Shirt Shots!

Here are a few pics from the 5 winning T-shirt designs sorry I couldn’t post sooner but the holiday week was busy. I’ll get some high resolution ones online soon so you can see the details better. That’s me wearing the winning t-shirt design and a pretty good example of why I’m not a clothing model.

Needless to say, there were many great designs and it was difficult to choose but only 5 could be printed and we just fell in love with these ones.

Quantity is limited so if you really want one, they may go on sale as early as this week. After this batch we’ll probably switch to a dedicated T-shirt printing company and offer them again after the new year. Also, we are limiting each order to only 2 Shirts so we can get them to as many people as possible.

Shirt Sizes: Just so you guys know the sizes are from pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirts, the bodies run a bit long and thin with the sleeves an inch or two longer compared to most shirts. These are not the big wide Haynes brand shirts, they are store quality fabric and cuts. I’m 6 foot or so and the Large fits a bit small on me.

UPDATE: These shirts are guaranteed* to help you get chicks!
* not a guarantee.

Other news:
Our new music design kit, Pro Scores will be out on December 9th and more detailed info will be release every day this week. It will be available on DVD or Download.

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