha. P.S. i didn't think i was going to get pro scores but a friend of mine hook me up early and let me say i have been in orchestrated heaven all afternoon. P.S. T-shirt news?
8 years ago
Andrew, you are such a tease! I love it! Can't wait for the new tutorial!
8 years ago
:) thank you ,ak, i love u ~
8 years ago
Sounds spectacular, Mr. Kramer.*

That sounded weird. O_o
8 years ago
Man, in Argentina you are the greatest teacher ever!!! it's true!!!

Great life andrew!!!
8 years ago
hope it will be good
8 years ago
wow Andrew i hope is better than any other preset!!!!

Did you recived my mail??
8 years ago
Sounds good Andrew. Would it have anything to do with the quickmatte videocopilot plugin?? :)
8 years ago
8 years ago
Mother Russia won't forget you Mr.Kramer!)
8 years ago
That's awesome Andrew!!Will it work for CS4??
8 years ago
I can't wait for the new tutorial. Your tutorials have greatly helped us with our films. Thanks. Merry Christmas
8 years ago
Awesome!!! can hardly wait... All of your tutorials ROCK!!!
You're the man!!!
8 years ago
astonishing...very cool, i didnt even have time to fully enjoy my Pro Scores and something very cool came out! :) its our christmas gift!
Simon Steele
8 years ago
8 years ago
nice work babay i m back andrew me malik adeel.......... u r friend from pakistan..............
Joshua Lorry
8 years ago
Hey Andrew, allready sounds great ;)

Looking forward to it.
8 years ago
Hey Andrew, have you checked out Adobe PixelBender for making your own filters in After Effects??
8 years ago
Cant wait for the new tutorials!!
8 years ago
Wow! Thank you Kramer! I'm your fan! I just can't wait for your new tutorial, i like your work, your tutorials so simple! I'm only 14 but i enjoy your works! Lithuania
Thorsten Miess
8 years ago
of course looking forward to.
sounds cool like pro scores
8 years ago
sir im ur fan... just i love u

from india @ 8:45pm
Zachary FF
8 years ago
Hey This sounds great! I was wondering if somtime in the future you could do a tutorial on how to do a realistic looking explosion, because all the tutorials i have fond have been really bad. Thanks!
8 years ago
curiousely waiting Mr. AK sir!
8 years ago
Sometimes independent films get upgraded with success...
8 years ago
@Jim Montgomery

Just curious, no disrespect intended - How is it award-winning if it is not finished yet?
8 years ago
thnx andrew, its awesome to hear that ur new tut is coming very soon.

I must say I will buy all of ur gr8 products as soon as I start earning. THATS 4 SURE! :)

BTW thnx for everything!
8 years ago
Jim Montgomery
8 years ago
Could not come at a better time. Currently working on adding effects to an award winning action movie and the greatest challenge has been getting the added elements to "lay" in the scene better.
S Gilbert
8 years ago
Looking forward, Happy Holidays too all at Videocopilot, you guys rock.
Ben Wotton
8 years ago
Cool beans Andrew,

Looking forward to it as per-usual. ;)

(I should probably go to bed's 1:00 am...)
Alex. Ukrain
8 years ago
Andrew very very very big thanks for your job. Greetings from Ukraine.
8 years ago
Waiting For it & Thanks
8 years ago
in russia now 4:48 pm))we never sleep))

wait a new amazing tutorial :)
8 years ago
Realy, do you ever sleep? lol
8 years ago
do you ever sleep?
8 years ago
Sounds great! Looking foreward to it Andrew!
8 years ago
WOW sounds amazing. Can't wait to watch it. Mr.Kramer you are my fevourite teacher. Keep making likeee thatttt things.
8 years ago
Sounds awesome! What do you mean by depth? WIll the tutorial be something like advanced color correction?
8 years ago
This sounds cool but what I'm really looking forward to is the T-Shirts.
Speznas LMD
8 years ago
I hope it is something that was used to create the Pro Scores Promo.

But anything is great Andrew
Lewis Nakivell
8 years ago
Hey the new tut sounds great , cant wait
8 years ago
It will be great if you explain us how do the circular element you use in PRO SCORES promo.

I support your mission...forever and ever!!!

GIanni (from Italy)
8 years ago
Nice Andrew sounds awesome!
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

What do you want for Christmas?

from Sweden
8 years ago
Hey, don't teaser me with "Buy my Products". I have everything you sell. So produce more (at this qualitylevel) and I'll buy more ;-)

Yours GPSchnyder
8 years ago
Amazing :) Looking forward... You're a great guy Andrew... :)
8 years ago
It's not holiday related although it could be customized as such.
8 years ago
Does this new tutorial have a Christmasy feel to it?

Is it a magic, fairy dust preset that I can sprinkle on my graphics to make them awesome?
8 years ago
sounds great, looking foward to it!
Matt Dunwoodie
8 years ago
Sounds great, looking forward to it and hoping to find out what it is
8 years ago
Looking forward so much from Czech Republic!
153. 3D Pre-Compose Script
Pre-Compose 3D Aware effects with ease and link expressions
156. Classic Car 3D Text
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