Why Boujou?

I think some people may be overlooking the purpose of the upcoming 3D tracking series…So I though I would share my master plan.

It is true, Boujou is very expensive for any individual… even many companies. What makes this series unique is the unveiling of concepts and techniques that go beyond home movies and into the realm of high-end visual effects at a fair price. (free)

Think of it like the magician that gives away all of the industry secrets… except I’m not wearing a mask.

There are a dozen programs for 3D tracking and they all share the same purpose; camera matching. So why Boujou? Well the real question is why not. There are a couple free ones out there, but they are somewhat limited and then there are mid to high ranged packages that cost $200-$6,000 but even that might be out of reach for many as far as price is concerned as well as features. One way or another someone is going to feel left out.

For those aspiring visual effects artist I can assure you that Vfx shops are using the 6k-10k software so you might have a slight advantage over some.

I’m confident that once you understand the principals you will investigate solutions that may work for you and your budget. You may even stumble upon this link which contains detailed information about match moving, including links to all the delicious flavors of free and professional software. You may even learn that Boujou has a little brother that only costs $1,000 which may not stop the bleeding but something easily overlooked.

Hopefully this exciting subject alone will get your mind going. I’ve been up for 4 days straight. Not really.

9 years ago
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3 years ago
Wow, bojour is so easy to use. It took me 30 mins to learn it. I wasted like an entire week on mocha, which was so hard to use.
What about Mocha?
9 years ago
going to tryout some of the freeones found in this blog, booth my free/demo licence did end last week, going to buy that PFHoe, and use it for now.. but boujou did al i wanted and did it right!, Syntheyes gave me a lot moor work to get the same end result.


grtz. E
9 years ago
i tryed SynthEyes and also managed to get ea 3 week dongel licence for Boujou, can tel you boujou rulles..!!


grtz. E
9 years ago

Bottom line: If you have lots of $$ to spend go with Boujou. If you don't, go with Syntheyes and you won't be disappointed. Cheers.
9 years ago
yes SynthEyes and Boujou are most comonly used, but we are talking about a serious amount of money and also it only ships to USA.
How can we work, I mean how everyone out of USA can work exmple me from Costa Rica.
And Andrew this are going to be some great tutorials.....
I can wait to see them....

9 years ago
9 years ago
OK SynthEyes and Boujou are most comonly used i think.... (i love all these with "MO_" beginning ) but still when you are spending that amount of money on soft you just have to be sure ..so ...i would be greatfull for opinions (hopefully suportrd by expirience). SynthEyes or Boujou ?????
anyone ? ? ? Thanx in advance
amine roula
9 years ago
andrew i whish u go to heaven :)
9 years ago
Imagineer launched a mokey, monet, mocha, motor or mocha-AE tutorial contest. If you win that one you will receive a full suite of all of Imagineer’s programs
More on



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9 years ago
Nuke is available on Mac, Linux, and PC! If you are a Shake user you should definitely check it out. There is even a guide in the manual for converting from Shake (because some of the Nodes have different names). Great little forum on VFXtalk.com as well. I just made the switch not long ago so I'm still going through the manual, but I did tinker with it and I like it. The ImageBasedKeyer looks really promising. Can't wait to do a real project on it.

Hey Andrew - do you think Boujou is the best matchmoving software? Just wondering if you had a chance to try any others. Thanks.
9 years ago
Sometimes this past two years.. i feel let down by apple.. they put to much time on there ipod, iphone and other appliance reaching a large crowd of people.. thats okay.. but i feel like there is negligence on the professional side of the business!!

Is Nuke possible on a Mac?? don't really know that software.. heard about it but thats all
Shane Benson
9 years ago
Sounds great. I use Boujou 4 all the time. And coupled along with Cinema 4D and its great integration with AE, it makes a great combo. My latest project involved throwing a tractor watching it crash.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
9 years ago
I am so excited about this I can actually express it. 3ds Max & Boujou... the 3d package and camera match package I use, could it be any more perfect. I cant wait!
9 years ago
@Kevin and Michel Greco regarding Shake:

Shake is great and is used by many pros. The problem, like Michel pointed out, is that it seems like Apple has given up for the moment. They were supposed to come out with Phenomenon, but I haven't heard anything in a long time.

In my opinion, Nuke by The Foundry is the way to go. It is essentially like an updated version of Shake. One of the lead developers of Shake left Apple to work on Nuke, so that should tell you something. AE is great, but I love Node based compositors like Nuke and Shake. So much control over everything. Like Shake has Macros, Nuke has Gizmos. Same thing. Digital Fusion also looks very good, but I've never used it.
9 years ago
With Blender and Voodoo, it is possible to do crazy things FREE !!!

OK, boujou is the best, professionals are using boujou, but professionals may not have to learn how to use it, no ?

thanks for make it free, I'm sure it will be great...
9 years ago
Too bad boujou is windows-only.. But I'm sure that there are good mac-alternatives right? Does anyone know a good tracking program for macs? I just hope that the techniques from boujou translate to other programs..

(btw, I'm very curious about your way of tracking, 'cause I have worked with boujou on windows before and I wasn't really able to get eny result.. The footage was from a DV camera, but I hope that's not a problem?)

I'm looking forward to the tutorials :).
9 years ago
yeah boujou,!! i can't afford it T_T is there any other programs capable of 3d match moving?? except boujou?? huhuhu
9 years ago
Andrew, you're right. Boujou is best for that. 3D Max is a great tool, but i like to use LightWave 3D fro Newtek.

Hey, your next tuts will be awesome and thanks for that!
Daryl Booth
9 years ago
Yes Daluz I think you are right tomorrow is XMAS day all over again. Heck, even if we have to wait a little longer I am sure it will be well worth the wait...

Hands up who else feels like a kid on Xmas eve today/tonight...

;-) ;-):-) :-)
9 years ago
Hey tomorrow is the big day? Or it will take a little
longer to we see the new site?
9 years ago
@ Kevin

I had a formation on Shake.. really great software, can lead you to realize awsome compositing, it does have lots of great feature, the use of iff from maya is one of them.. but in my opinion, the software becomes really interesting when you add macros, witch are smal plugin that add function scripted by users.. the problem is that sometimes to save time or to get function to work better you'll have to script yourself some macros.. may be a turn off for some... but tough you can find alot of macros on http://www.fxshare.com !! i think your best juge can be only you and a 579$$ its not that expenssive!! litle downside.. i don't think apple will develop a version 5.. so maybe 4.1 was the last version of it!! all info at http://www.fxshare.com

good luck!!

9 years ago
I've been trying to make time to learn Synth Eyes. I've done a few tracks that were OK but not much more. Matchmoving is a very complex art. I look forward to the theory jump start I'll get from this next series of tutorials.

Thanks for taking us on this journey with you!

9 years ago
wow, I'm really looking forward to this
what about Shake?
is this programm good?
9 years ago
Hey, first of all, thank you for all these great tutorials :) I`am more than glad, that you start up with that 3D tracking serie...Can't wait for ...Well i don't realy care witch software you usw for tracking, like you said : understand the principals !

Maybe tonight i stay awake to celebrate the new site launch *ggggg
Keep up the good work!
Take care!

Micha from Germany :)
9 years ago
I had just posted in your request area that i would be willing to pay for a tutorial like this, and here it comes for free.
9 years ago
Thanks Andrew and can't wait .
9 years ago
I don’t post often but after reading a few comments with regards to the price of Boujou and the “deviation” from AE tutorials, I just wanted to make a quick analogy.

You can learn how to drive a stick shift in a Lamborghini and still apply the same principals to your Corolla. Sure you won’t have the same horsepower or some of the bells and whistles, but you’ll gain the knowledge and knowledge is KING!

The kicker to all of this is that the knowledge you are gaining is FREE! *gets off the soapbox*

Thanks to Mr. Kramer for the wonderful products, great site, and FREE tutorials. Keep them coming.

9 years ago
How can people complain about free tutorials? If you're not interested don't watch it. Pretty simple.

Like Andrew mentioned, if you learn the principles of matchmoving in one software, it is pretty easy to apply those principles in any matchmoving software. The interface may be different, but you are essentially doing the same work in all of them.

I haven't seen many tutorials floating around for Boujou, so this should be interesting. Syntheyes has plenty of tuts on it's site and I found a good one from cmiVFX for PFTrack. If you use something like PFHoe, it couldn't be simpler. The wizard navigates you through the whole thing.

If anyone is thinking about free ones like Icarus or Voodoo, don't bother. Spend the $100 and get PFHoe. Or $400 and get a high-quality one like Syntheyes. If you really got the ca-a-ash, then move up to PFTrack or Boujou.
9 years ago
is boujou for windows or for mac??? if its only for windows what is another good 3d trackin program for macs??
9 years ago
Kramer is just too funny.
Keep it coming please! Tuts & Laughs!
9 years ago
Billy, it's a three part process, Boujou to 3D max, to AE for composting. It's some serious stuff :)
9 years ago
Im confused.. so in these tutorials you will only be using Bonjou, not After Effects or 3D Max? I've never heard of Boujou up until now so I don't know too much about it. Anyone care to explain? :P
9 years ago

I'm sure I speak for the majority of us when i say that the knowledge we can get FOR FREE from Andrew is way more important than anything else at this point.

This man is taking time out of his day to share his secrets and he's not asking for anything back so if you're gonna complain take your you know what somewhere else. Here for instance: http://www.digilab.uni-hannover.de/docs/manual.html#download

9 years ago
hehe. He has spoken!!!!
9 years ago
Can't wait for the 3D tracking. Really pumped for it.
9 years ago
illd, sorry.
9 years ago
"For those aspiring visual effects artist I can assure you that Vfx shops are using the 6k-10k software so you might have a slight advantage over some."

Not always. Where I worked (and am returning to shortly) we had a few Boujou Bullet (the cheaper one) licenses as well as the licenses for the "6-10k software" (mainly PFTrack, Boujou 3).
That proves(?) two points - one, there is no perfect application, different ones work with different shots/tasks better.. Boujou is great for scenes with lots of detail, and the track-and-solve works perfectly for many shots, and exporting track-cards to Shake from it is easier than PFtrack... PFTrack is great for object tracking, tracking "hard" objects (like walls, or boxes), and it has some potentially useful stuff like optical-flow analysis, z-depth-matte generation that Boujou doesn't have (last time I used it anyway..). I also found PFTrack better for tracking shots with less detail (like tracking-markers on a greenscreen)

Most people won't use 90% of what the applications can do. For most shots the import-footage/track/solve/export-camera is more than good enough.

Seriously. Look at http://www.pfhoe.com/ before you even think about the possibility of considering £5000 camera-tracking software.. It's £49, and is "as good" as PFtrack/Boujou (the solving engine), the only difference (in terms of tracking, not optical flow analysis and such) is there is less advanced controls (which you probably wont ever need)... It's only £49, so if you are considering buying PFTrack (or even boujou *), spending about 1% of their costs on PFHoe and seeing if you can track your shots, and possibly saving yourself £4950 is a good idea..
Daryl Booth
9 years ago
@ Hassbundu

Lucas had the beta versions......
ahem... next
9 years ago
Kramer, stop apologizing! Thats not your style...
9 years ago
Coming from someone who has Boujou 4. I wouldn't look back at any other motion tracker. It has been a life saver, and it's very easy to use with After Effects or C4d. Although it's around 10k, it's amazing. Looking forward to your presentation.
Josh Johnson
9 years ago
Boujou, syntheyes, or pftrack who cares :) I'm grateful you are making a free 3d tracking tutorial! Your site has evolved to a new VFX high!

thanks Andrew
9 years ago
Wonderful , Keep going
9 years ago
Andrew , u read my mind ... :)

i'm no expert on VFX but i practically learn every thing i need to know from VCP and lately i've been diggin' around about matchmoving and i stumbled upon boujou / played around with the demo for a while and i was Searching the internet for some professional tutorials but i couldn't find any other then those on the 2d3 website ... and a couple of DVDs on http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/dvds/smc02.html

i actually was jumping up and down around the office when i read ur Post ... My god ur my Hero :) :) u make my life easier :D
9 years ago
Tim Dobbert's book on matchmoving (Matchmoving: The invisible Art of Camera Tracking) taught me a lot. Also have had good results with SynthEyes, which runs about $400 (http://www.ssontech.com/synovu.htm).
I love this site.
9 years ago
@ Daryl Booth:

Windows Movie Maker came out with Windows XP..

If George Lucas waited that long to start working on movies,

then Jar Jar Binks would be your Father and not Darth Vader.
9 years ago
I see your point now. I'm all for it! Thanks, Andrew. I'm sure that the community is going to learn a lot from you. Have a great day!
9 years ago
@Josh: Check out the self-paced training section on www.autodesk.com/flame, there is one on 3D-Tracking among the new features tutorials for flame* 2009 if I remember correctly. Looks like they are using the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi algorithm.
9 years ago
I agree, you can't make EVERYONE happy. Also you don't necessarily need the program. You can just watch to learn techniques and concepts and possibly map them to another program. So I say go for it, I'm totally looking forward to the series. Thanks for all the tuts up to this point.
9 years ago
ok, boujou is a bit expensive. But adobe after effects en 3dsmax are also not cheap. But suddenly there is a money problem??
Daryl Booth
9 years ago
@ AK & VCP Team...

Ignore the moaners... For goodenss sake do they expect you to tailor your tutes to their ZX Spectrum set up?

C`mon they guys @ VCP are doing you a favour just by turning up each day...

and for FREE!!!
Daryl Booth
9 years ago
@ Hassbundu

Do not underestimate the power of Windows Movie Maker...

It kept George Lucas busy with his work.... proberly...

9 years ago
Thanks Andrew.
I really appreciate VCP because it gives me tools for business. I have no problem investing in your products and in software you recommend, sure Boujou might be out of reach right now, but $1000 for software that can help my company earn $2000+ on a project or multiple projects is worth it.
I see the software as an investment, it gives you a tool set that not many people have or are willing to make a sacrifice for.

"Besides all these free resources and insight on your site is just brutal, I can't handle all the free information it's just too cheap!"

Thanks again, love this site!
9 years ago
I use monet and mocha, but there are so many application that do the trick.
I'm sure if Andrew would contact imagineer systems asking them for a version for training purposes he could get a reduced price. Others may have to wait for the next promo, if they do one.

imagineer systems did release mocha-ae a less expensive version of mocha.

mocha-AE is a stand alone 2D tracking tool for the After Effects community based on Imagineer Systems’ unique 2.5D Planar Tracking technology


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9 years ago
Just so we don't sound like a bunch of fools.. let's limit motion tracking to
only the most appropriate motion tracking systems, I mean motion tracking
is just one part of a project.. don't forget about color correction, greenscreening, mattes, and even the right codecs to use, etc.. It's kind of like game programming where you could go crazy trying to find some specific plug-in, mesh, level maker etc that some guy on some forum told you is amazing and you have to have it, instead of just focusing on your work and using what has been proven to works best in the industry. And after you motion track, you still have to import your .3DS, .X, cartography shop, tree magic, DarkBASIC, TrueVision3D, Torque Game Engine, 3DRad, Blender, etc files into the project and finish your composition.. motion tracking is just a component and a very important and very hard one to learn on your own.. kinda like when you learned 3DSMax on your own and found out there are like a million plug-ins and you got frustrated, it's easier to have someone who already knows to help you out:

So here are the motion trackers any one who knows the industry is
going to tell you to use:


I mean let's get serious here, if you are toying around with Icarus
then you are probably not very serious about making a career out
of After Effects and video post production, and if that's the case..
then it's nice to hear you talk about your frustrations with "motion
tracking" but no one is going to take you serious when you motion
track with windows movie maker :-P
9 years ago
Yeah the techniques your teaching can apply to most software not just the one your using! AND will force us that can't afford it to actually use our "brain" to figure out how to do it using other means!
9 years ago
The problem is that you'll always find someone complaining even tough you give it on a silver plate!! I think you're doing the great thing 'bout showing us the technique with the cream of cream software!! as mentionned above by other, i'd rather learn to drive with a BMW rather than a Lada!!! anyway!! can't wait to see the tuts!!
9 years ago
Hi guys, for those of you wondering, Icarus was bought out by The Pixel Farm but you can still download it for free (non-commercial use) from here: http://aig.cs.man.ac.uk/research/reveal/icarus/

Hope it helps! :D
9 years ago
Cant wait Andrew, thanks so much for ur tutorials and stuff, u the best.
9 years ago
Hey Andrew!

First of all, great job, the site is amazing. I'm very excited about this particular set of tutorials. I've recently spent a great deal of time learning Boujou for my own personal projects and it was quit the ordeal. Being in a multimedia degree and showing people my 3D tracked shots, and having my teachers ask me how i do it, is kinda strange and rewarding! Coming to this subject shows that this site is definitely maturing. I hope that you continue to take this site to some more complicated projects and subjects. There are a few people that say this site has strayed from AE tutorials, but in my opinion that is only natural. Keep up the great work!
9 years ago
One last thing,
Although the concepts are the same with the highend 3D motion trackers, Boujou, PFTrack, 3DEqualizer, etc. if you can't afford them, and still wish to learn 3D tracking, the Voodoo tracker is probably your best bet:)
Dustin James
9 years ago
I am just all round excited, I don't care what program you use... I just want to watch another tutorial of yours because although it might not be useful to me now, I know that one day it most definitely will! That happens a lot to me.
9 years ago
PhSn, Icarus was purchased/acquired by, and is now the foundation of Pixel Farms' line of motion trackers, PFTrack, PFHoe, etc.
9 years ago
yes you are right. but i want my t-shirt to Mexico :D
9 years ago
Nice to see you come over the dark side of vfx Andrew:)

I use Boujou/PFTrack almost everyday at work for most of my employers 3D tracking needs.
After the first time I used Boujou, I loved it's ease of use and speed.
I love being able to mask off certain areas to help the solver calculate faster, etc.

Can't wait to see how others see how easy it is when you release your tut:)
Keep up the good work man.
....were watching:)
9 years ago
What about it?
9 years ago
When are we getting a free copy of Boujou Andrew?
This was promised to us as members of the cheese hat
imperialist missionaries of West African Klondike bar technology
birthday fan club members... I am also waiting for my Gold's Gym
membership card in the mail, and $3 million dollars.. please get
back to me as soon as possible I already promised Google I was
going to buy out their shares.. LoL, yeah I think this is a fantastic
idea Andrew.. I mean listen, if someone was going to show you how to drive
a car, would you get upset because they didn't show you where to get hotwheels
on sale?.. No! and heck, free on top of that?.. I do so much work thanks
to the Kramernator, and make good money off of that.. thank you Mr. Cyclone.
9 years ago
What about Icarus?
9 years ago
i cant wait .. you are my god
9 years ago
I'm glad to see the high end software being shown and taught. There are still free trials for Boujou so I am unsure why anyone would have an issue. It is a FREE tutorial on how to use software that I didn't even know about until you linked to it. I will never be able to own a Flint, Flame or Inferno system from Discreet (Autodesk now) but I would love to see a tutorial on how to use them because that is where I would hope to end up one day. Thanks Andrew for helping me get there.
9 years ago
Very excited!!!
9 years ago
Thx a lot
I'm very interested in 3D Tracking.
Can't wait to see a scene with 3D Tracking.
    5 years ago
    pf track is best to set up coordinate system and solving errors.they are the most trickiest parts.in boujou filter structure,adjust solve options romove lot of cloud points.which will make ur work disguisting in 3d software.