What a weekend!

It has been a pretty eventful weekend around here. First things first, the Video Copilot T-Shirts are in. FINALLY!

We had a few problems adjusting artwork but the wait is over. I’m literally wearing one right now. We’re going to take some pictures and share them on the blog this week. We ordered a couple hundred of them so as far as selling them, we are still figuring that out. We may do a limited run for a couple of days… our shipping system isn’t quite designed for sending clothes so we need to strategize.

Pro Scores
Our new music production product is wrapped and we are just getting the promotional material ready like the website and promo video. Depending on the replication turn-around, we should have it out the second week of December or so. This product has really turned into a gem, I can’t wait to show you what’s inside.

There is a bunch of other stuff going on around here too so I’d better get back to work. More news to follow.

8 years ago
New Plug-in TRAILER! Update: 3
Our new plug-in trailer is finally online! I hope you guys can see how much work went into this! The plug-in and Tutorial will be available today-ish! Watch on youtube in HD! UPDATE: Might be a long night but this plug-in is coming out! UPDATE 2: Dinner time. Long night ahead… Not going to bed until […]
Free Star Wars Model Pack!
Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate our love for Star Wars we are giving away a sweet collection of 3D models that we built so you can learn to create your own visual effects! Our goal is to show you tips for Lighting, Rigging and animating so you can learn to create exciting visual FX too! These are […]
All Nighter! UPDATED
Our new mystery Plug-in is not quite ready to launch! But almost there! I know, I know… Once I began working on the tutorial, I realized it needed a few new functions. Even though we are releasing a new free plug-in, it still has to be good! I guess I have a bit of a reputation for going over […]
An Unstoppable Force!
  It’s been a crazy year! Getting an opportunity to work on Star Wars and learning how many days you can survive with no sleep.  It’s been an incredible honor to work with J.J. Abrams and the amazingly talented people at Bad Robot and ILM. To see the love an dedication that went into this film […]

Gonçalo Pacheco
8 years ago
Oh, I'm hyped.
ITV Teacher
8 years ago
I am excited because I know AK is working on this! I just hope it is not too much because my wife just does not understand! "What's a plugin" she says.
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

whats about a little Teaser for Pro Scores, just to bring our waiting to a next level :-D
Mathijs Luijten
8 years ago
I WANT ONE! can you order them or something? I'm
from holland so thats outside of the U.S. and
how much will they cost? anyway I'd love to
have one. Learned a lot of your vid's!

Mathijs Luijten
8 years ago
Hey that's great news Andrew. This site is just keep giving:D amazing stuff. The new product sounds interesting, lookin' forward to it.

8 years ago
No news? BUUUUU :(
8 years ago
here we go, downloading all star bundle :)
can't wait to get the dvd's too even if it's the same content as the downloads, just want the real original stuff.
didn't get the bundle with soundFX cos I'm waiting for proScores now :p
thx for giving us the opportunity to improve our skills!
8 years ago
I was just a bit late for the contest.I really liked the one I did.
8 years ago
Hey, Loving this, You are my idol in this Andrew Kramer.
I can't wait to see the T-Shirts and to hear Pro Scores.
8 years ago
I Love downloadable T-Shirts! Downloadable money! Downloadable food!
would you plz make a downloadable Apple Power Mac and MacBook Pro as well?! I really Need that! ;)
8 years ago
Not sure what kind of shirt stock you're using, but take a look at SpreadShirt.com - They're like cafepress but a little more affordable with some extra features. You can upload your artwork and then make a "store" where the shirts are made to order and shipped out. Worth a look.
So are there any Black Friday specials for VideoCopilot?
8 years ago

And the Pro Score!!
8 years ago
sweeeeet! Go on VCP! much love from the UK.
klaus ruttmann
8 years ago
great idea- downloadable T-shirts.
great for europeans. no increbibly high customs duty.

make it real.
8 years ago
Hey andrew! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks so much for teaching us all AE!
8 years ago
sorry my mistake, its issue 117 of the CA Projects !!
8 years ago
hi All,

just bought the british Computer Arts Projects nr 177, and there is a small article about Andrew Kramer's Frindge Title Sequence, incl. a small interview and 4 screenshots from the sequence.

And maybe good to know, this CA special is about Motion Graphics.

Her is it's URL:

it costs about 17 euro (in Holland in store)

Andrew, just to let you know; keep up the great work you do!! ( I keep checking the tut's, blog and forum every day for new stuff... ;) )
8 years ago
what does a t-shirt costs ?
8 years ago
I wish my T-shirt submission was selected lol who won it anyway
8 years ago
I will recognize that your tutorials have changed my life and given me increased inspiration to create and you will recognize that some of us could be described as "broadband." Make a 5X size shirt and I will buy it.
8 years ago
AWESOME! Second week of December, eh? Ya know Andrew, heh, I'm just saying my Birthday is the 15.....
8 years ago
the shirt could be send it to Argentina? ill realy like have one!

andre, and all the people of video copilot, you guyas are the best of the best in video tutorials!!!!!!!
8 years ago
Get those T- shirts to Kenya man.....ASAP.
8 years ago
Andrew, you should just do limited sales on the shirts each week. Something like 25 a week. That way you arent killing yourselves trying to send out clothes when you want to be working on the good stuff.

You could do limited stuff, sign a few, whatever, but keep it to just a select few each week, only one order per customer until you go through the first batch of 200. Then start over.

Just an idea. Rock on.
Thomas Luca
8 years ago
Uh,I'll take one in a size "L". Can't wait to buy both Pro Scores and a t-shirt. You da man Andrew.
8 years ago
I love Andrew
8 years ago
Good news as always, will you be doing a slim fit tee for those with low band width?
Jacob Christensen
8 years ago
Well thats another 1 for the Christmas wishlist :D
8 years ago
OH !!
What a good News !
T-shirt & Pro scores =)
Good luck Andrew for the management of the t-shirts !
I remember, there were a lot of good design !
Kramer’s Evil Twin
8 years ago
What I'm most looking forward to is a Top 40 Chart countdown, to reveal the best T-Shirt, C'mon Andrew give us your best Casey Kasem impression, like zoinks Scoob!!!
8 years ago
I can't wait! I'm really excited to get pro scores, the t-shirts, and other video copilot products. I'm also very excited for a new tutorial coming up! YAY :)
8 years ago
very good, very good...
all the best on the new product, cause designer sound FX, honestly, didn't take off much
8 years ago
Hi Sir Kramer,

I'm planning to buy one your dvds bundle before Christmas using the cake coupon code. Now that I know Proscores is coming I don't know what to do. I suppose the coupon won't be available anymore at that moment and probably Proscores won't be in a bundle right away or Santa is gonna be kind this year ?
Waiting for your reply before buying. :)
anyway, thx a lot for providing such good tutorials and those great dvds.
8 years ago
OMG!!! i can't wait to see pro scores :P
8 years ago
Andrew you know your idea is actually doable, downloadable T-Shirts, "E-Shirts" as i would call e'm.

Here where i live you can buy t-shirt printable paper. You use it as regular paper and then iron it on a t-shirt. If you have a printer and a iron, thats all you need!
Andrew D
8 years ago
Downloadable T-shirts will be the best thing since sliced bread. Only a genius like Andrew would be creative enough to think of such a goldmine industry. The only problem is how do I convert it from a jpeg file to a synthetic fabric?
8 years ago
8 years ago
i can't wait ...!!
8 years ago
8 years ago
How about a free shirt with the purchase of the new scoring product?
8 years ago
hmmm, 2AM and you were wearing a Video Copilot shirt? I wanna a new PJ too!

8 years ago
ahh! It feels like early christmas :).

I've been waiting anxiously for updates on the T-shirts, and I'm certainly going to be interested in buying one.

I am so pumped right now!
8 years ago
Awesome! Can't Wait :D

When you say a couple of weeks into December do you mean the promo and that or the actual product?
8 years ago
You could sell iron-ons ;)
Sounds like its going to be a splendid Christmas!
8 years ago
what will be the price of the shirts???

i will buy 2!!
Joris Strickx
8 years ago
Great. Can't you giftwrap the pro scores in a t-shirt or put it in a vacuum so it fit's inside a dvd-case :D 2 shipments in one ;)
8 years ago
very nice....
8 years ago
Ok Andrew! Keep.. :P
some hobo
8 years ago
sounds AwSoMe!!!

can't wait for pro scores!
8 years ago
Great Andrew! Keep walking..
8 years ago
All right Andrew! Keep walking..
Patrick Norman
8 years ago
bring... it... ON!
8 years ago
Andrew I can´t thank you enough for all the work you done here and in creative cow, you helped raise the "bar" in the VFX comunity, such a large number of people around the world are turning in this direction, and your contribution, by sharing knowledge and inspiring work builted something very positive. Making people all over to try to prove themselfs, testing their creativity and setting goals.
Thanks again, Tom
8 years ago
im so looking forward to the promo :D
8 years ago
of coures i'll buy the T-shirt and pro score :P your DVD's KICKS ASS!!
8 years ago
wow downloadable t-shirts.............hahahhahahaha

by the way, gr8 news abt ur new product and t-shirt

can't wait for the results & release of ur awesome NEW PRODUCT.

HURRY UP - HURRY UP Andrew!!!!!! I know u r a GENIUS.

8 years ago
can't wait to listen the promo scores. great new tutorial you've put up by the way
8 years ago
If you make the t-shirts downloadable, can we please get 5 chances to download? I've been having problems with my download manager.

8 years ago
Good deal. Can't wait to see what the shits look like. And I can't wait to see what the music scores are like.

And hey my best to you and the family. How's your lil one doing?

Peace guys
8 years ago
SWEET!!!! Pro scores promo vid coming soon...

And Y-shirts... Awesome
Thorsten Miess
8 years ago
Finally the T-shirts!

I thought they were just forgotten because noone mentioned them!
8 years ago
looking forward for the shirt..

downloadable Tshirt, nice one!!!

hehe.. i hope that it will be available here in the Philippines...
8 years ago
This is the greatest place on the internet! :D
8 years ago
Great !!! Wonderful Stuffs ! Who composed the musics of your upcoming product?
8 years ago
Yes!! Looking forward to a new VC product!! I can't wait!!
8 years ago
man looking forward to it! you are a man with a golden heart. best wishes from holland :)
8 years ago
Maybe you could do a Pro Scores/t-shirt deal? I'm all over it! :)
8 years ago
Great news, glad you had a nice week-end... keep up the good work and can't wait to see what's inside the new-comming DVD

take care
8 years ago
I will be waiting with credit card in hand!!!
8 years ago
Cool, downloadable t-shirts.....you are a genius Andrew!

I can't wait to check out the Pro Scores. I am constantly editing both video AND music, so I am anxious to see what Pro Scores can do. I'm sure it will be a killer product.....but probably not as good as downloadable t-shirts...;)
G Man
8 years ago
I'm going to buy every shirt...so factor that into the numbers...hahaha I can't wait to see the winning designs...
8 years ago
I'm only going to get one if it has a Decepticon reaping the soul of Harry Potter.

Andrew, you need to release Pro Scores sooner since I have a film festival due the 11th of December!
8 years ago
Maybe we can make the T-Shirts downloadable :)
8 years ago
Nice.. To bad they are going to be to late for Xmas.. At least with the shipping to europe.
8 years ago
I completely forgot these were still coming...
8 years ago
owsome, It's really a good news for us!
S Gilbert
8 years ago
Wow The T-Shirts are in, I'll take 2 hopefully before Christmas... as for pro Scores, VCpilot hasn't dissapiointed yet, so I'm sold
8 years ago
If Pro Scores has taiko drum tracks, i'm sold :)

Looking forward to the promo.

greek lover
8 years ago
gongrats.oh.i cant wait to see the promo.
8 years ago
VCP News = Good News!
8 years ago
Hey, great!
Perfect Christmas-timing ^^
Looking forward to seeing VCP stuff under the Christmas tree.
8 years ago
Congratulations, you have done awesome work & still moving forward, KEEP MOVING FORWARD !!!
8 years ago
Alright! Sounds excellent, can't wait to show off my T-shirt at work. Congrats to the team of Videocopilot for all the great work that you do!!
Fantastic work by the team!

We always appreciate your hard efforts towards the community. Well done!
8 years ago
woaw. I can't wait. when I get some money next month I am so gonna buy a t-shirt =D

Can't wait for them music scores either. If the promo looks hot I might buy it.

Good luck on strategizing ^^
8 years ago
Cheers to Kramer and the gang!
Tis gonna make a sweet XMas gift.

Try include Sam in a few pics, hopefully he's hasn't been kick out again and living in the dumps..

Complements of the season to the entire Video Copilot empire!

8 years ago
Can't wait for Pro Scores promo and product.
8 years ago
Nice...Looking forward to hearing some beats!
8 years ago
looking forward to the pro scores and ofcourse T-Shirt
8 years ago
Cool Beans
8 years ago
Wow, congratulations ;)

Looking forward to the results :)
Fat Elvis
8 years ago
I think since i commented first i should get a t-shirt :)

Seriously looking forward to pro scores though
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