Another Preset in the Works

Well actually it is finished, I just need to create a new tutorial for it. The new preset will make it easy to animate the AE camera in 3D space from one spot to another without the hassles of traditional ae animating and the precision of Robocop.

It’s difficult to explain without the video but imagine being able to automatically navigate a camera to any spot in 3D space by simply keyframing a slider from 1 to 2. By selecting two or more 3D layers, the preset will take you to each location as you animate the slider in increments of 1. You can slow down the animation, pause it and of course use ease keyframes for perfect stops and starts. It accepts up to 7 locations with the option to reuse it as needed.

This should make animating big 3D scenes a breeze and require substantially less work than used to animate the camera in Video Copilot promos such as the Basic Training and Evolution.

Preset will be available for AE 6.5 and up. I hope to show you other cool uses too.

8 years ago
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New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
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Destruction Experiment!
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8 years ago
Happy New year!
A must Have.
the Baker
8 years ago
Great work throughout A to the K. I can' thank you enough for your great tutorials, but i haven't had my tute fix since last year ! Please help.
8 years ago
Andrew - when, when, when ???? :)
8 years ago
aghhhh....when will it be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8 years ago
Andrew, I am drooling with anticipation, but take your time, enjoy your life, and throw us a tidbit whenever you can. Your kindness is always appreciated and well
worth waiting for.


Setting people on fire is easy. Avoiding the legal ramifications is difficult. Make sure you get a tutorial on the latter before attempting the former.
8 years ago
When is it coming?????? I thought with your track record it would be unleashed and ready to rock! I want it yesterday!
[...] After a month or so I may be able to show you what we came up with. I also used my animation preset for some of the camera moves too, you’ll be able to get your hands on it soon [...]
8 years ago
8 years ago
When, Andrew? When?


Keep up the GREAT work! I LOVE THIS STUFF!
8 years ago
Andrew, as always... good looking out! You could easily sell this and it would make you some serious green. But instead, you give this to us. Just shows (once again) how much you care about this industry and your customers.

Need more like ya, man!
8 years ago
I hope you deliver Andrew.. It'd be a shame if you didn't. Keep up the work.
Levi Oldham
8 years ago
Sounds OK; I don't really have many applications for it, but other people might.

Please make a tutorial on setting people on fire soon; I know so many people who want it. Plus, you should be able to make many many of your great puns with that.
8 years ago
I love your presets, they are useful in so many ways. Looking forward to it, thanks teacher.
8 years ago
Nice Happy new year to you and family ---oh i love the hear the kids in the back ground effect
8 years ago
Awesome, happy new year..:D
8 years ago
sounds sweet! cant wait!
8 years ago
2 weeks now that i'm learnig AE whith the help of online videocopilot (or others) videos tutorials. But can't still direct my 3D cam. right (event with the Null object method), so i'll for sure will wait for this new must'have preset from you, Andrew.
8 years ago
James Price
8 years ago
"I'd buy that for a dollar."
8 years ago
yay! after effects 6.5!
8 years ago
You gotta love CS4 release by Adobe, agreat software, great linking and now Videocopilot are using it to produce quality tutorials, what more could you ask for!
8 years ago
ANDREW - awesome, truly. I have a question - I guess once you mentioned that you will do some quick tutorial about "whats new in CS4 - is it still open thing or I should rather forget about it? Just a question, bro, no preasure or anything ;)
8 years ago
I'm working on a project that can use this preset very well. Due next week. I haven't started animating the cameras yet though. When do we get this fine preset and tutorial. :) It's nice to hear that you could potentially save me a lot of time. All hail Andrew!
8 years ago
Sounds good.I am sure is going to be another great tutorial in Andrew style.I am waaaaiting !
8 years ago
cool :D
8 years ago
Awesome! I really get frustrated using the camera and this I hope will make life great again.
8 years ago
That's pretty intense there, great
and by the way (I know it's kinda late and I am sorry) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

keep up the good work as always VideoCopilot
8 years ago
Sounds goods. Can't wait to try it out.
8 years ago
Happy new year kramer! Tutorial idea... howabouta flight tutorial or somekind of superman thing? would be greatly apreciated. Also please remember that not all of us can afford 3ds max as well as after effects! thanks anyhoo.
8 years ago
your the best andrew!

hey i have a request for you.
i know your a busy man, but if you just have a spare will be greatly appriciated...
i am having difficult time understanding how matte can be created.
can you post a tutorial focusing on this stuff?
Godbless you andrew!
Bader Ahmed
8 years ago
our life will be more easier

Happy New year
8 years ago
check this site like once a day haha. can't wait for it to come out, happy new year everyone.
8 years ago
bring it on, sounds good, 2 days in to the new year and you are already at work with som new presets :)
8 years ago
sounds like something I would overuse :) Can't wait.
8 years ago
nice!!!! sounds great!!! happy new year!!!
8 years ago
8 years ago
i can't wait andrew...great !
8 years ago
Sounds like a evolution in After Effects!
Happy New Yeeeeaaaaaaaar!
8 years ago
thx will be using this for sure.
happy new year to all
8 years ago
8 years ago
Greetings and happy new year from Greece
CJ Hudgins
8 years ago
Thats going to be a great help for 3D animation. Your the man Andrew.
8 years ago
Dear Andrew,
I need your help in creating a non-fake look of flying man(something in Heroes or smallville)
Thanks a lot!
8 years ago
Dear Andrew, I'm really need your help in how to make a flying man(something like heroes/superman)Does it need me to model the human character in 3d software first or I can just using the masking tool in AE? I don't want to make a fake look of flying man, I want it to look realistic. Please be kindly reply to my email. Thanx a lot,bro!
Barry Barrera
8 years ago
Another MOVE another TREND!
thanx mister TREND SETTER!

all the blessings all the power
thanx for a great 2008!
8 years ago
WOW GREAT.....!!!!
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew, this is just what I could use, I was actually wishing there was something like this about a year ago.

8 years ago
(Spoken in the Borat voice...) "Verrry Nice!)
8 years ago
8 years ago
Best Wishes for 2009 to u all in the VIDEOCOPILOT team
Some Guy
8 years ago
Happy New Year from Germany!!!
8 years ago
And yes, Robocop's precision is remarkable!! Peter Weller is the man. He was even great in 24.
8 years ago
Happy New Year To all at VIDEO COPILOT for a great year looking forward to another.
8 years ago
yay us!!!!

I am so excited I will need to ride "Its a small world after all" at least 7 times!

reopened finially
Aegis Kleais
8 years ago
Danke! I'm drunk n I'lamslopk iopao kw okl as aasww3r fe...

Happy New Year!
alby smith
8 years ago
you're the man andrew!
8 years ago
Awesome. There are several plugins that do this in C4D and I was jonesing for one in AE. Kramer to the rescue.
8 years ago
waiting for your up work mr . Andrew your the king of VFX
8 years ago
Sounds great!
I'm really looking forward to this.
Happy New Year!
8 years ago
This is going to be a good start of 2009.
Happy New Year from exploding Vienna.
8 years ago
whats cool about andrew is that he realy cares about his fans and always thinks of ways to make it easier for us ,this is somthing i hav'nt seen anywhere else and for that my friend i tip my hat to you .
8 years ago
Happy new year! I love u gues, a love u Andrew. Thanks for your tutors!
8 years ago
I agree with Vic. Do what you want at your own pace and I am and will always be very grateful for all that you do. I laugh at the people who tell you what they want. Give me a break.
8 years ago
ou damn you are so sexy :)
i love your presets ;)
8 years ago
Bossman, keep up the good work. i have no idea how you do it, and still maintain a great website, and deal with the naggers that can't get enough tutorials and don't realize that you also have a family to tend to. My god! (or allah, or vishnu-whatever ppl believe in nowadays, lol.). Do your thing at your own pace, and i'm always grateful. Peace out!!
8 years ago
HappY neW yEar Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the new preset sounds cool
8 years ago
You're a real treasure Andrew - stay humorous, please... Happy new year to everyone.
8 years ago
happy new year and happy new preset...
8 years ago
You read my mind!!!!
This is going to be a great preset!
Can't wait!
Moca MX
8 years ago
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes from Serbia ;)
8 years ago
Please excuse me, but I want to write something Off Topic

I am giving a little time to go through blog's like this, perhaps unwittingly, have helped me when I decided to start in March.

I want to have a spectacular end of year and the beginning of next much much better.

Blessings from Chile!
8 years ago
I hope this has something to do with!

8 years ago
happy new year, andrew! all the best wishes from germany
8 years ago
sounds perfect i was working on a project and having difficulty with that. happy new years Andrew kramer
8 years ago
Finally a solution for this AE camera mess? I really hope so and pray for it...amen!

@Andrew Kramer: Could you do also a preset which allows watching NBA-Baskettball during ram renderings?
8 years ago
Mr A.K, youre my hero. keep it up the good works. Happy New Year sir!
8 years ago
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess):
"But what if I go from Pos 1,2,3…,7 and then I want to go from 7 directly to 4?
Its not possible I guess, cause the slider has to go over 6 and 5."

You can do this, it will be clear when I make the tutorial.
8 years ago
Yes! I can't wait for this. 3D Space is awesome and I've really never liked the way of using the camera =(
8 years ago
Thank you Andrew,

you´re solving now a big mystery that baffled me in after effects since ever.
Hopefully Adobe will apprecciate your idea for CS5 and will find a way to work with camera movements more efficiently, at the moment, moving camera without null object is just pain in the arse.

Thank you Andrew!
Best Wishes for 2009
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew! Have a great New Year's Eve, and look forward to hearing more about this in 2009!
8 years ago
thanks Andrew...happy new 2009 reach of new tutorials and products to buy!!!!
8 years ago
Cool andrew
8 years ago
excellent! this just sounds fan TASTIC.
8 years ago
I look forward to that.
Its been a pain animating the camera in AE :)
8 years ago
Happy New Year, the best for '09!
Sounds great Andrew, thanks in advance mate....
8 years ago
cool can't wait bud. Happy New Year.
8 years ago
8 years ago
Cool, this means that I don't need to create a null object and parent the camera to it.
8 years ago
Word up! Happy new Year to the hole Team!
8 years ago
I agree with Pixelito Design we want the heads up display tutorial!

8 years ago
hey, i just thought about that 2 days ago when watching the ending titles of "slumdog millionaire".
i´m definitely eager to see your preset !

big thanks & happy new year
8 years ago
This sounds just perfect for doing 3d photo montages...that and the 3d fallof plug in
8 years ago
this is what i need...
so hard to make so many camera movement...
i hope this will help me^^
Tony C
8 years ago
Awesome!! ...sounds like a great tool. Happy holidays and best luck in 2009.
8 years ago
---------------VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO-----------------------
---------------Andrew is the KING----------------------
---------------Caint wait for another Year-------------

| NEW |
| |
| YEAR |
| Mister |
| Kramer |
8 years ago
This will be amazing, it will now take less time to animate the whole bunch of titles. Thnx Andrew - The New Year for VCP is going to ROCK with this PRESET.
8 years ago
just in time :D .. i've been fighting with 3d camera for 2 days even with the techniques in the previous tutorials.. well it's still such a pain .. !!

Hail to you andrew
8 years ago
A Perfect and Needed Tutorial. Moving the camera after setting up a 3D scene in an easier way is just what the Doctor ordered.

Extra nice of you to think of this one!

I'll use this one right away!
Thanks, Andrew!
Myykk :)
Pixelito Design
8 years ago
dang, i hoped for the head display tutorial ;(
8 years ago
Andrew... u are amazing
8 years ago
hey andrew
i have a problem i no its not big but it annoys me, my friend used after effects and idk wat he did but wen i move something like change the position instead of seeing the word or the object move i see a white cross in a white box move, how can i prevent this plz email back, if u no wat i mean and how to fix it

From roy
8 years ago
Thanks & waiting for it
but roughly when the tutorial will be lunched....?
cause my exams is starting right here in egypt.
8 years ago
Can't wait. You the Man!!!
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
8 years ago

But what if I go from Pos 1,2,3...,7 and then I want to go from 7 directly to 4?
Its not possible I guess, cause the slider has to go over 6 and 5.
Thanks alot, again cant wait and a happy new year!
8 years ago
sounds like a real time saver and a 1/2,, look forward to it,cheers

and have a braw hogmany from scotland
8 years ago
That's really great, thanks Andrew! It'll come in use I'd say.
8 years ago
That is wonderfull indeed. Every time I tried to do something in 3D space I get really frustrated. You don't realise (well, actually I think you do realize :-p) how much of a timesaver such a preset will be. :-) Thank you!
8 years ago
Sound great Andrew!
Can't wait? Just one question Andrew, did you ever work with a french vfx production for a movie or another project?

Happy new year Andrew and all the crew of videocopilot

Chris Rena
8 years ago
Happy New Year for all....
8 years ago
I think i'll wait until the video is out before trying to get my head round this one.....
8 years ago
Heey, that sounds very cool. But I don't understand the purpose of it. I mean.. anyone can animate the camera himself. So what makes this different?
8 years ago
Andrew u da best !
8 years ago
Sounds good. I kind of dislike ae camera, I normally turn off auto-orient tool so the camera moves more like traditional 3D programms.
I bet I'll love this new tutorial.
8 years ago
Been looking for something similar to this for a while, thank looking forward to what you have done.

8 years ago
"...and the precision of Robocop..."

Sir, you are priceless.
Have a Happy New Year, and all best to you and your family.
Leonardo Moreira
8 years ago
Awesome! I'll be waiting!!! THANKS!!
8 years ago
wow great. can't wait to see it!!!
louis serrano
8 years ago
Excellent looking forward to tutorial aswell!
8 years ago
Sounds good. This will come in handy if it really works like that :)
8 years ago
Sounds Great!! Can't wait!!