Give Sam a Little Credit…

Our latest Short-Cuts episode featured a inside look at the cover art for an upcoming DVD. Featured on the cover was a slightly photoshopped version of Sam, however some kind-hearted people suggested that he was looking much younger because of the work. I thought I would post this ‘before and after’ and let you decide…

Although the photoshoot was much more recent than that film shoot, I guess the new diet is working.

8 years ago
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Announcing Element 3D V2.2
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5 years ago
I am AE Artist And u r tutors is very usefull
Thank you very much Andrew
and instead of saying
“I will be releasing a new series of free tutorials in addition to the free tutorials you are so generously accustomed to”
you should say
“I will be releasing a new series of free tutorials in addition to the free tutorials you are so generously ADDICTED to”
Videocopilot rocks
7 years ago
sam... you are really cradible!!! rather.. incradible! ;)
8 years ago
Dont click the above name it has a virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kaspersky detected it
8 years ago
A Mistake! We don't make mistackes!
8 years ago
Hey Andrew!

I guess the in/out of focus thingy is a tiny mistake eh ? ^^
Aynways, i do also think he looks younger on the "after pic", tho i have to say i prefer him with his wrinkles and bumpy skin, he looks more of a real badguy_gunner ;). Cnt wait for this Very_long tutorial to get rlzed !

take care, and dont work too much on checkers, u cud ruin urself with a tunnel syndrome on the wrist :s
8 years ago
What ever happened to that bullet tutorial from long ago? lol
8 years ago
Andrew, I have a suggestion for a short-cut tutorial, or perhaps a normal tutorial. Could you explain the process of creating a digital DVD cover, as it would look on a dvd, such as these images:
Thomas Kreutzer
8 years ago
I think I defff want a DVD...
8 years ago
Of course the official product information will be online next week.
8 years ago
Look for the red text of my name.
8 years ago
Hi Andrew,

sorry for beeing annoying. I'm losing the point of view, everywhere these exited "Andrew you are awesome" comments :-/

8 years ago
If you search around on the posts about the DVD you will find the information. But the short answer is no. This DVD still manages to be the longest one to date, filled with everything you need to know for compositing 3D animation in AE...
8 years ago
Ehm - is there any other Tutorial on the DVD exept "The Bullet"?
8 years ago
It will be seen soon...
8 years ago
Are you gona post the hole cover arti wana see it without goin on the tutreal
Xian Xyne
8 years ago so jealous..Good work...

Andrew Kramer, i cant wait until this is out...arghh..
im so bothered on how u put the 3d bullet on the video footage and how u made it look 3d with the panning of the camera...did u put the video footage on the 3d modelling program and animate it with the camera panning of the footage.. please just give me a hint..

hmm..i cant wait.....

Keep up the good work and God bless
8 years ago
Does'nt he have a too big hand on the left?
8 years ago
Hi andrew. Any confirmation as to wether this dvd will be downloadable? I'm in UK and need it fast!
8 years ago
Hi this is usm@n again, ive notice in sams bullet scene, that sams hand is stable in gun fire, it didn't move or jurk after firing bullet and the chamber didn'nt move. Is this a prerelese version (Work in progress).
8 years ago
Hi Andrew. Just saw your upcoming DVD's Cover, I Wondered if there is anything else than bullet scene Tutorial. Thanks again for your free tutorials, i'm not able to buy your dvds but free tutorials are cool.

From Pakistan
8 years ago
No! Tell Sam to stop eating healthy! It's ruining continuity! :P
8 years ago
Yeah really, he looks much younger I moust say :) thanks
8 years ago
The hand looks a little unnatural in the After picture. The knuckles are pointing a little towards the ground and it looks like the gun is aiming to much to Sam's right.
8 years ago
good job sam. Keep up the good work! you can do it!
8 years ago
Bro, all I can say is DAYAM that looks sweet. Can't wait to buy it. (the um eh ::::cough:::: dvd..not Sam..hehe). Thanks guys for all your hard work.
8 years ago
hey guys i just got back from universal studios and boy , i thought iam going to get fired cuase i shock Jack Bauer s hand but iam going to frame my voucher thats it.
8 years ago

I think the image on the green screen is better...although the proportions of the coloured version seem to work, he's a bit to young on that pic...can you say jail bait? Anyway yeah, that's how cute Sam is. LOL

So I'd use the right image rather than the left one...but if it's possible to incorporate the proportions of the left image's hand and use it on the right'd be sweet.

8 years ago
Wow actually yes
sam looks younger even in the original shot
Somebody tell sam to share his diet and lifestyle
or his secret to be younger

that's a killer photho...
8 years ago
Get the work out of Sam now. There's an actor's strike looming! LOL :)
Yeah, Sam does look younger in the after shot.
8 years ago
Hamid scroll up and you will see the answer was already posted by AK =o)
8 years ago
Nice Keying & Compositing

In the BEFORE shot U see that SAM'S Hand is blured
but in the left picture (AFTER) you see there is no blur on his hand !!!
what's the tip ?!!!
rollie szpond
8 years ago
did you replace the gun?
8 years ago
Sam looks very young than ever , like a good boy! :)
TeamMax from China!And I love the Olympic Games !
8 years ago
u can download it !!!
Robert Brown
8 years ago
When will the tutorial DVD be ready for public consumption? I enjoy your products & tutorials & am looking forward to supporting you by buying a copy of the dvd!!
8 years ago
Looks Awesome!!! Great work! :D
Peter - from Sweden
8 years ago
Hi Andrew,

the same silly question like in the short-cuts comments:
I want to buy your new DVD and get started with awesome effects, but I live in Germany.
How long do I have to wait till it arrives, or can I even download the content before, so I don’t have to wait that long?

Sorry for being so annoying, but it doesn't let me sleep :-)

8 years ago
@ Clancy30
Congrats! I love 24. It has been hard not having my fix of it this year.
8 years ago
HaHa, I thought the same thing but wasn't going to say anything. Good to know im not the only creeper paying slightly too much attention to Sam. Cover looks great though.
8 years ago
stage left 18 year old boy
stage right 38 year old man
8 years ago
Yeah nice motivation lighting,
the hand and the head to close no depth between them.
it seems somebody else's hand is shooting,

there is a positive and negative space miss used....

I'd suggest andrew these one

we waiting for the advanced training Dvd

Keep vfx work

8 years ago
Oh. thats a great diet. May i ask what kind of diet that is? I'm getting flabby here myself.
8 years ago
Yeah, Sam looks like he has gone down a few hat sizes.

I once had to take several inches off of Alicia Silverstone's forearms for a magazine cover. I know how tricky that can be.

The kicker was that several years later she had lost all that weight. And that was before the Healing Brush Tool! ARRGHHH!
8 years ago
Very nice!! but i think the lighting should lighten up Sams face, but thats all..
8 years ago
well this is good news 2 good news in one day sam getting make over and shooting guns and i got a call from today that i got cast to be on 24 seasone 7 you cant ask for more .4 years waiting to be on thie show and finally i got it .am happy and i wanted to share with you ,and sam you looking sharp buddy.
8 years ago
Advance color correction!
8 years ago
It appears that a second photograph of the same shot of Sam with his hand holding the gun in focus was composited over the original. The final hand appears slightly larger.
8 years ago
Sam, you look so cool.....
I think it's your new new hair cut, the spirit of your eyes and the holding gun post make you look so cute! LOL!
8 years ago
Hey Andrew nice job but how did u sharpen up the Gun & Sam's Finger ????

The Gun n the fingers look a bit Blurry in the Green screen shot.

May be u replaced his Fingers with yours. hahahhahhaha. Kiddin !!!!

Gr8 Job Andrew keep Goin, U Rock Again!

Cheers - Sandy
8 years ago
Great......., Hope Andrew share this psd files.... :)
Paul Siola
8 years ago
Nice stuff Andrew. Sam looks cool on video. What we do without him??? You know after the suggestion that he looks young, i'm starting to see it now...
8 years ago
Cool! Hurrah then finally! Rather would!
8 years ago
Sam is a registered mark in Videocopilot
I loved this guy before seeing him........!!!
8 years ago
It's the same Sig. Just another photo composed to force the perspective a little.
8 years ago
STUD! :]
8 years ago
photoshoped sigsauer into beretta, eh? ;)
8 years ago
LUV U MAN.copilot is the only thing keepin me out off jail.
8 years ago
Shujaat Syed
8 years ago
Sam looks sexy-er than ever ;)
8 years ago
Sam's such a fixture around this place, he'll always be an icon.
CraZy DonKey
8 years ago
my wife was wondering if you could come over and photoshop ME. She says money in no object. hahahahahahaha!!

Keep up the Good Work.
8 years ago
the hand is in focus in the before, how?
8 years ago
Wow, looks great Andrew. Thanks alot.
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