Cliff Test

Here is a short video sample of a 3D set extension… the texture is bit primitive but you get the idea

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Why Boujou?

I think some people may be overlooking the purpose of the upcoming 3D tracking series…So I though I would share my master plan.

It is true, Boujou is very expensive for any individual… even many companies. What makes this series unique is the unveiling of concepts and techniques that go beyond home movies and into the realm of high-end visual effects at a fair price. (free)

Think of it like the magician that gives away all of the industry secrets… except I’m not wearing a mask.

There are a dozen programs for 3D tracking and they all share the same purpose; camera matching. So why Boujou? Well the real question is why not. There are a couple free ones out there, but they are somewhat limited and then there are mid to high ranged packages that cost $200-$6,000 but even that might be out of reach for many as far as price is concerned as well as features. One way or another someone is going to feel left out.

For those aspiring visual effects artist I can assure you that Vfx shops are using the 6k-10k software so you might have a slight advantage over some.

I’m confident that once you understand the principals you will investigate solutions that may work for you and your budget. You may even stumble upon this link which contains detailed information about match moving, including links to all the delicious flavors of free and professional software. You may even learn that Boujou has a little brother that only costs $1,000 which may not stop the bleeding but something easily overlooked.

Hopefully this exciting subject alone will get your mind going. I’ve been up for 4 days straight. Not really.

3D Tracking Tests

I was a bit reluctant to post these shots but I wanted to bring you in the loop. These extensions are completely created in 3D and have been tracked to actual footage. I created these test shots to find the most practical way to demonstrate the uses of 3D tracking without getting overly complicated. These might not even be the actual lessons in the upcoming training but I’m exploring the most useful techniques and these were 2 very doable concepts. I’ll probably add more destruction

See Sample Pics

What to expect:
The matchmoving training will be demonstrated using Boujou 4, one of the most popular packages on the market. The fine folks over at 2D3 were nice enough to loan me a license for this upcoming series, and although the software may seem expensive to individual artists you will find the techniques and principals universal. Now if you get a job working at a big studio, don’t be surprised to see it being used.

Additionally I’ll be using 3D Max only… but hey these tutorials will be FREE. I will show you how easy it is to prepare the tracking data for any 3D program even After Effects.

Free Plug-in Development

Some of you may have noticed a new plug-in called “QuickMatte” while watching the Energy tutorial a couple months ago. Now that it we are nearly finished, I can talk about it. Basically this plug-in allows you to refine mattes and transparency with some unique settings and results. This tool is a great asset for working with our design elements like Evolution and Riot Gear but it will also save you time with your own projects too.

Other Exciting News:

  • T-shirts winners have been contacted and will be announced soon. (I know it’s taking forever! but we’ve been doing big things around here.)
  • New site launch is tentatively planned for August 1st 2008. (Yay!)
  • A brand new online training package will be available soon. It’s also going to be FREE! We’re very excited about this, we think you will be too. Let’s just say it has to do with *BLANK* Tracking… that’s too obvious, let’s call it 3D *BLANK*
  • Also, I recently had the opportunity to create a TV intro for a new show on FOX. I can’t talk about this one just yet but I’ll let you know more soon. Needless to say, I was pretty jazzed to be part of the project.
  • More practical expression tutorials coming soon. Be sure to brush up on number 69 and 70.
Red Camera Owner in LA area? (CLOSED)

UPDATE: Thanks, I think we have it figured out. I love this website.

Reverse Speed Particles

In our newest tutorial you learned how to create a dynamic particle system based on the speed of a layer. Now, take that result and reverse it! You will see the particles come together for a stunning reveal.

Watch Sample Video

Just another idea for the stuff you already know.

To reverse the layer, precompose the final composition and then use the “Time Reverse” function on it and set to -100.

NEW TUTORIAL: Speed Particles

In this new 20 minute tutorial we will create a dynamic particle system that emits based on the speed of a layer. In other words when the layer moves fast enough, the particles go flying! Creating automated animation has never been easier!

Sample Video

Watch Tutorial

I knew I would have 2 tutorials done in the same week! Mintues to spare.

Purchase Page Online

Our purchase page is now online after going on a short vacation. All of our great products and DVDs are now available!

Purchase Page Back Online

Be sure to check out the latest tutorial, it should be a lot of fun!

New Tutorial: 3D Offset

In this tutorial we will be animating layers with the intelligent shifting of time and space. This new tutorial has many great tips throughout including some powerful expressions used in a very practical manner.

See Example

Watch Tutorial

This is the first tutorial of the week and one more should be out soon as promised, probably tomorrow.

Now the good/bad news, we are pushing back the release date for the new website just a little longer to make time more detailed testing and to add some last minute features we recently discovered. Should definitely be worth it.

If you need something to do in the mean time, please check out our great products and DVDs : ) We appreciate your support and you help make this site happen. So thanks everyone!

This Week…

The new site is almost ready to be launched, should be a lot of fun so be ready for that. Also this week I will be releasing 2 new tutorials with some crafy subject matter. The T-Shirt design contest is over and judged, what is holding up the process is the short-run production of the shirts to make sure the graphics look correct before we show them to you. We want to show you the final shirts when they come in. Stay tuned for that and much more.

BREAKING: Free News Templates

Here are some free news templates I created for After Effects CS3. Now you can have realistic news crawlers that don’t make your movie look fake. Just be careful what you write, people will believe anything.

Download Project File

Instructions: Full HD resolution, just place on top your footage, resize and edit headlines. AE CS3 only. Although I included the PNG file with now headlines, so if you need you can add your own…

This and that

So I relaxed a little too much this past weekend and now I’m catching up on things. I wasn’t able to record the tutorial I wanted but I promise 2 new tutorials next week. WOW! I’d buy that for a dollar.

We will be covering some fun expressions and create some cool stuff too. See you then.

Looking for someone… that can type

UPDATE: THANKS EVERYONE! We found some people to help. If we need more people, I will repost. You guys are great!

Our tutorials are going to eventually include the ability to show and hide subtitles… Basically are going to transcribe all the tutorials from

Stay Glassy After Effects

Here is a fun method for creating translucent glass frames in After Effects that I”m working on.

When I record this tutorial I’ll probably add a little more detail to make it look even better. Although the simplicity makes it very interesting and who knows maybe for the tutorial I’ll go out of my way to make it look worse just for fun. You never know : ) Enjoy.

Here is the CS3 project file

Watch Sample Video