3 Free Tracks with Pro Scores!

Pro Scores features hundreds of sound design elements and over 50 music tracks for a wide variety of styles and music product effects. As an added bonus we have also produced 3 new full length music tracks available FREE with every order. These tracks are downloadable only and also include layered versions for custom mixing.

Pro Scores Product Info

Audio Demo: We’re keeping an eye on the servers at the moment and will be launching the audio demo later today or tomorrow morning. Don’t miss it! We’ll also be uploading a higher resolution version of the promo for those interested.

Existing Pro Scores Customers: If you already purchased Pro Scores, be sure to download the “Bonus Tracks” ZIP file from the download area or contact support to receive further details or assistance, we’d be happy to help you out; your support makes Video Copilot possible!

8 years ago
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4 years ago
I just thought i shout this out, you were plugged in a web training series "Wedfilmacademy". You've probably heard about it. Cheers!
6 years ago
hey andrew i want music web address
6 years ago
thank you for putting food on our table.
pls i need your help.
can you pls send me PRO SCORES PLUG-ES.
7 years ago
Andrew only one question, please answer. What software do you use to make these cool songs?
Hope you answer!
8 years ago
Great stuff, Andrew. Videocopilot has long been a priceless resource for me. This adds another layer of value. Reaching for my wallet now.
8 years ago
Wow... this looks amazing!
8 years ago
what are the 3 bonus files?
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew,
Really you Are The Best ......
Aegis Kleais
8 years ago
I'm all for a purchase, but I GOTSTA see the preview first! Er, HEAR it, I mean.
8 years ago
is me or my download is getting slower? im only getting 11 KB/sec for each sections. Is theres another way to make this faster?
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

Not sure if anyone has asked yet but I would love to see a High Res version of the rockin promo!....

Stay Classy

8 years ago
Another AMAZING product, I can't wait to get it.

Also, you totally need to do a tutorial on how you did the graphics for the promo. They are totally awesome.
8 years ago
f'n tasctic! you are a national treasure!
8 years ago
Well thanks Andrew - I downloaded my copy of Pro Scores last night... thought I'd take a quick peek before hitting the sack... didn't get to bed til 6 a.m.!!

Once again you've ruined my sleep patterns! (but it's worth it!)

Keep on doing what you do, Mr K :-)
Orjan O.
8 years ago
I can do better

you rock Andrew
Thx from Sweden:D
8 years ago
I´m very pleased with this package, i was up all night checking & twirling things...
Here´s a video i used it for:


All the "intense stuff" is from the pro scores dvd, the sounds in the beginning not...

Thanks to you, and the guys behind Pro Scores, Mr. Kramer !!
8 years ago
Mr. Andrew, your stuff are awesome amazing
you are a great man , Keep up your good work ..

8 years ago

Andrew, please tell me if there is a chance to try the software before I buy the software ?
8 years ago
Another great product released...
congs Andrew :)
8 years ago
Great stuff! As always.
When's a new tut, Andrew?
James Price
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew, sounds like a very nice product.
P.S - have you checked out the CS4 redcode plugin yet?..ohh
native .R3d support for After effects = cool bananas.
8 years ago
Great Product ... I liked the tutorials specially the last JOKE :)
8 years ago
I want this - but the Aussie dollar to the US sucks at the moment. Would cost me an extra $50...I want it - but am gonna wait.

8 years ago
yeah I couldn't contain myself. I bought it the minute I woke up after staying awake the entire night to watch the promo.
8 years ago
actually no, scratch that last comment. I'm buying this now. Mr Kramer you're about to become $95 richer
8 years ago
I'm excited for this, going to buy it, just want to hear some of the other score songs first.

8 years ago
Hi Andrew thanks for putting this together. I ordered a download, but my service here is very slow, going to have to wait for a couple of weeks to hook up to a broadband connection.

looks like a bit of patience on my side,

I know I have got a quality product, thank you so much. I am also a professional composer and I know how much it took.

8 years ago
So, finaly, i got it :-) Awesome. Thank you Andrew and the hole VSP Crew. But i am a little bit disappointed because there is only one AE Tutorial on there ;-) A tut making the Promo, hmmm.
8 years ago
great promo!! i just bought it! its amazing!! can't wait to use it in some movies!:D:D

one question Andrew, will the promo project be available for download?? it would be great if it was and i love the score used in it!....please reply,
a happy customer,
east coast
8 years ago
I have proscores and designer fx. its great. definitely recommend it.
8 years ago
Finaly :-) I bought Pro Scores. I took express shipping to germany and now i download. But :-( Very slow :-D Maybe my DVD is faster in germany as the download finish ;-)
8 years ago
Yeah I got "Pro Scores"!!! I'm watching tutorials these are soooo exciting pretty nice. Thanks Mr.Kramer. You changed my life. THANKS VERY VERY MUCH
8 years ago
I don't undrestand Mr.Kramer ((
8 years ago
Tell 2 friends, then they tell 2 friends, etc.
8 years ago
Yeah thisis is right. Tell us your secret please
8 years ago
andrew, how did you get sooo good and so famous. please tell me your secret
8 years ago
Mr.Kramer That's great
8 years ago
Hi Andrew and VP guys,

-->Existing Pro Scores Customers: If you already purchased Pro Scores, be sure to download the “Bonus Tracks” ZIP file from the download area or contact support to receive further details or assistance, we’d be happy to help you out; your support makes Video Copilot possible!

Well, I purchased just some hours ago, but ordered the DVD version, not downloadable. i guess you must be dealing with lots of e-mails right now, so, if you answer my question, I guess it will be useful for lots of people...
What about us, DVD buyers ? How do we get those 3 tracks ?

Can't wait to receive that disc. It'll come in handy on the short film I'm actually shooting.

Cheers !

8 years ago
Looks amaaazing. :)
Matt in MO.
8 years ago
Andrew, I think the promo looks amazing and I want to get it for my church, but I would need to have them purchase it. In order for them to purchase it, they need to know it's worth it. I can show them a promo, but unless I can get samples of the tracks, then I cannot ask for it at this time. Thanks though! I have this, Designer Sound FX, and Evolution on my wishlist when we get our new video editing machine. I am smart though and will ask for the bundle that includes all of them!

Thanks again for all of your hard work. BTW, there's a group on Facebook dedicated to you that I am a part of.
Harvey Dant
8 years ago
This sounds good, ok... but i have a doubt about this product. I have bought the "Designer Sound FX" and it sounded good too... but ... some tracks are too "midi" while I was expecting more quality on it. I don't say it's not a good product, but in all the stuff I have used only sound fx (which are great). And no track.
Is it possible to be sure that there's more than 2 "true" music on this ? thanks a lot for your website.
8 years ago
Must be a hot ticket, I am having trouble downloading. And what I have gotten has taken a lot of time. But it will be worth it!! I am very excited about this!! Should go great with designer sound effects.

Oh Filip tell your dad that Andrew is the most trustworthy sole you can purchace from. Tell him it will keep you busy doing something constructive. Parents love to hear that.
8 years ago
I've been having some issues with Parts 3, 4, and 5 of the downloads since Stuffit is saying the files are corrupted, yet the file size is the same...Can't wait to get it in the mail :-D
8 years ago
This looks, I mean sounds great!
Willem Cremers
8 years ago
I'm soooo excited, i just can't hide it!!!! :D
8 years ago
hey filmmaker92, you can just download the bonus tracks, they aren't too big.
8 years ago
I wish I had money to buy this awesome product. Surely will buy in FUTURE.
8 years ago
I think I got those, are those the CyborgCopilot, Silverlight, etc?
8 years ago
Hey Andrew that is great stuff but I can't download the product because it's too big of a file. I only buy the dvds, so I wish I can get those 3 bouse tracks but I can't. So even though I get it on dvd I'll be okay without the 3 Free Bonus music tracks. But thanks for the offer anyway!
8 years ago
Sweet...more tunes ;)

Thanks VC
8 years ago
My dad doesn't like online payments :(...

What can I do it looks awesome.

8 years ago
um.. how can i download those "3 free tracks"?
8 years ago
Wow andrew cool promo great to enjoy
8 years ago
The promo looks incredible. I can't wait purchase this product and start using it right away. I was hoping you could answer a question. I am making a video right now and was going to put those fast moving particles that seem to spiral past the camera. My question is did you do that using 32bpc, with Particular or Particle World? Or, am I completly off track and you used something eles all together? Thanks Andrew, I look forward to your thoughts.
8 years ago
Does it have "The meteor" music?
8 years ago
Well you've heard some... the Promo contains 100% Pro Scores... but that doesn't even begin to describe the collection. Until then.
8 years ago
I can't wait!
8 years ago
Still havent heard any of the music or sounds (other than the promo) TEASE TEASE TEASE! hope the server hangs in there.
8 years ago
Sounds great :).
8 years ago
wow ! Thx Andrew
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