NEW TUTORIAL: Soul Removal

In this frightening new tutorial we will be creating a flowing energy stream with organic distortion. It may not be Halloween but better late than never.

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PS, I’m still jamming on this other big project and I’ll be back full speed soon. If you have any questions or need help be sure to check out our forum.

8 years ago
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6 years ago
Funny or Die just did the Charlie Sheen's Winning Recipes, and at about 3:14 into the video they totally used this technique:
Looks awesome, as usual.
8 years ago
lol. loved it.
8 years ago
that's what i ve been waiting for!!!
keep moving Andrew...
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew! Great tutorial!
Thanks in advance!
8 years ago
wonderful tutorial mate. keep up the goodwork Andrew!
8 years ago
they are dementors not decepticons lol...but great tutorial as always!
8 years ago
8 years ago
Andrew,you are a genius!
8 years ago
I've A question......!!!
When you reversed the particles to look like you're giving him the soul you used a very quick shortcut to preview reversely.
What is it ?
ah...& thanks for the great tutorial ;).
8 years ago
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh........i always wanted these effects..thanks Andrew bro :D
8 years ago
noticed you're in this month's Art Projects Magazine... very nice
8 years ago
nice tutorial two andrew, it gives me a harry potter feel
Ben Wotton
8 years ago
Wow I must have missed those decepticons in Harry Potter...

lol. loved it.
8 years ago
These tutorials are the greatest.

No expensive plugins required!

Keep em comin!
8 years ago
"This other big project"
Sounds interesting! XD
love the look of this one.
Thanks a lot.
8 years ago
without words....

you are very good ... i hope i can think like this, good bye
8 years ago
thankyou... saw this on heroes recently and wondered how it was done... so easy.. thanks
8 years ago

Sometimes you don't realize how easy/doable some of these effects really are until you see the work flow behind how they are achieved. Thanks AK
8 years ago
Well I just don't believe this. You must be psychic. Some friends and I are making a short for a class and we needed EXACTLY this effect. We've been scratching our noggins, but thanks to you, Mr. MindReader, we're saved. All together now:
"We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"
Thanks Andrew.
8 years ago
very good..thanks Andrew….:)
8 years ago
Thanks Andrew, looks great as usual !
8 years ago
Where is SAM? Have you finally killed him off?
8 years ago
That's what I'm talking about
thanks very much Andrew
8 years ago
awesome Andrew, thnx for updating us.
8 years ago
This looks awesome! Thanks for another great tut. AK :)
Andrea Lanza
8 years ago

you are the DUDE!!! ("The Big Lebowski" rulez ^^ )


8 years ago
Thanks Andrew! Great tutorial!
8 years ago
a quick and good one!
8 years ago
8 years ago

This tutorial is really a useful one.
I also think MKII for Sega is the best game in the series and I usually play as Rayden. MEOW
8 years ago
when i started seeing this tutorial and when u said 'soul sucking'..i thought,well whats new?! my soul already sucks!..but when i was finished, i got that u meant an entirely different soul sucking! which was great!...Nice work pal...
8 years ago
Thx for this interesting tut ;)
Jose Antonio
8 years ago
YES, a new tutorial, and ofcourse it´s cool, Thanks master.
greek lover
8 years ago
dude.that was damn good.just like aaaaall the others...
8 years ago
Amzing !!!!
Andrew i Just love it it amazing
i am your fan # 1
if you have time please mail me i have a question!!!
it to silly i cant publish it here
so you have my mail!!

PD: the one who take the souls are not the desepticions are the Thementhor!!
You Fan 1
8 years ago
Morten Enoksen
8 years ago
Thanks for the method using difference matte:)
8 years ago
wow, great tutorial, thanks for that! :)
Some Guy
8 years ago
Great one, thanks!

By the way, there will be a new Mortal Kombat movie in 2010. Check out the IMDb. They already have a script.
8 years ago
Lol Decepticons!
8 years ago
this is hard core man.
8 years ago
thanks so much man i was waiting for that thanks
8 years ago
Sweet! Thanks AK! By the way have you bought CS4 yet???
8 years ago
Aha there it is :D

great tutorial as always, looking forward to that 'something to do with music' product :P
8 years ago
Wow this is the kind of stuff i like .

Keep on going Andrew.
8 years ago
man you have no idea...yesterday on the forum this same effect was read our minds.
Thanks man, awesome tutorial!
ömer tatlisoz
8 years ago
very good..thanks Andrew....:)
Dean Doll
8 years ago
Motal Wombat!!!

I saw that movie like 3 times in theatres. Then I saw the sequel and a part of me seemed to die inside..
yieah! scary! its not to just wasn´t early enough :D nice tutorial again
Heitor Andrade
8 years ago
Amazing Andrew!
I'm a big fan of yours, here from Brazil =D
Congratulations for the work, keep going my friend!
8 years ago
This would actually have come in handy before I started to shoot a Halloween short :P...

Great effect, Andrew, and it's nice to have a new tutorial.
8 years ago
As always, something new to add to my toolkit. Now, how to use that for something else...
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

thank you for sharing this with us. Nice idea :-D
8 years ago
8 years ago
Another great tutorial... thanks Andrew!
8 years ago
Watch out for those decepticons!
8 years ago
8 years ago
Woah... the difference matte was something new. Otherwise i've used vector blur for energy other times.

Great stuff!
8 years ago
Freaking awesome!!!

Thanks Man!!!
8 years ago
So cool
8 years ago
Very cool. Thank you :)
8 years ago
thats amazing man! thank you
8 years ago
I was wondering today when you were going to get another blog post/tutorial up. :-) Thanks for another tutorial!
8 years ago
4 days dosen't matter. Thanks for all of your hard work. However crazy it may be.
8 years ago
Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! I'm 4th. Another great tutorial man keep schoolin us to the!

Jorrit Schulte
8 years ago
YES, a New Tutorial, Using Particles I Quess
Gonna Wach it Now!
8 years ago
Thnxs Andrew
8 years ago
OOOOH, nice :P good tutorial m8