NEW TUTORIAL: 3D Crater Part 01

In this tutorial we will learn the key functions of 3D matchmoving software (boujou) and demonstrate how to export the camera data and set up the scene geometry.

Part 2 and 3 will follow but this should help you understand where we are going.

Making Some New Stuff

It seems there is a lot of interest in the new CS4 so I’ve been spending some time making demos for a few of the new features. I’ll post some stuff when I get a chance, I’ve been working on several new projects including a new DVD planned for November and the second part of the Meteor series. Until then…

The New After Effects

So I’m a couple days late or so but I’m sure you’ve heard the news about CS4. Seems there are some solid features added and some great integration with flash and PS which will help a lot of people. Check out the Adobe product page for specifics.

Here are blogs to check as well.

Admittedly I haven’t reached the depths of every new CS3 feature but Adobe maintains the core functions of the application so that even our very first tutorial can be followed with the newer versions. One thing I heard is that CS4 should work better with larger projects and I hope that is true.

If you look at the big picture, After Effects 6.5 has enough capability to create things that would stop time and newer versions regard this as well. After effects is a compositing application and it is up to us to build amazing things. No new feature is going to do that for us…

Of course all of our products work with future versions of After Effects if you plan on upgrading now or in the future.

Crash Footage Online

For those without a 3D program who are interested in following along in just After Effects, I’ve uploaded the Street Explosion footage with the project download. You can find that on the tutorial landing page.

If anyone would like to kindly contribute a PDF tutorial for creating some street destruction in another 3D program like Cinema 4D or Blender, I’d be happy to post them here for everyone to learn from and thank you endlessly. Even the basic steps would be nice to get people in the right direction. I’d do it myself but I have to finish this sandwich and it’s been waiting a long time already.

FYI: The 3D tracking tutorial set will be out this month.

VLC Media Player

My favorite media and video player just recently updated and added some great features. Bottom line, it is the best. Plays every kind of video even FLVs. Get it!

I get it!

I was reading a few comments today referring to the recent Meteor tutorial. A few people kept quoting me

“I’ll hit the letter SIX”

It was a mystery until I realized SIX is a number! What was I thinking

NEW TUTORIAL: Meteor Crash

In this new tutorial we will be creating 3d Debris and compositing in After Effects with smoke trails and dust.

This 2-part series is over 45 minutes long and absolutely FREE. So be sure to check out our great products, they are sure to give you an edge!

Watch Part 01 (3D Animation)

Watch Part 02 (After Effects)

Fiction can be fun

Here is a short excerpt from one of the upcoming tutorials on The Meteor.
(The first set will be out this weekend!)

The message is:
Even non-3D folks will benefit from understanding the work flow between AE and a 3D program even if you are primarily a compositor or dictionary salesman! It’s WIN-WIN.

Watch Video

Dark Energy + Video

Here’s another free project file that uses the electric energy along with some other cool fx. The layers aren’t terrible organized but you can probably find your way around.

Download CS3 Project

View Sample Video

PS, I’m sorry but I can only provide project in CS3.

Electric Energy

I wanted to try and created some cool energy in After Effects without special plug-ins that looked 3D… Here is a pretty cool AE project file that I came up with for electric energy using fractal noise and turbulent displacement. It’s simple enough but has some complex layering. Have fun with it!

Download CS3 Project

Fringe Intro

As promised here is a link! It was created at Full HD 1920×1080 using a combination of tools such as After Effects, 3D Max and Particular. Another interesting note, is that J.J. Abrams wrote the music for this piece as well.

Watch Video

Inside Look

Here is some revealing information on the recent Meteor Project. Including info on the camera and work flow.

For those of you pointing out “mistakes”, Pff, we only had an $80 Million budget… What do you expect? We blew half of it on those vintage eyeglasses.

Meteor Site Online

UPDATE: Hang on a moment we are redistributing some data! Too many people!

The Meteor mini-movie is now online! All 82 seconds of it!

Visit Official Site

TRIVIA: What was the original film title?
Answer: Soli-Terror

Fringe Premieres Tonight

One of the top secret projects I worked on recently was the intro for the new FOX show Fringe. It premieres tonight at 8/7c.

It’s funny because the intro has not been published or aired yet, but some people have guessed I was somehow involved… I WAS involved, just not in any of the great advertisements that Fox created to promote the show.

I was honored to be able to work on the project and with producer J.J. Abrams. Not only is he a great guy but you may be surprised to know that he is a fellow After Effects user too Pretty cool.

Be sure to check it out!

Fringe Website

PS, no spoilers or any of that stuff please.

Meteor Poster

On Wednesday September 10th, I’ll be releasing our mini-movie. More like a worthless excuse to use visual effects, oh well I finished the VFX and now all that is left is soundtrack and audio mixing. The release date for the tutorials has not been set but they will be released very soon in 2 waves, the first set and then the second set. On Wednesday you will see the 2 shots I am referring to and what you can expect to learn. It’s pretty serious stuff!