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9 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
I must confess… I was never a big fan of shape layers…  we just didn’t get along.  I was used to using masks but suddenly (around AE CS3) the same mask tool began creating Red vector shapes. At first, they seemed cool enough but after accidentally adding shape layers to my comps, instead of masks, I lashed […]
Visualization Experiment and new Renders
Just playing around with a new After Effects experiment without using any 3rd Party plug-ins! I need to refine some parts of the effect but I really want to make a tutorial for it ASAP! Here are some other projects you may have missed! Using Element 3D bump mapping to create some Gold coins and […]
New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
In this tutorial we’ll use After Effects to create a realistic water effect without any 3rd party plug-ins! Great for adding atmosphere to a rainy scene or title. This effect is fully customization and can be used to create many cool FX! In this tutorial: Create a dripping water displacement map Simulate realistic camera DOF […]
Destruction Experiment!
What is this thing! I’ve basically combined a bunch of stuff into one experiment! I might have been inspired by the amazing planet explosions from The Force Awakens but wanted to see if I could get a cool version inside Element 3D. Few Notes on this experiment; I added smoke elements, shockwaves using CC Sphere, and even […]

I really really enjoyed this tutorial.
7 years ago
internet is the best experience,,and bideocopilot is ny realy teacher...thank you for tutorial and after effects it's no dificult 4 me...GBU..
[...] CAR HIT TUTORIAL: The new free tutorial featuring Sam and Tahna experiencing a pretty bad day, will highlight  many powerful compositing techniques as well as [...]
next world
8 years ago
flash cs4 vs Adobe After Effects CS4

we meet soon
9 years ago
Hey is she his sister??
Johnny Smith
9 years ago
Let's see more of Tahna! (Literally, and FIGURE-atively).
9 years ago
muy buenos los tutoriales !
9 years ago
9 years ago
I can't wait for the new tutorial!
9 years ago
she is not a Ho[e] :'( take that back!
9 years ago
I can't w8 anymore for your new tutorial come on bring it uot to the ppl. Also I agree these girl is very ho. I think she is in basic training tutorials also.

New Tuts with new faces.... We still love Sam...

Moreover if you are going to do this tut the old fashion way( with 2 vids-mask move the vid with Sam) you can use puppet tool

Adding more realistic motion, when Sam is hit & fly away.
9 years ago
How about like brad pitts "performance" in Meet Joe Black..
dude bounced of several vehicles like a melon..LOL
9 years ago
jaja clever --- a chick we got it all in this site !!!
9 years ago
sheeee iss hotttttttttttttt :D tell her i love her
9 years ago
9 years ago
Yeah! This is awesome! amazing effort for vfx world…..really i appreciate it!!
Jimmy Gadget
9 years ago
Nice work kenneth. I enjoyed that.
9 years ago
Yeah! This is awesome! I asked you awhile ago to make this tutorial and here it is! And just in time too.

9 years ago
Well done for everything u ve watching your tutorials I understood a lot of things I could not figure out by myself. I was really helped and I created an excelent video assignment in my university. I m looking forward to watching ur new tutorial. By the way, in the future it would be a great if you could make a tutorial similar to this...well not quite similar because Sam will (probably) die!:D I m talking for the usual effect (I believe a lot of us would like to see how it is created) of someone who is walking and trying to cross the road and suddenly a car hits him and takes him out of the frame really fast...I bought your new "Bullet DVD" and it s great. Thanks once again...
King Warrior
9 years ago
I think the girl has supernatural powers. In the tutorial, sam is about to get hit by the car, but the girl saves him with her supernatural power, just before the car hits him.....i think it will be the technique from x-men (how nightcrawler moves from one place to another go quickly).....sounds awesome eh?
9 years ago
Que hermosa chica.... toda un anegl
9 years ago
Tahna is hot.dude..........can whait to se her in action
9 years ago
you could do a complete mess up. sam gets hit by the car and tahna get hit by the "bullet"
9 years ago
you know, by the look of the stills, I think sam is screwed. soccer moms in dodges don't usually stop for anyone. especially if there wearing a leather coat. you should've worn brighter colors sam....
9 years ago
@ Alex Lopez

hey,the smallville super fast run is pretty simple,
1.Take the shot in such a way that the camera is not shaking(tripod) and you have
a shot of the background
2.In after effects,you need to speed up the video (according to the speed you want) using time remap.
3.duplicate the video,and draw a mask around the person (use a still frame using "freeze frame"),get a still picture of him running and place just behind the person to give it a parallax look,this picture needs to be blurred using directional blur in the direction of him running(you need to have several still frames that last for a frame in the video) make it even better,make a solid of his shirt color and his pant color,use fast blur and make a trail behind him (animate it so that it fades out)

thats it..
i have used this effect in my video
you can contact me
9 years ago
the car is going to be Pieces and sam will have no harm
Just like what hapen in the movie fantastic 4
ha ha ha ha ha
9 years ago
Hey Andrew, love your tutorials you guys do a great job by the way I do have a tutorial request, could you do a tutorial of the menencing cloud cover you use in your introduction video of the Basic Training Series the one where you see the clouds covering the baseball field I would to know how that is done, I would realy appreciate it, thanks and keep up the good work!
9 years ago
Wow, looks like Sammy has got him self a new assistant ;) ... FINALLY! Isn't Sam single or something, hmmm interesting :)...

Anyways keep up the great work Andrew, I have all of your products and am waiting for more the come. By the way "The Bullet" was really intense and when you say "advance" you really mean advance, I mean a beginner would have to go over quite a few bumps to get to the end.
9 years ago
Mall Girl finally gets a Role in a Videocopilot Production. We've been used to Sam all this time but a new face might spice it up a bit, Good luck to Sam and Mall Girl.
9 years ago
amazing effort for vfx world.....really i appreciate it!!
Julio César
9 years ago
I was just kidding at first...Sam is always gonna be our Video Copilot big boy!
Prince Nyarko
9 years ago
I want to know more of your product
9 years ago
Great! but why is Tahna wearing her 'Demon Face' in the promo picture? When do we get to see the 'real' one. ;-) Just teasing.

Looking forward to this one.

I'm expecting some intricate masking and use of the puppet tool for thos dangly limb as Sam flies through the air....
9 years ago
I wanna marry that GIRL!
9 years ago
Thank's 3rd of June, my happybirthday!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
Awesome tutorials!
9 years ago
yeah Tahna....welcome....sweet baby

9 years ago
welcome Tahna and have a great time

p.s.: seen you in another tutorials loooooong time ago
9 years ago
This is so strange, I was thinking about asking you/Andrew to think about making a newer better version of the car hit scene in the AndrewReel after I saw it on the 24th,

that's odd.

Anyway, looking forward to it!
9 years ago
Sweet, you guys are really setting a high standard. Give yourselves a pat on the back and, um put a good word in for me with Tahna will you?
9 years ago
Why to not use a 3D Panoramic script , it is much more work?
9 years ago
and me
9 years ago
I've got the same problem...
9 years ago
No Ron, You're doing the right thing!
9 years ago
I just realized that I check this website more then I check my own email! Do you think I should seek professional help?

I am looking forward to your next title but then again I looking forward to the next blog post lol

9 years ago
Hey Andrew maybe you should add a quick link to the T Shirt design contest.
9 years ago
Wow, great new Andrew! I can't wait to see it!
9 years ago
Okay, indy was awesome. i saw it a couple of hours ago.
a whole lot of cg in that movie.
9 years ago
no posts about indiana??? strange.....
Moses has after effects
9 years ago
Andrew Kramer for President. You are a god sir!
9 years ago
For those who are saying it would be great for andrew to do a show etc etc etc... I have always felt that it would be awesome if the folks at Video Copilot would script shoot and edit a full feature length movie, and then the free tutorials would be like little excerpts from the movie. Kind of like an In depth "the making of" as the movie is being shot. Once the movie is finished, naturally he could sell it to his growing fan base who will all get to see not only the finished product but they will also get to appreciate the work that went into it. Im sure it can be achieved without major spoilers and the bank that would be made from the movie would be huge! hehe. Creating a budget for the movie would be easy! I know there would be lots of people who would be more than willing to give donations to the VCP Movie Budget Fund hehe.

One can dream i suppose ;]
Julio César
9 years ago
Wow! Tahna, be welcome to the community! You're simply gorgeous! It would be good to get products signed by you too...haha
9 years ago
Sam cant be replaced.. he is now a rock star... Welcome Tahna...!
9 years ago
Phew I thought it was going to be a morphing tutorial changing Sam into Samantha. JK.

Can't wait to see the tutorial!
Just Amit
9 years ago
She is probably gonna be like "ha, take that sam. all theses years you have hogged the spot light, now its my turn [evil laugh]"

So i think the answer is she can, but will she?
9 years ago
Wow, Andrew. I purchased your Bullet tutorial, and I gotta say that I am very impressed with 3DS Max. I was taught on Maya, and despite Autodesk owning both programs, assumed the transition would be tough at best. But after even your brief show-around of Max, I think I actually will enjoy that program more. Thanks so much for your great tutorials, and good luck with your future ones!
9 years ago
This web site is just fun! I can honestly say I look forward to the new tutorials and products just as much as I look forward to a new Star Wars movie!
9 years ago
he he he, welcome Tahna. Look forward to watching you give Sam all his days.

You guys look like your having a lot of fun as a production team. Now that is what life is all about, have fun, and earn a living while you at it!!!

Awesome job people!

- Derrick
Ayman S.Anwar
9 years ago
hey yo i really want to invite you to Egypt, If you want let's communicate, Andrew you are the best
9 years ago
you are my man
Spencer Tucker
9 years ago
Looks great.

Just don't pull an M. Night Shyamalan--



9 years ago
Hot chick is HOT.
9 years ago
Whoa! Cool, another tutorial!!! Still waiting for my bullet........ Thanks Andrew!
Jak Razzi
9 years ago
Hahahah, thats so great! you should do every tutorial like a short tv show episode. That would be so awesome!
9 years ago
For anybody who has not purchased the bullet DVD

I highly recommend you to buy because it's just awsome
you'll learn a lot of good stuffs

and here are the things i enjoyed to learn

- Build a 3D panoramic scene
-Organize elements for compositing
--Create proxies for footage and compositions
-Create custom mattes for advanced color correction
-Set render options and prepare for multi-pass rendering
- Set up layers to mix multi-pass elements
-Extract camera data from RPF sequence for compositing

just to name a few

this is probably one of the most impressive dvd trainings that i have bought
and i MEAN IT
9 years ago
Can i have my dvd signed by tahna. If you start a tv show where sam goes out with tahna, i totaly watch it
9 years ago
mmmm, I'm in lurve.......and no, not with sam :)
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
9 years ago
nice, looking forward for the tutorial.
shame on me I didnt by bullet DVD, but i think I will...with the T-shirt money :D
i´ll buy it anyway
D4 Manager
9 years ago
Great Advanced DVD Training - The Bullet. But I'm working with Houdini now, so, gonna change to C4D. And the name: Tahna reminds me of a Russian name. Anyway, lovely girl.
Fortune Lauture
9 years ago
Bullet is wonderful! I enjoy it a lot. Congrats to the whole team of Video copilot for their jobs. Please A. Kramer make more tutorials on 3D because I am a beginer in this field with 3D Studio Max.
9 years ago
Welcome Tahna !
9 years ago
That is correct Speedbreaker, I think it was a pre-thought...
9 years ago
sorry for the double post, but another thing I've noticed.
In the 3Ds Max part when you see Sam reflecting in the Bullet, you say: that's cool, but turn this of otherwise you have to key the bullet out, but that's not true you can set the backplate as not renderable BUT visible to reflections.
9 years ago
wow that looks awesome! Realy looking forward to this one!

One thing I noticed, if you purchased the Bullet and you are working with
3Ds Max, check out the Cinema 4D or Blender AE intergration Tutorial, too. There is a cool lensflare tip which isn't in the 3Ds max AE intergration tut.

Again: thank you for this great product!
9 years ago
Hot chick + New Tutorial = Lots of fun! ;)
cant wait!
9 years ago
Ahhhh thats over a week away!
WAIT!!!! Can we expect to see a shortcut or two between now and then!?
9 years ago
Welcome Tahna. interesting name...I like it.

Andrew, any thoughts on Indiana Jones? I think I'm not the only who is curious as to what you thought...
9 years ago
Hi Andrew - Thanks for keeping up with the free tutorials as well as releasing new products. I don't know about everybody else, but I know the free tutorials make it pretty easy to justify purchasing products even when i don't have the extra money! Keep up the great work! We enjoy it!
9 years ago
I can't wait, it's like christmas! And it looks like little Sam's got some big competition ;) Who's gonna be on the tutorial after this one? Cast your vote!
dan allen
9 years ago
Oh my god!!! She is SOOOOO hot.

Andrew any chance of slipping me her email or myspace....

i hope she is all the new tutporials. (with sam of course)

Dan Allen
9 years ago
Andrew - I'm sure you've heard it a million times, but thanks for this fantastic site. I've learned a large portion of what I know of AE from here. This tutorial looks like it will be pretty cool. And yes, Tahna is super hot (bonus)!!

P.S. Does anyone else's wife think they're a complete loser for reading blogs and watching tutorials all day?
9 years ago
man you know how to make us wait with a big smile on our faces .. thanks a lot Mr Kramer ... really i could never thank you enough ... money is a way to thank you i know but unfortunately i still cant ... all the money of my country is controlled ... anyways .. hope to hear your voice soon :)

hoping to c some romance :p :p
good luck Sam , man, can u concentrate while Tahna's out there !!
9 years ago
Helleewww Gorgeous....
How are you doing today? I hope that you're doing fine, how about hitting a drink sometime? ;-)

Oh sorry Andrew, a question: wasn't Tahna already part of your crew?
I thought I noticed her in your basic training pack....;-) compositing section...

Well, Andrew, thx for the update! Keep 'em coming!
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
Hey Andrew, long time, no see.

Could you clear up something for me?
You're gonna make the tutorial as always, but is Tahna going to be an ACTOR like Sam in the upcomming tutorial only?

Cheers, and welcome to Tahna.
9 years ago
Andrew, you are tottaly right.....she is the best looking member! and i'm sorry Tino, but i think she's a little hotter then you are..

cant wait for the tutorial.
9 years ago
WHAT!! Now videocopilot has hot birds!! This website is moving from something helpful to something full on essential... My favourite site on the fact better than anything on the telly in all..

I love you guys....and that goes sincerely to the new girl especially..
9 years ago
*I' looking forward TO it ;)
9 years ago
I'm looking forward t it :)
M@rco Hartmann
9 years ago
Welcome to the VCP team lady Tahna!
VCP is getting better every day!
Would be cool to release a limited Tahna Edition Shirt...or the total VCP team as Action Figures...:-) Who knows , all is possible with VCP
9 years ago
Oh, there is a bundle with series one and The Bullet!?
Hmm. Ordered it separatly a few days ago. :(
9 years ago
WOWZERS, what a HOTTIE! ...That Tahna chick aint bad either ;)

Speaking of Tahna, check out Sam and Tino checking out Tahna in this tute

If I was holding the green-screen, my knee's would have given way... :)
9 years ago
er, what?
scott R
9 years ago
Just put a wig on Sam and he'll be hotter than ever, until then...Thana gets the new crown. LOLOLOL.
9 years ago
just when I thought it couldn't get any better! :-)
9 years ago
Guys, didnt you notice? Thats the next big Tutorial!

Sam+AE*AK = Thana

(one of the best special FX I´ve ever seen ;) )
9 years ago
Thanks for all the guys (and myself) who have bought this product to make this coming tutorial possible.

btw. really hot chick ;)
9 years ago
Hi guys, I'm glad to hear that the bullet doing great.

and new members to vidocoplot looks cuttie.

I think Andrew's wife gonna be jelaous.
And u know what soon this guy gonna be around Jennifer Lopez
and Julia Roberts. heheheh

Since the first tut replacing the sky, I knew it. :)
Andrew= Amasing Young Talent.
9 years ago
Sam and Tahna look like they are ready for a Matrix scene. Hope we'll see some Matrix like tuts or products in future. Great work guys :-)
Casey Millwood
9 years ago
Hello Tahna, Welcome :)....the pleasure is all ours :D

I just hope this doesnt turn into a Yoko Ono situation lol
9 years ago
Damn! that girl's HAWT .. You guys are awesome, yesterday I got my Series One DVD and i'm loving it. :D .. so thank you
tho i'm looking forward to that tutorial too, i think it's great that you guys finally have a girl in the Video Copilot team (that's gonna be definitely a lot more fun) , can't wait to get a DVD with her autograph on it. ;) I'm officially her fan NUMERO UNO.

thanks again and keep the good stuff coming. bye!
9 years ago
Sams HOT!... in a non homosexual way xD
9 years ago
Wow what a nice girl
9 years ago
I knew Sam was a Pimp :P
9 years ago
cant wait!
Eugene Opperman
9 years ago
Hey Guys
Looking forward to the tutorial, as always.

Just a thought...
I always go through everyone's comments and see general responses to tutorials and products and I always find myself clicking on users names to see their profile or interact with them.

Are there any plans on a Video Copilot forum, where all us fans and supporters can interact and discuss products and tutorials further???

Thanks again

Ben Wotton
9 years ago
Welcome Tahna! hope to see some wonderfully heart wrenching moments in this new tutorial.

In the picture it kinda looks like so... SAM has just copped a spit ball in the eye and TAHNA, upon witnessing this (very serious) event, is experiencing that moment just before horrendous laughter rips from her mouth...

Just my opinion. ;)
9 years ago
one more thing....when can we expect the return of Indiana 'Kramer' Jones...when r u gonna act in the tutorial Andrew ???AGAIN??
9 years ago
First and foremost, ssuuuuuuuuper stoked for the new tutorial, ordering bullet as of tuesday, and isnt Tahna the young woman in the basic training tutorials, like the keying one??
.... Yes Yes, I think so :)
Cant wait!! this should be amazing, as all of AK's Tutorials have been.
9 years ago
Don't mess with Sam.
9 years ago
Wow, cant wait for this.
I reckon sam'll get hit by a bus though...

9 years ago
Unbelievable! =l
9 years ago

Sorry SAM, you know you got to work a lot harder now....
9 years ago
shoot , i lost my chance anyway check my bullet attempt dont forget its my first time .
Some Guy
9 years ago
OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm freaking out right now! This is the best teaser picture I ever saw on your blog. I waited so long for this tutorial.
And Tahna is looking great. Now Sam has to work hard to get the attention he got earlier.
I've already marked June 3rd in my calendar.
Alex Lopez
9 years ago
Maybe its the long awaited "Smallville Super Man fast run" effect that people would kill for :)

Every forum i visit including this blog has been begging for a great way to do so...

Case in point, right at the start of the video.

P.S., I bought the Studio Pack, Highly recommend it to anyone. Best value imo!
9 years ago
don't hit him with a car... the RAM! In that bottom shot, is she keyed into the frame? Other than she's out of focus, looks like she could be keyed in... like the Basic Training. Just my thoughts.

And incase my wife reads this post... Tahna is NOT hot.
9 years ago
Hi ANdrew,

I wanted to ask you something.
Often you tell us that you can't make tutorials right now or the blog isn't that up to date, because you are stuck in work and productions.
Why do you never show us some professional stuff you do, are there movies we could order or see somewhere? I'm really interested in something like that.

Thana is a really cute girl - nice catch. I'm looking forward seeing Sam's heart breaking - damn, must be hard to be your punshing ball (just like when he sits under the bridge, shooting himself...) :-)
I really hope Sam has a emotional Love-Story during this tutorial :-)

9 years ago
I thought it was pretty obvious...
9 years ago
i know her tahna.....shes the walking gal from the basic training tutorial...gr8...and i hope sam is fine after this tutorial!!!!
9 years ago
hit by a truck/bus/car? been done... blowing up the car on the other side of the street... awesome!

Isn't that the "mall girl" in basic training?

Thanks for THE BULLET!
9 years ago


-----no ofense people-----

still sam rocks
9 years ago
oh gr8 to hear that, frees are coming again, waited a long for these. thnx Andrew for helping me with the freeone also.

I' cant wait to buy all of ur products in near future.

9 years ago
aw man, she is cute ;)
9 years ago
"...But will Tahna be able to save him? Let me be the first to say... I doubt it".

Too funny but I appreciate your candidness Andrew! Have a safe Memorial weekend and thanks again for the upcoming teaser.
9 years ago
Just going by the "rock and a hard place" bit, I'd say he's going to get smashed by a meteor or something. ;)
9 years ago
Cant wait ! :D
Great job on the dvd!
I love the idea and im gratefull u chose the path u chose. :)

ps; the latest indiana jones movie was just released here where i live,
and suddenly i thought of you :D .. 8888
<3 teh site, i Wished there was a forum....
@ luke: hahaha I'm sure that someone out there has.
Hmmm. Sounds like a TV show or something.
9 years ago
I was keeping track of how often Sam died but I ran out of fingers.

The free tuts are awesome and that's why I keep buying the equally awesome products. Keep on innovating Andrew Kramer.

"only stand out of my light" ~Diogenes
9 years ago
THe video copilot team works waaaay to fast. I'm still working on the dvd's that got sent to me.
Chris Reardon
9 years ago
Hey Andrew! Off the subject but wanted to know what you thought of the Indiana Jones flick? I'm sure you saw it...did you?
9 years ago
Is anyone keeping track of how many times sam has died on screen? lol.
9 years ago
definitley going to get hit by some sort of car i think!
9 years ago
SAM + BUS = awesome

...sorry sam

ps Tahna is hot!
Kramer’s Evil Twin
9 years ago
All I can say is KA-BOOM!!!
9 years ago
hehe looks interesting...

I can't imagine what other amazing stuff you guys have planned since The Bullet DVD was EPIC and a tough challenge to beat....
9 years ago
she's hot! LOL! (:
9 years ago
i agree with John, but we have already seen firey explosion keying in a tutorial already... it has to be something different....... doesnt it?!?!?
9 years ago
new tutorial........thanks andrew
thanks supporters :)
waiting for it
john paite
9 years ago
I'd say, the car is going to blow~~ Truck hitting is way too common for Andrew's!!
9 years ago
yeah! looks interesting, if a car\truck hits him, some masking needs to be done on Tahna as this looks challanging :]
if its true, then this will be the first decent tutorial for this kind of effect. :]
Andrew still has to keep on a straight face about this, and surprise us........ :]
9 years ago
Wow new chick is HOTTTT!!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
C'mon guys (and new girl)

Don't keep us in too much suspense.....


p.s. I hope i can still get a "signed" copy of "the Bullet" from Andrew and Sam... and maybe from the young (and lovely) Tahna
9 years ago
Wow, that's one of the greatest teases ever. I really can't wait to see it! Thanks for all your work, Andrew!
James Price
9 years ago
Your gonna hit poor sam with a truck...Ha Ha...I can see it coming.
James Price
9 years ago
Exciting stuff man!