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Our purchase page is now online after going on a short vacation. All of our great products and DVDs are now available!

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Be sure to check out the latest tutorial, it should be a lot of fun!

8 years ago
Intercept update and a Look Ahead!
As I started work today I was overcome with a feeling of positive energy that real progress was underway. I got a chance to see major updates on some new plug-ins we’re developing and one high-flying model pack. Plus this week I had a chance to shoot a new Blog Show and make some big progress on my short film Intercept! I know there […]
Presenting at NAB 2016!
I’m excited to announced that I’ll be presenting at the Adobe Booth in Las Vegas for NAB.  If you live near Vegas or have time to getaway, NAB is one of a very few shows that always has cool stuff for everyone. PRESENTATION TIMES: Monday & Tuesday April 18th and 19th @2PM @Adobe I’ll be sticking around […]
An Unstoppable Force!
  It’s been a crazy year! Getting an opportunity to work on Star Wars and learning how many days you can survive with no sleep.  It’s been an incredible honor to work with J.J. Abrams and the amazingly talented people at Bad Robot and ILM. To see the love an dedication that went into this film […]
Still alive!
Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been tucked away working on all sorts of things! Here is the thing: As some of you may know, I’m currently working at Bad Robot on a certain film that I can’t really talk about.  Believe me it is a dream come true, so […]

8 years ago
Hi Andrew,

last time my friend Andi shoot on me for real, we call it: Livefireshot, we had 3 real levels to do, for a weapon company: Real-shoting a gun out of my hand, a real-shoting on my bulletproofed vest and a real-shoting on a cigar that i carry in my mouth. The problem was to animate the bullet, when it runs from point A to point B. The shot himself was captured by an highspeedcamera (30000 pics/sec) and the hit to. Thanks for this bullet tutorial it was the solution for my problem. If you are interested on the scenes as footage feel free and contact me.

Joe Coffee
8 years ago
hey kramer, thanks for this blog and the tutorials, you're great!
and, i would like to know if your DVDs are only avaliable in US, cause i'm from Brazil and i really want to buy your DVDs... if you could inform price or conditions to send your DVDs to Brazil, i would really apreciate that... thank you for the attention, and sorry about my bad english, hehe

8 years ago
Was hoping to see a big sale with the re-opening. Awww....shucks. Any chance that might be a part of the grand scheme with upcoming new launch? :) In any case, thanks for everything else!
The Real Smithy
8 years ago
cheers Leonard for the info, i'll google it today and have alook.

Leonard Koch
8 years ago
As an response to the guy who asked about 3DSMaxtraining:
If you are willing to purchase something and reading your post I assume that, you should definatelly purchase 3DSMax The Fundamentals.
It is the best Videotraining you'll ever get for an application. It is aktually even better constructed then The Bullet and consists of over 270! hours of training.
I don't have a link ready right now but you should find it via google.
Dunno how expensive it is cause I got it from a friend who bought it, but I think something between 100 and 150 bucks looking at the scale of this thing ;)

Anyway greetings from Germany
Andrew Kramer
8 years ago
It was just a temporary problem, we received a couple of emails so we wanted people to know.
8 years ago
i got them all XD
8 years ago

read Andrew's last post.
8 years ago

i dont understand the diffrent. It looks to me as same videocopilot.net. Just another domain.

Or is this a temporaer problem?
8 years ago
Wait... it went offline?
Daryl Booth
8 years ago
Still got the purchase page hanging dude...
8 years ago
wow these testimonials could just as well apply to Frank "TJ" Mackie!

I believe too much praise can make you soft, so let me just say: what is up with the t-shirt contest winners? Let's get a move on dude!

Rock on, Kramey
8 years ago
I am looking forward to your new and updated site! One other thing that I am looking forward to, is your tutorial with the pictures and transparent glass borders, I have a special project that I could use that for soon.

Keep up the good work!
S. Gilbert
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

First and foremost your site kicks ass. I have started making so much more money because of what you have taught me. I have bought many of your products and look forward to buying many more of you amazing products.

Too all you guys out there who may be new , or who may be expanding your on your After Effects knowledge, I am 25 years old and I am getting ready to buy a house thanks to Andrew Kramer and VCpilot. Buy his products, watch his tutorials and play around with After Effects. It can and will change your creative life.
8 years ago
Tutorial making can be quite a trip on ways to present information to a wide audience . This meaning that without your know how and wise words , everybody would probably still be stairing at the AE interface like I had when I first ever saw it. So thanks to you your tutorials, they have provided me with ways to expand my creativity in my television editing career . I will thank you further with having my boss being sure to purchase more of your products and myself, soon !
8 years ago
What would people do without these wonderful products? Lose there minds is what.
The Real Smithy
8 years ago
Mr Andrew Kramer, I love your after FX tutorials, It has advanced me so far. I am also a Maya 3D user, i get my videos from Digital tutors, so i have advanced very quickly using that. I am now trying to use 3D max, because you use it and it has a huge audience, but there are no video tutorials widely avaiblabe either free or purchase.

this is where you can expand your business - 3D Max Video training kits

use digital tutors to give you ideas. Money to be made for you, and a massive aaudience. have a think about it, maybe do a few free tutorials so see if there is a market (which there is).

Cheers - looking forward to new site
8 years ago
waaaaaaay better
Jonathan ( Brazil )
8 years ago
Yahh 3
8 years ago
Nice :)
Order Bullet, Series 1 and Twitch a few days ago, can't wait.

Shameless ad: liammajor.co.uk
8 years ago
I thought it was a tarp.
8 years ago
Well done! :)
Tanner G
8 years ago
I need more 2 buy.....
8 years ago
Yeah x 2
8 years ago
148. The Grid
Create an intricate grid design using built-in tools
156. Classic Car 3D Text
Extruding Text & Adjusting Bevels
Blog Show
Search & Destroy
Using various roto and split-screen effects we transformed a two-man SWAT team into a full squad for this demo scene. Sam Loya reprises his role as the “guy who probably gets killed”, in this exciting industrial saga. The main goal of this scene was to film everything as if we had a dozen guys instead […]
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