Pro Scores Echoes On

Seems a lot of people interested in seeing the promo for our new Music Design product and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Even with out distribution preparedness we didn’t anticipate such a dedicated turn out.

Things have been going up and down on the server but we are monitoring it closely and we appreciate your patience. Just don’t give up!

Pro Scores is available in our online store on DVD or Digital Download.
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We are working hard to keep everything running and things should get better throughout the day. Our download server is working hard so please be patient as we get over this initial launch rush. We are currently answering emails and we will keep you posted. If you contact support please email instead of commenting here as we do not check the blog as frequently. Thanks!

8 years ago
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Mike C.
7 years ago
Was this made using the Eastwest/QuantumLeap samples? sounds awefully familiar.
Andrew Lu
8 years ago
Hey Andrew I bought the Pro Scores and i was wondering if you have the audio you showed on the preview thing
Do we have to make it ourselves?
Or do you have it in the pro scores file
I cant find it anywhere
can you e-mail me the solution
I really want the audio in your preview thing
The video and Audio Thing
The promo
Ur the best Man
Andrew Lu
8 years ago
hey andrew can
8 years ago
hey, just got this, and it is awesome! also, i love the 'why so goofy?' build up.... im sure iv heared that kind of thing somewhere else before.... :) lol
8 years ago
just watch all the tutorials and I must say that the ProScores title one is amazing ! thx again :)
Wes Riojas
8 years ago
Andrew and the team, one million thank yous! I own Designer Sound FX and love it. I can see this will be something I will use every day! Bravo, I salute you provider-of-amazing-resources that doesn't break the bank!
Chris Brady
8 years ago
Just bought it - Downloading is slow going but I express mailed the DVD as a backup. Fantastic job! What's next?!
8 years ago
Congratulationsss from Brasilia...Brazil
8 years ago
Very COOL procuct!!
I'm watching tuts now...
Zohein Sharma
8 years ago
Andrew - I noticed a typo on your product page for Pro Scores...

"Audio Format: WAV, 24bit, 44,100 khz"

I believe you meant to say either 44,100 Hz or 44.1 kHz? Because the standard audio CD format is 2-channel signed 16-bit PCM sampled at 44,100 Hz.

Anyways... this is AWESOME and as soon as I have the money I will get it =)
8 years ago
After seeing the demo presentation, I bought Pro-Scores without even giving a second thought because it is one of those rare products that would empower indie filmakers with the arsenal of a studio caliber sound mechanism. If VCP would have listed $1000, I would still buy it because its worth more than $5,000. VCP, you did it once again! Cheers!
the real smithy
8 years ago
hey andrew cheers for email link to music score. Freaking brilliant promo.
Andre Prior
8 years ago
I just bought it, its awesome Andrew! Today I will check out the tutorials.
8 years ago
Great content, Andrew. This is a really awesome collection of material and a bargain, to boot.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to you and your team: I bought this online this morning at 8:30am EST (site busy, but not yet crashing), began downloading, and had confirmation of shipping by lunch time. I was at work during the day and saw that the site was up and down due to constant bombardment. When I got home my download was finished (and had been for some time). Things were blowing up over there and you guys were completely on top of things.

Great stuff, and thanks again.


p.s. can't wait for t-shirts to go on sale. Count me in for a couple of XLs.
8 years ago
It was mother to get, but I got it and thanks! Great Product, worth every nickel.
8 years ago
Andrew this is the best product that you have made yet, i have soundtrack and that has a lot of things but they don't even compare to these tracks, you have really outdone yourself. Also who is to receive credit for this, surely you couldn't have done it all yourself. BTW I like the names
8 years ago
as usual, awesome going
8 years ago
Thanks Mr.Kramer
8 years ago
WOW! the blonde headed dark lord of after effects has come through again.

Where do you get an orchestra...or was this all computer generated?
8 years ago
Great work!!!
Aegis Kleais
8 years ago
Well, I think it's because:

(a) they are quality
(b) there's a lot
(c) it's a great price

(No, that's not multiple choice, all the above are correct) Take, for example, in contrast, FontFolio. Sure it's nice that it's a collection of 2300 fonts, and a price tag of $2600, nobody can argue that $1.13 a font is a great price (many times 1 family has 10 variations like Semibold, Oblique, Semibold Oblique, etc, digging into the number of fonts total.

But this is a good chunk of quality for a rather cheap price. Can't go wrong there.
8 years ago
This is awesome! Everytime you release a product the promo gets liek 500 times better. You are improving so much by teaching us and you earn money on it as well. This must be the best example of a win/win situation in history!
8 years ago
i never saw so much hipe about some soundfiles!
8 years ago
hey andrew is the music in the promo from pro scores?
8 years ago
Hey awesome stuff thier andrew! I can't wait to get this product! :)
8 years ago
Great Demo
already ordered :) Nice Work VCP Crew !
Allen Ellis
8 years ago

I notice the product page auto-downloads the promo video. I've gone there several times but haven't wanted to watch the promo every time. It might save you some bandwidth if you make that a click-to-load.

Great work! :-)
Aegis Kleais
8 years ago
You GOT to stop doing this Kramer.

I'm trying to SAVE money for the Christmas season, not blow it on cool things like this. >:)

*fights temptations*
8 years ago
Awesome promo. I hope within the next few days you put up the high res version :D
8 years ago
Excellent work Videocopilot. Congrats to the whole team on their success!
8 years ago
The advertisements of this on your site are beautiful, you should make some awesome photoshop tutorials!
8 years ago

it looks very impressive, but how much diversity is there in the music? Could imagine suddenly a lot of similarity in intro sequences appearing.....

is my fear unjustified?
8 years ago
Great Andrew.. You´re the best... Awesome!! Perfect!
Fagner Oliveira from Brazil
8 years ago
Andrew Kramer, that was the best promo I have ever is so fantastic. Will be buying it soon and cant wait to see the promo tutorial on the product.
8 years ago
Just in time for Christmas...

I got two words for you Andrew:

8 years ago
Lets see tablet or pro scores?
I am going to get the tablet.
8 years ago
Cool. I hope my parents get me it for Christmas... hehe
8 years ago
Wish I had the money, I spent it all on x-mas presents already! GRR Andrew!!!!
8 years ago
Wow Andrew i realy like this news this is great!!!
i will probbably buy this Product pro scores wow.
in the product nfo is very complete i need to tell you

your fan #1
8 years ago
I mean purchase and download!
8 years ago
I'll avoid the rush and download in a week, the promo video is awesome - jaw-dropping graphics man. I'm keen to see the AE Tutorial included.

Congratulations VCP, hope sales exceed expectations!
8 years ago
Hey i just wanted to know what kind of programs is Andrew using to create these cool sounds and pieces of music..
Biff Stankley
8 years ago
Man, I wish I hadn't taken advantage of the Sonicfire Pro sale that was on a few weeks ago, I spent an arm and a leg there. I'll likely buy this as well though, Andrew always fields an excellent product. I'm sure the pros will outweigh the dirty looks I get from the wife.
8 years ago
Still downloadin'. I'll wait as long as it takes. VCP rocks! Thanks for Pro Scores, Andrew and company.
8 years ago
Yeah men you're great.
8 years ago
Well done! Another fine product by AK.
8 years ago
YES! thank you mr. kramer!! we love you!
Nicolas Bmxero
8 years ago
luck with the server, will be waiting for news.
8 years ago
Good stuff, Kramer! Keep it coming!
8 years ago
We have continually crashed this site today. I guess it's much better than no one showing up at all.
I had troubles with my order but Matt was both extremely helpful and professional in assisting me. This is another reason why I spend my money with Video Copilot! Thanks for all that you and your team do.
Nicolas Bmxero
8 years ago
Andrew thanks for the demo sounds!, Bmxero greetings from Argentina.
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