8 years ago
Atmospheric Re-Entry!
Here is a preview of an animation i’m working on. Playing around with Element 3D and Saber to create the fiery streaks! This past week has been super productive, finishing VFX for Intercept, doing daily renders and preparing for another DMALA meeting in Los Angeles on October 18th. Going to be a blast! Circuit City #Element3D […]
Circuit City
Making circuits! After trying to create something large, I thought I should try to make something small! I started by taking a circuitry texture and placing it on a plane in Element 3D. I used the texture in the Glossiness channel and the reflection channel to give the pathways a metalic look. Next I built the […]
Cloud City
Continuing the Element 3D fun! This started as a desert scene and soon turned into a cloud city! Typical. Part of the fun of these render projects is just creating random stuff and designing without a specific goal. It’s actually been really challenging and exciting to try various techniques. In this scene, I used an aerial […]
My 10 Cloverfield Lane Contribution
Earlier this year I had the chance to work on 10 Cloverfield lane, on this horrifying matte painting and composite. Many image-searches for road kill have scarred my mind! As always it was a pleasure to work with Dan Trachtenberg.     My work on 10 Cloverfield Lane! #nightmares #mattepainting A photo posted by Video Copilot (@andrewkramer) […]
Cliff Test

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Here is a short video sample of a 3D set extension… the texture is bit primitive but you get the idea 🙂

Watch Sample Video

8 years ago
Why Boujou?

I think some people may be overlooking the purpose of the upcoming 3D tracking series…So I though I would share my master plan.

It is true, Boujou is very expensive for any individual… even many companies. What makes this series unique is the unveiling of concepts and techniques that go beyond home movies and into the realm of high-end visual effects at a fair price. (free)

Think of it like the magician that gives away all of the industry secrets… except I’m not wearing a mask.

There are a dozen programs for 3D tracking and they all share the same purpose; camera matching. So why Boujou? Well the real question is why not. There are a couple free ones out there, but they are somewhat limited and then there are mid to high ranged packages that cost $200-$6,000 but even that might be out of reach for many as far as price is concerned as well as features. One way or another someone is going to feel left out.

For those aspiring visual effects artist I can assure you that Vfx shops are using the 6k-10k software so you might have a slight advantage over some.

I’m confident that once you understand the principals you will investigate solutions that may work for you and your budget. You...

8 years ago
3D Tracking Tests

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I was a bit reluctant to post these shots but I wanted to bring you in the loop. These extensions are completely created in 3D and have been tracked to actual footage. I created these test shots to find the most practical way to demonstrate the uses of 3D tracking without getting overly complicated. These might not even be the actual lessons in the upcoming training but I’m exploring the most useful techniques and these were 2 very doable concepts. I’ll probably add more destruction 🙂

See Sample Pics

What to expect:
The matchmoving training will be demonstrated using Boujou 4, one of the most popular packages on the market. The fine folks over at 2D3 were nice enough to loan me a license for this upcoming series, and although the software may seem expensive to individual artists you will find the techniques and principals universal. Now if you get a job working at a big studio, don’t be surprised to see it being used.

Additionally I’ll be using 3D Max only… but hey these tutorials will be FREE. I will show you how easy it is to prepare the tracking data for any 3D program even After Effects.

8 years ago
Free Plug-in Development

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Some of you may have noticed a new plug-in called “QuickMatte” while watching the Energy tutorial a couple months ago. Now that it we are nearly finished, I can talk about it. Basically this plug-in allows you to refine mattes and transparency with some unique settings and results. This tool is a great asset for working with our design elements like Evolution and Riot Gear but it will also save you time with your own projects too.

Other Exciting News:

  • T-shirts winners have been contacted and will be announced soon. (I know it’s taking forever! but we’ve been doing big things around here.)
  • New site launch is tentatively planned for August 1st 2008. (Yay!)
  • A brand new online training package will be available soon. It’s also going to be FREE! We’re very excited about this, we think you will be too. Let’s just say it has to do with *BLANK* Tracking… that’s too obvious, let’s call it 3D *BLANK* 🙂
  • Also, I recently had the opportunity to create a TV intro for a new show on FOX. I can’t talk about this one just yet but I’ll let you know more soon. Needless to say, I was pretty jazzed to be part of the project.
  • More practical expression tutorials coming soon. Be sure to brush up on...
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