A Grand Release

On May 20th we have a great special effects DVD arriving, The Bullet, but we are also releasing the long in-the-making Series One DVD. This DVD contains a 20 minute Q & A with myself and Sam Loya in addition to a pretty funny out-takes reel. There are also a few extras and the free tutorials from 1-65 in full resolution and iPod ready quicktime movies. Now you can take a little Video Copilot anywhere.

We had planned to offer 2 DVD’s, a standard one and a special edition one, ultimately we decided to just produce the special edition one that includes the Basic Training and the Presets too. The DVD will be going for $24.95, those of you asking for a donate button, here it is. We will probably be including this in a bundle with the new training DVD as well.
And for the highly alert ones out there, we know that most of the tutorials are online for free but this DVD has much more great stuff that you can’t beat for 25 bucks.

Official product info will also be online. This DVD is for the fans and people who travel, or have lousy internet. We’ll make a series 2 after another 50 tutorials if Sam doesn’t move on to bigger things by then…

Finally, I’m working on a new tutorial that is very cool. And if you know me, I never exaggerate. EVER!

10 years ago
New Tutorial! Damage and Decay FX! No Plug-ins!
In this new tutorial we’ll create a procedural decay system capable of generating realistic rust, moss, cracks, corrosion & more! Like most sequels, Chapter 2 is jammed packed with even more unnecessary FX! Watch now! Watch on youtube! Techniques great for: Learning Procedural workflow Moss FX Rust Grunge Plaster Metal Corrosion Paint Peel And more! Download […]
Live Presentations and NAB Sale!
This week I’ll be in Las Vegas for NAB 2018 and Adobe is going to be broadcasting the presentations LIVE! Be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram for the links! If you are at the show, be sure to stop by the Adobe booth! LIVE Presentations: Monday & Tuesday at 2PM! PST NAB […]
New Tutorial: Cinematic Title Design: Fantasy FX!
In this exciting new Tutorial Series, we’ll learn how to create this cinematic title all inside of After Effects! This procedural effect can be customized with any logo and even reacts to environment lighting! This tutorial is jammed-packed with ways to customize the Bevel and create endless variations! Watch on youtube in HD! Download Free […]
Cinematic Titles Tutorial Teaser!
One step closer! Here is what we will be creating in the new tutorial series! Of all the tutorials I’ve made, this one has evolved the most from it’s conception (several months ago) and has even surprised me at how far it could go! Especially with the cracks and growing moss…. Many strange tricks went […]