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9 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
I must confess… I was never a big fan of shape layers…  we just didn’t get along.  I was used to using masks but suddenly (around AE CS3) the same mask tool began creating Red vector shapes. At first, they seemed cool enough but after accidentally adding shape layers to my comps, instead of masks, I lashed […]
Visualization Experiment and new Renders
Just playing around with a new After Effects experiment without using any 3rd Party plug-ins! I need to refine some parts of the effect but I really want to make a tutorial for it ASAP! Here are some other projects you may have missed! Using Element 3D bump mapping to create some Gold coins and […]
New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
In this tutorial we’ll use After Effects to create a realistic water effect without any 3rd party plug-ins! Great for adding atmosphere to a rainy scene or title. This effect is fully customization and can be used to create many cool FX! In this tutorial: Create a dripping water displacement map Simulate realistic camera DOF […]
Destruction Experiment!
What is this thing! I’ve basically combined a bunch of stuff into one experiment! I might have been inspired by the amazing planet explosions from The Force Awakens but wanted to see if I could get a cool version inside Element 3D. Few Notes on this experiment; I added smoke elements, shockwaves using CC Sphere, and even […]

9 years ago
hi andrew
first of all very and may thanks for your great work!
About your new kind of quick tutorials, I'm working on a short sci-fi movie and I have lots of CG scenes done in 3ds max, some as a matte for greenscreen compositing, some other totally CG (starships in space etc). Now, the output quality is good, but I want to reach the best quality possible on SD DVD format. How can I get best results like, let me say, Galactica series space scenes? Wath color depth for the project? Wath filters ? Wath type of render pass...and so on. If you want to see my work I'll happy to show you and to add your name in the specials tanks tail titles...
I think this may be a great tutorial!!!
9 years ago
First and foremost I want to thank God for the talents HE has instilled in you and a wonderful heart to allow you to give people like me knowledge - thanks Andrew for answering All my e-mails and also for these awesome tutorials keep up the good work.
9 years ago
thanx!!!!, very useful
Patrick Kakambong
9 years ago
hey andrew,...
wow i'm from indonesia,..
since i look your tutorial, i think your tutorial is THE BEST,...

thx n give me more inspiration, ok,..
9 years ago
Just a little longer....
I guess that for this side of the globe GMT+00:00, we will have to wait a little longer too.... ;-). haha
Patience is truly a virtue and skill to develop! ;-)
9 years ago
12:06 in GMT+01:00 (Madrid)

Come onnn!!!!
9 years ago
And finaly it's 02.05 !! At least on this site of the globe :)
9 years ago
Fantastic - I can't wait!
9 years ago
Andrew, all your work is inspiring, and your tutorials are some of the best out there, if not the best!!!!!! Can't wait for this tomorrow, going to be great as always =)
9 years ago
thank you... because of your tutorials more opportunities may open for me in order support my family... i am an old school editor and i only know the basics of AE... now i can create a great demo reel and find more clients... this msg is coming from a person in a third world country... here life is difficult so your help means so much... thanks again...
Daryl Booth
9 years ago
@ Mind Drop.. Sweet man. Slick and sweet
9 years ago
@ Mind Drop: very nice vid man! Very smooth, slick etc. great production.

2 more days to wait.....it's hard innit? ;-)
9 years ago
Hey MDS,

Nice work, nice subtle use of the twitch..
Dale Ficken
9 years ago
I used the "donate max" button last month and I am still trying to get through all the content. :)

Of course all the free stuff is very much appreciated and I look forward to the tutorial collection and advanced training dvd that is supposed to come out soon.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for teaching us your skillz.

9 years ago
@mind drop: nice video. very clean, very slick.

twitch is a nice little time saver, isn't it?
9 years ago
Awesome Andrew! I have always wanted something like this for the site. The full tutorials are awesome, but some shorter ones with some tips and tricks will be great for conveying shorter Ideas.

I just finished my first project with twitch, and I must say I love it. It really made this music video 10 times better, and it was very simple to use. I can't wait to use it more! Here is a link to the video. Let me know what you guys think.

9 years ago
You guys are great. Really.
9 years ago
Many tHx from Venezuela Andrew keep doing a great job.

9 years ago
hi andrew,

is this also available for download? just dvd only :)
9 years ago
Is it possible to get the video for these tutorials included in the project? Internet is not always available and it would be very nice to be able to take them with me on my hard drive and pull them up to use them. Thanks for all the great help!
Fuad Miftari
9 years ago
hello Andrew

thanks a lot for your work in teaching the others
would be great if you also include some 3D tuts
and a question: would you publish tutorials for 3D by other artists? if yes please let us know, maybe anyone is interested to post tuts
ken c
9 years ago
Andrew, looking forward to them. Your tuts are great to learn from, very funny and practical, and well put-together. You're an inspiration - thanks dude.

9 years ago
should make some tuts on those ads for your products on the t-shirt site
9 years ago
Desde México esperamos con impaciencia y te agradecemos el esfuerzo!

In Mexico we are waiting anxious, thanks for the effort!

barry barrera
9 years ago
thank you master. You have been my super inspiration in creating fx for videos. God bless you & your lovely family! Hi to sam!
9 years ago
im looking forward for random tips, and for basic creative design tips.
it would be nice to see how it comes out :]
but it aint matter, as EVERYTHING u guys do comes up just Perfect! :]
Thanks a Ton! Andrew! :]
Big love from everyone :]

p.s-dont wanna sound annoying, but just wanted to throw it out there and say that i really hope that the CG SHADOWS tutorial wasnt forgotten :]
9 years ago
spartacus, Fishing line and CC wire Removal.
9 years ago
May the 2nd?!

Can we not have a Stars Wars style tutorial on May the 4th?

I hate those needy mongrels who ask for free sh!t all the time but how the hell do I fake using the force to move a cup of coffee in my video?!

And how will I ever learn to beam Princess Leia onto my desk (I really mean lap) from my R2D2 Pencil sharpener?

like the idea of a quick fix between propper hits of the good stuff - Like a shot of Whisky between pints of Guinness.

May the 4th be with you.

PS - I don't really hate people who ask for free tutorials, I was just looking to work 'Mongrels' into a sentence.
9 years ago
I have a question, in after effects adobe bridge there is a file called shapes how can i use it to import some of them in to the project some how they dont get imported is there a way to do that?
thank you
Jarrod Renaud
9 years ago
So appreciated. Can't wait for more:) I'm learning more from you then after spending $25000+ to the Art Institute of Colorado. Should have given the money to you guys!
9 years ago
Cool! can't wait...
Ben Wotton
9 years ago
Worth Mentioning? WORTH MENTIONING?!

Andrew, honestly you astound me with your continuing devotion to us mere mortals of Visual Effects. I will definitely be buying the training DVD when it comes out too.

I wait with bated breath for the 2nd of May...
9 years ago
wow, nice news, it seems you do put a lot of effort in these things (online community etc)
thank you very much, looking forward for them

keep up the good work sir and the videocopilot team
Daryl Booth
9 years ago
I remember the first time a stumbled onto VCP. I spent a whole night reading and watching the tutorial think `Jeez! why did I not know about the site long ago?`

It seems like the site has been online decades now, yet in reality it is only what about 3 years old?

To all the guys @ VCP. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.
9 years ago
Sounds great Andrew

I've always wanted to know how to do one of those cool lens flares. The one's that create a line, example: Ushers new mv or a lot of Chris Cunningham's music videos. Normally done when shooting from an anamorphic lens,however I've seen artificial ones that still look great. Any idea Andrew?
9 years ago
wow so many things, coming up gr8 goin andrew.

can't wait but will wait for all the gr8 new stuffs.

Also working on with the shitrs, will post them as I complete it.

Anyways, thnx & keep rockin!

john bon
9 years ago
many thanks
9 years ago
Thank you Andrew and VCP for making my life and getting me full-time job. I have every single product on this site and i check every day for anything new, so i dont get left behind.
Im gonna make you proud, as i become more and more of a beast! thank you!
9 years ago
Andy Capp!

ok, let's face it.. if you go into google and type anything about after effects and tutorials from anywhere in this entire world.. you will not even see anything about adobe.com or anything, you see the biggest, the best, the most bad ass site on the planet: amazon.com.. J/K! lol, you obviously see www.videocopilot.net.. (which btw if you typed in .com, you used to see this really pretty girl come up.. but now she's gone and it's just some crappy person's fingers over a keyboard.. but anywho).. this is obviously where you go if you want to know anything about adobe after effects or if you want any credibility to your name when talking to anyone that isn't a moron when it comes to special effects or any type of thing you can imagine with a computer.. i mean ok, "motion", shake, imovie, final cut pro, windows movie maker (lol, i will admit I used this for years), jahshaka, zs4, wax, avid, virtualdub, animatordv, and camtwist, and all those others are nice.. but nothing beats he sheer simplicity, elegance, and sauve sophistication of AE 6,5/7/CS3.. it's like dating an ugly girl and comparing her to angelina jolie.. you can't beat it with a bat.. even if it was in tomb raider.. but i digress.. don't you hate ppl who say i digres.. o well lol, ok but the point I am trying to make is that pizza hut has a $5 $5 $5 deal and when I order pizza I order a box from here as well: http://www.videocopilotstore.net/purchase.html


and please.. make a tutorial on more advanced time remapping stuff, i am begging :-)
9 years ago
AWESOME!!!! That is my b-day so happy birthday to me!
9 years ago
Thank you Andrew and all people @ VCP. What you do is not very common today. Most people are giving just a little bit for a lot of money but you're doing the opposite. Such great tutorials for free and awesome products for just a few bucks... if there is a pradise on earth for motion designers - no question - it's here on VCP.net.

Even here in Switzerland, where the motion design community is very small, every one knows your website and is addicted to your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done for us!

Just keep going like this and eh, don't forget to take some hours of sleep ;-)

Cheers form Switzerland

@Marto: Just download the demo version of soundkeys and try it out, you'll be happy with it.

In my opinion, you can buy all trapcode plugins without even thinking about it because they're all really great. I use nearly all of them every day.
9 years ago
I think it is excellent very good advice that gives your page to people who have bought your products since we arrived we have been very useful in what I would like a tutorial staff of lights and shadows to create other things as we showed in tutorial adobe tv thank you for all your tutorials greetings from Panama… ..
9 years ago
9 years ago
Ben, you may want to read it all the way through.
9 years ago
Sounds good! Cant wait...
9 years ago
Dows this mean that the bridge tutorial is in the near future?? :D
9 years ago
Nice, but arent there to be any more the long tutorials??
9 years ago
Thank you so much Andrew!! you rock
9 years ago
Great idea! I can also use some design tips!
9 years ago
woah, freakin awesome!
9 years ago
more video copilot? sweet!
9 years ago
Wuhuhuuu, can't wait for the new tuts ^^
thx a lot Andrew
9 years ago
The donate button is right here:

Eduardo Torres
9 years ago
1. I'm in favor of no membership BUT paypal-donate button which may help to pay pre-production expenses related with that particular tutorial.

2. 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, and Maya trainings will add a lot of value added to this website which is the most AE website (probably after Adobe/AfterEffects).

3. Last but not least, would be nice to download/see other people's work (such as Demo Reels) from the VCP community. Mainly if there is no tutorials on VCP for a few days period.

anyway, keep it up with those excellent plans!

Greetings from the Caribbean!
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
9 years ago
sounds pretty cool! I always can need some tips on how to do the simplest things.

BTW: Damn you got so cool T-shirts, no chance
9 years ago
Thanks Andrew and VideoCopilot for this effort ;-)

9 years ago
you rock you rock you rock !!!!!!!!

the frenchs say merci yo andrew kramer

VCP became the most popular site for AE !!!!!
9 years ago
Thanks alot man! If it wasn't for VCP this last year of school for me would of been an AE struggle, thanks a lot for the Tut's and keep makin 'em. GOOD WORK!!
9 years ago
All bow to the power of AK.
9 years ago
Sounds Fantastic!
9 years ago

You guys hiring? :D
9 years ago
AK, you deserve a medal.

I dont think you know how much youve helped out a lot of us.
Peter Wong
9 years ago
I have a really good tutorial idea for you new upcoming Training DVD

Maybe you could do a tutorial on how to teleport a person from Place A to Place B even when the camera is moving. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's something like how Hayden Christiansen teleported from his sofa to the refrigerator in Jumper (the camera is continuously panning and he is in the shot the whole time).

Maybe you can do this in a green screen, but how would you get the right angle since the camera is panning.
9 years ago
Really ? :)
we can't wait so much andrew.
I should Thank You , and your excellent group too.
Thanks :D
Joe W
9 years ago
Cool, thanks for all the tutorials Andrew. I have learned alot from you! You make the world a cooler and better place!!
9 years ago
Hey Andrew,
This is very good news! Cant wait! I discovered your website a couple of weeks ago, and during my freetime I just love to keep checking it! You have amazing skills! Thx for all your time!

Maikeul, NL/FR
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
:) Sounds terrific! Those quick design tipa will fit right into my pocket;D
9 years ago
Great new Andrew! Thanks a lot! You are awesome guys!
9 years ago
Ooh, quicker tips from the Video Copilot! Sounds like a great idea and I look forward to them. Every time you post, Andrew Kramer, there's so much warmth and praise in the comments! It's really inspiring.
9 years ago
wow, thank you very much!
9 years ago
you're too generous...
Thank you sincerely!
9 years ago
From Paris : MERCI ANDREW !!!!
9 years ago
This site keeps getting better and better. I think that's an awesome idea.
Jack from Briz
9 years ago
You spoil us.....

Me likeee!
9 years ago
awesome. another great notice!!!!. thank you very much andrew
9 years ago
what we learning from Andrew Kremer is not the same what aharon rabinowitz show him tutorials or like you say quick tips? I'm not saying aharon rabinowitz is not god.
But video copilot tutorials is differant . ==========================================================
"This sounds perfect! Your friend Aharon Rabinowitz is doing a thing called “quick tips” and they are great. I’d love to see short tutorials, especially about design.
Andrew Kremer learning tutorials.....
what I cool ,this is Champions League .
9 years ago
You are too cool!
9 years ago
Frickin' sweet! I can't wait =D
9 years ago
Superb website and tutorials. Unfortunally my PC is not fast enough for this kind of stuff. I cant even run AE itself but I love to watch the tutorials and that keeps me dreaming of creating stuff like this one day myself. Its fantastic what you can do with it and I hope one day I can do it too :).
9 years ago
this Rocks... keep 'em coming AK.
9 years ago
I'm french and my english is not relly really good.
I've got a mac and some effect do not exist like 3D Orbit.. I want to know if there are sites when I can find effects for mac...

Thank you very much...
The french girl...lol
9 years ago
Even more stuff. Can't wait. Thanks a mil Andrew!!!
9 years ago
Hey, Video Copilot Blog is now on my iGoogle homepage!

Now, I expect Blog updates every hour on the hour.
9 years ago
Unfortunately, $10K a month between the VCP crew means you can all barely pay your bills here in SoCal.

By the way, I'm hearing some really bad suggestions suddenly.

A. Keep the tutorials free, no memberships.
B. Keep working. Katey can see her dad when she needs the keys to the car in 15 years.

JK... thanks again Andrew.
9 years ago
Andrew you making happy all comunity.
I wish you will get richer and richer, you deserve it.

YOur products are Must Have.
It's nice to have you man

Video Copilot my favourite all around the globe.

I wish Andrew will get on 3D tracking . I've been learining 3D tracking and it's so easy to matchmove camears, automatick tracking features.

Andrew I would like to see you on
Nuke or Fusion and
pf track or boujou

9 years ago
cool a few short tut's

they will most likely come in handy when working on projects.

nice introduction this will be, a defenite + on the VCP site
9 years ago
Some workflow tips between NLE editing systems wold be great. I'm a final cut user and am constantly trying to figure out the best workflow for projects that require precise editing and alot of VFX such as music vids.

Respect from the UK.

9 years ago
Andrew, this is really great news. Im a big fan of this site and ure tuts. But he dont forget to spend time with ya little kid ;)
9 years ago
One more thing that makes me happy! It's great to hear that! Great idea Andrew!
Paul Siola
9 years ago
Thanks AyeKay...even though nothing is free in this world...VCP's free tutorials have never let us down...VCP takes Free to a whole NEW level!...
9 years ago
Well as far as keeping up on content you can subscribe the RSS feed and as far as changing a membership, we have no plans to ever do this. If we do though it will likely cost $10,000.00 per month, this way we only need one subscriber :) JK.

9 years ago
Thanks for the response AK. I'll be sure to keep visiting frequently.
9 years ago
hey andrew

if you guys ever decided to ask for a small fee of say $5 each per year of each member, to help maintain this website and your hard work, i don't think anyone would complain, cos they know what they'd get for their money. just a suggestion.
9 years ago
cool, thanks for your free tutorials
9 years ago
My luck is looking brighter every day.
9 years ago
Hey andrew, random question, I'm thinking of purchasing trapcode's sound keys to help me with some more advanced music oriented animation. I was wondering if you had any experience with that plug in or anything similar and if you'd recommend it. Thanks. Also anyone else whose used it or something similar please feel free to shed some insight as well.
9 years ago
cool , consistency!!
Maybe its a nice tip here : but why don't you do a newsletter? so we don't have to check daily to see if theres a new tutorial. but then again, pagehits are very important aren't they?

good luck with the mini tuts.
9 years ago
Most likely AE but you never know.
9 years ago
Are these strictly After Effects Tutorials or will they be other programs as well? I know you were thinking of doing some Max tutorials that had to do with physics and such but that's about all I recall. Can you respond to any part of this question?
9 years ago
sounds great! Nice idea. I really want to see some more follow ups!
James Price
9 years ago
good stuff.
9 years ago
Sounds AWESOME!!!!

Thanks for all you do Andrew!
Dustin James
9 years ago
You call them short episodes... anyway of making them Podcast episodes? Like you started a while back?

That would be sweet.. cause then when I am traveling I can just get on iTunes on my phone and check for new releases and watch them...
9 years ago
Can't wait.
Sabah Sefer
9 years ago
sounds good!, looking forward to them Andrew!
9 years ago
Hi Andrew! Your site is THE BEST! I laugh out loud SEVERAL times watching your tuts. I´ve learned so many things since I started to visiting your website! Thx for all your efforts, keep up with the jokes in your videos and all the talent you have doing nice designs and great tutorials!
Best wishes from Brazil!
9 years ago
we came long way with you and learnalot from you to me it was hard when i started and now iam alot way better all becuse of your site and hard work personally i cant thank you enough but to keep on supporting .
9 years ago
This is why we love you Andrew, and all you other fine folks working at Video Copilot. You offer great tutorials, products, and the like to get us going on our own work. I have to admit your site got me into After Effects, and even though I look forward to the next new thing you all do, I love taking what you put out and tweaking it until I make something fresh. A win win, eh guys and gals?
9 years ago
Thanks a lot Andrew, love your work.
9 years ago
This sounds perfect! Your friend Aharon Rabinowitz is doing a thing called "quick tips" and they are great. I'd love to see short tutorials, especially about design.
9 years ago
another great idea no wonder this is the best on the net ;)

great work AK and staff

9 years ago
sweet AK you rock........
9 years ago
Thank you very much Andrew
and instead of saying

"I will be releasing a new series of free tutorials in addition to the free tutorials you are so generously accustomed to"

you should say

"I will be releasing a new series of free tutorials in addition to the free tutorials you are so generously ADDICTED to"

Videocopilot rocks