Blender Render & Update

Here is a quick render from Blender of an earlier bullet test. (This example is a little long but it was more of a texture test.) I can safely say that it takes about the same time to create this as it does to build it in 3D max, once you get the hang of things…

Not too bad for a free program.

Just came back from the midnight showing of Iron Man, the May second plans are still on but just a later in the day.

9 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
I must confess… I was never a big fan of shape layers…  we just didn’t get along.  I was used to using masks but suddenly (around AE CS3) the same mask tool began creating Red vector shapes. At first, they seemed cool enough but after accidentally adding shape layers to my comps, instead of masks, I lashed […]
Visualization Experiment and new Renders
Just playing around with a new After Effects experiment without using any 3rd Party plug-ins! I need to refine some parts of the effect but I really want to make a tutorial for it ASAP! Here are some other projects you may have missed! Using Element 3D bump mapping to create some Gold coins and […]
New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
In this tutorial we’ll use After Effects to create a realistic water effect without any 3rd party plug-ins! Great for adding atmosphere to a rainy scene or title. This effect is fully customization and can be used to create many cool FX! In this tutorial: Create a dripping water displacement map Simulate realistic camera DOF […]
Destruction Experiment!
What is this thing! I’ve basically combined a bunch of stuff into one experiment! I might have been inspired by the amazing planet explosions from The Force Awakens but wanted to see if I could get a cool version inside Element 3D. Few Notes on this experiment; I added smoke elements, shockwaves using CC Sphere, and even […]

1 year ago
I love use blender, today blender 3d are used by so many indie studios and game dev. Specificly in indonesia blender are popular open software.
It doesn't look quite as good as your 3DS or C4D renders, but for free? That's pretty good.
Finn Harries
8 years ago
Hi Andrew

This might sound weird but i am trying to make a short clip for my final piece for GCSE art and i wanted it to be a gun shooting then a bullet in slow motion and then it hitting someone my only problem right now is getting a slow motion bullet traveling through the air that i can key into my video. i saw your demo for the buller software which is nearly exactly how i imagined mine. I have an extremely low budget and the only software i have is final cut express i was wandering if it would be possible for you or someone else to make a video of a bullet travelling through the air so that it is keepable to but in my video and i could pay you for it or something? thanks alot i know its a strange request im just very desperate to do this video
9 years ago
Wow.. this could be a perfect tutorial for me Andrew!!

I'm currently shooting a school short action film.. I was looking for this type of stuff in it.. Hopefully I can learn it all before June 25.
9 years ago
Very nice render! Amazing Blender!!!!
9 years ago
great great! i'v been looking video tutorials on blender but it's hard to find a nice and inspiring tutorial...and now i can say that i've found one! it's from andrew kramer!
can't wait to see it!
can i reques shortcuts for blender??? please sir andrew...............
9 years ago
Wow, nice render. I have blender and no other 3d modeling programs, because it is free, of course : ) but I have never made anything that good! Of course, that’s not saying much : ) but I have one question, was that a 3d texture on the bullet or an image texture?


9 years ago
nice to see some Blender promotion here :)
Jim Crown
9 years ago
Andrew, you rock!
9 years ago
Awesome model! It inspired me to try out render. Its been three days and I still havent come close to anyhthing like that bullet! Cant wait to get that good though ;)
9 years ago
I will be demonstrating the basics of Blender. In fact the Blender portion of the DVD are longer for that reason.
9 years ago
Will you put a tutorial that explain the basic of Blender ? Because on the website there are only text tutorials.
9 years ago
Andrew, thank you for introducing Blender to us. You always post a lot of cool stuff here, so I love reading your blog so much.

I happened to find out this Blender video tutorial website, very useful and learning by watching now.
9 years ago
IRONMAN FOR THE WIN! Nice render, too. I have been using Blender because of its...well...freeness. But it's a good program and I'm glad you're including it in your work and training DVDs.
9 years ago
Yeah Indigo is great!
What also makes me very happy is that they are integrating the non-photo-realistic freesytle renderer at the moment (GSOC Project):
9 years ago

I already knew that and I already got the hang of it.
I still think 3Ds max is a little more structured... but hey, it's free!

You can create wonderfull renders in Blender, really!
You just need a plugin called 'Indigo' wich creates beautiful realistic renders.

For example:

Very nice isn't it?
Hmm, let's say it different: "It's nice if you want or not!"

So... Maybe you want to add some more information about Indigo for Blender, because that's what Blender really makes a good program to work with.

Wouter K.
9 years ago
@ kenny:

is this really your question?
Have you read any of the above or any of the DVD information?
sometimes I just don't believe how ignorant people can be.
9 years ago
Can you create something like a bullet in Blender and import it in After Effect to create a Matrix-Style scene ?
Jim Crown
9 years ago
Wow! That is nice. Did you actually create an animation or is it a still picture???
9 years ago
you should check out the beginning of the show house, season 2 episode 20, they use that EXACT bullet effect, it looked identical to the one you shot
Kramer’s Evil Twin
9 years ago
- Jorberg Said:
- "Hey Andrew,
- I’ve heard a lot about the bullet-time tutorial on your advanced training dvd, but - what else will be on it? What kinds of techniques will we learn?"

I think Andrew covered this in an earlier post, it's 1 DVD covering the 'bullet time' shot, and going in-depth into how to achieve it through a studio style production work flow.

but he also said

"Our first Advanced Training DVD will be available on May 20th..."

If this is only the first I can't wait to see what's coming in the second!!!
9 years ago
Hey Andrew,
I've heard a lot about the bullet-time tutorial on your advanced training dvd, but what else will be on it? What kinds of techniques will we learn?
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
9 years ago
how long do we have to wait? This is so awesome!!

The most of you may know boujou and what you can do with it! There is also another free 3D Motion Tracking Progamm: Voodoo! And yes it works with blender (and C4D 3dsmax and maya)!

loooooooooks aweeeesome for blender. I used it since a month or so and I m still not able to create such things like this
9 years ago
I can't wait for the DVD either!

I saw Iron Man tonight and I think the bar has been raised. Makes me want to quit except for the desire to one day be the one raising the bar.
9 years ago
Hey Andrew, you dont work with Maya do you?
Can i ask you why not?
Kramer’s Evil Twin
9 years ago
Looks pretty awesome from where I'm sitting, you should make a mention of this DVD on the blender nation site (if you haven't already), as there is a huge online community of blender heads that could learn more than a few valuable lessons from the Kramer.

Out of interest did you look at Blenders internal Compositer? Will this feature in the tut at all?
9 years ago
what you think of iron man should i go and see it. any way iam planing on going but let me know if you likeed it
9 years ago
Cant wait for the dvd!
9 years ago

Blender introduced me to 3D. If it weren't for clients requiring certain software packages, I would use Blender 100%

Fluid Dynamics is definitely worth looking into. I recently used blender to create blood hits (squib like) using fluid dynamics for a feature film. Came out looking fairly reminiscent of the blood in 300. Although, I realize they used realflow for this.
9 years ago
9 years ago
As good as it gets!
9 years ago
My 2 cents: Iron Man is the first installment of Spider-Man good.

Also, that render from Blender looks really nice.
Ben Wotton
9 years ago
Going to bed now (11:15 PM). It's like Christmas all over again but I'm waking up to presents from Video Copilot!!
Ben Wotton
9 years ago
I second that timezones annoyance! I'm sittin' down under in Australia all excited and then I realise it will be the 3rd here when it the second in America!
Bullet looks sweet Andrew, It is really mind blowing that Blender is free.

9 years ago
I installed Blender in anticipation of this tutorial back when it was first mentioned. Can't wait.

As for Iron Man. Saw a review today that said the only thing wrong with the movie (and this from a professional movie reviewer remember) is that it was NOT long enough. Best review I can imagine given how these poeple tend to absolutely slate the so called 'blockbuster' movies.

So, get Iron Man out of our system this weekend and we can all get back to thinking about the REALLY important things in our lives... like Indy IV!!!!!
9 years ago
uuhh :D
cant wait for the dvd ... nice results with blender...
i used it once too but i didnt find any good tutorials for shortcuts and generall handling ;)
youll make it :D
9 years ago
I saw Iron Man last night, and I think it was pure win. The little robot arm with the fire extinguisher just cranked me up : )

But yeah, looking forward to the tutorial.
9 years ago
This countdown is breath takin...
Just Amit
9 years ago
Sweet, i think im going to catch that movie tonight. that looks awesome, im looking forward to learning how to use it. from what i have heard,it is one of the most unique interfaces in the industry. Can't wait, thanks andrew.
9 years ago
Hola y enhorabuena, soy de españa, me encanta la pagina y todos los tutoriales, impresionante,

9 years ago
Iron Man, Iron Man, he can do what Iron can.... Wait....

Looks awesome! Can't wait for the dvd!
David from Sweden
9 years ago
Stupid timezones! It's already past lunchtime here in Sweden and I can't wait until the minitutorial is coming out. Everything to keep my mind of the advanced DVD...

It feels like in the 80's when I knew I was going to get Castle Greyskull for christmas...
9 years ago
m waiting for the release date.
9 years ago
Nice....I'm checkin' Ironman out tonight around 8....Stoked!
9 years ago
Andrew Kramer Says:

May 2nd, 2008 at 2:49 am
I’ll teach all 3 programs, and I’ll let you guys decide your favorite. As for the movie review, I’ll let you guys see it for yourselves.


Thanks Andrew ;)
9 years ago
Great job Andrew!

That is very impressive for a free program. I have a trial version of 3D Studio Max and I'm impressed with the layout. On downloading Blender it did take a while to get used to it but for a free program it is very impressive
9 years ago
I'll teach all 3 programs, and I'll let you guys decide your favorite. As for the movie review, I'll let you guys see it for yourselves.
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
First of all, I got to say that I didnt know that blender could do that, but I'm sticking with C4D for now:)

Second. I too saw the Iron Man yesterday:) What did you think?
9 years ago
ok. wow. I didn't know that blender could do that! Even though I'm using 3ds max I'm looking forward to the blender tutorial! and yeah.. wow.
9 years ago
looks good, for free
9 years ago

Keep on doing things this way, I can't wait to see the all stuff ...
9 years ago
looks nice! i bet there will be a 1000 testvideos of fans on youtube with that bullet sequence! I will be one of them ;)

Have a nice Weekend!

9 years ago
thats pretty awesome Andrew, pretty awesome
9 years ago
sweet. cant wait for the dvd.
9 years ago
Wow Andrew Cooooooooool