Two Tutorials in One Week

I’m finishing up 2 new tutorials that will be out this week. These shorter tutorials will demonstrate some creative techniques but give me time to finish a few other projects. One tutorial will be on creating the smoke effect from above and the other will be disclosed later in the week when it is released.

Moderation: Remember, please do not beg for tutorials… we’re working our tails off, these babies take time.

9 years ago
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FX Console Utility Graphics
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New Show and New workflow Plug-in!
Some cool news to announce! We have just finished recording a horrifying new blog show with a frightening theme! But more on that next week! Another exciting development is a a new workflow plug-in for After Effects! Coming this week! Now, this plug-in doesn’t make light sabers or energy fx, it might not even change your […]
Atmospheric Re-Entry!
Here is a preview of an animation i’m working on. Playing around with Element 3D and Saber to create the fiery streaks! This past week has been super productive, finishing VFX for Intercept, doing daily renders and preparing for another DMALA meeting in Los Angeles on October 18th. Going to be a blast! Circuit City #Element3D […]

Cool. Looks mysterious.
8 years ago
demon babies...

As you seem to know what your doing blogging wise, do you know what the best time of the week is to blog and have them read?...
9 years ago
Ago a tutorial special about to the Brazil!!!!
9 years ago
Andrew thank you very much for you doing. I'm From Kyrghyzstan, it's in Central Asia. My english isn't good )). After effects i learn only with your tutotials. In our country video design isn't so good, but after than i watch your lessons my clients is very happy.THANK YOU!!! )))
9 years ago
just glad you do them for free! Take your time, i cant even make it through all the ones you have so far.
F.Y.I -I am almost positive I saw your static TV effects from your Riot Gear collection on CNN this morning
9 years ago
NO DOUBT! ur Awesome Everytime.

thnx Andrew for helping us.

9 years ago
Hey Andrew!

Looks awesome as always! :)
9 years ago
we will see how it gonna looks like ; )
9 years ago
Btw will this be like the harry potter intro?:D
9 years ago
You are doing an awsome job. The tutorials are always on great and you keep bangin out usable products. Thanks for all the hard work!
9 years ago
I think the videos are great and I'm always interested in seeing how other people (Andrew) tackle certain tasks in AE. As far as the other... I don't think some of the begging is actually begging, but just a way to comment about something related to their own workflow or interest in pursuing new software. I haven't asked for a tutorial myself, but you have to give the beggars credit for realizing that you guys are in the tutorial business... and quite good at it! I read the blog rules and I see that this is really only a place to give a well deserved pat on the back. This is more of a wall related to the post by Andrew - not a discussion forum.
9 years ago
hey bro thanks for all ur tutorials, it give alot of indepth in AE. and its helped me as a student to learn new things in AE. Waiting to see these new tutorials. once again Thanks uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
9 years ago
i think a break from tutorials is what you need andrew, you have given so much already that i think all the VCP viewers should be more than capable of trying things out for themselves instead of relying so much on you and your tutorials.

Rest whenever you need it.
Brian Williams
9 years ago
Thanks for all the tutorials you have done Andrew!

I'm currently stationed in Iraq now but I still find time to check out VCP when I can and I love everything you have done with this site and I really couldn't imagine the net without it at this point. You do a great job here and I really do think everyone appreciates it and please PLEASE ppl stop begging for tutorials because the man does have a life so when you are without new tutorials just try playing around in AE yourself and try coming up with some pretty cool stuff yourself because as wonderful as this site is we all have to face the facts that Andrew won't be able to walk us by the hand forever so just enjoy what he has done so far. Thanks for everything AK you are great man and I agree with what someone else said man, I'm with you with whatever you do even if its one tutorial a month because at the end of the day you don't have do that so ignore those beggers because they can wait as long as you want them to.
Jim Andrews
9 years ago
Hey Thanks DamageFX,

This is what it's all about, and you are the first to ever reply to one of my post's

so thank you for that, is a nice little plug-in that can save a lot of time
in 3Ds MAX to AE.

9 years ago
Looks very cool, can't wait!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
Right on Time

I was just fine tuning a Promo i've done for TV and I couldn't get the Smoke footage I used to loop as it's short , and I just didn't know how to realistically generate smoke with particular , couldn't get it right. Lucky me, Once again VCP comes to the rescue.

@ Beggers
I might be mistaken, but I thought there was a portion of this site specifically dedicated to begging . I think I myself even did some begging there once

Suggestion @ VCP
just a lil suggestion on my part that if a Bold Tutorial Request Button could be placed in Obvious spots on some pages just to remind folks to go do the begging there it might help the situation, i agree with you guys and i think it will be much cleaner if request or begging could be confined to that section. You guys are doing great.
Shout out to SAM ,long time, hope he didn't shoot himself on the last shoot with the gun, you know he look pretty terified. I spent a bit of time watching the Twitch presets , it's quite scary to see SAM coming towards you from the screen like that, it's an experience.Thank heavens he didn't do a Twitchified Facewarp on me. And I think in the Bad Film Twitch tutorial he was walking towards a crime scene cos I look closely and I saw I think was Police cars "HMM"

@ Jim Andrews
Hey buddy thanks for that link you posted,that plugin will be very useful to some of us too, bless you. I think that's the spirit Andrew is looking for
9 years ago
So let it be written, so let it be done. Word.
9 years ago
As much as id like to beg i never could, you're a busy man and if you stoped now... well i couldn't be mad. Thank you, you've been the push to my back helping me to expand my mind visually.
9 years ago
Whats this!!!
I smell smoke!
I dont smell fire!
Its a weird smell!
Hmmm maybe its particles smell?!?!

Hope so :P
9 years ago
"shorter tutorials" but no less informative I'd guess.......

The last three top tips you've given me AK have not been directly covered in the tutorials, and that's not because I'm switching off to your jokes ;)
9 years ago
I hope these words will lift up your spirit Andrew. If I hadn't found videocopilot I would never become what I am today, and thanks to you I have now chosen my future in films, going to a film school next year and I want to become a director one day, all thanks to your wonderful tutorials that made me wish to become a director!
Jared Wineera
9 years ago
Every now and then I'm thinking geez ... wheres the new tute Andrew? I know it's a bit greedy but a lot of people really look forward to your AE techniques. Then, out of knowhere you go SLAP "heres 2 in 1 week! That'll shut em up ... for a while."

My question to you Andrew ... are you scared of what you've started?

I see your stuff everywhere, especially on TV here in OZ ... keep up the good work mate.

9 years ago
wow, i really really could use this for something i'm working on! is this all in AE?!
9 years ago
maaan you are impressive . very thankful for your effort to teaching everyone

i thank you again and we always waiting for new

evre day i pass on the site more than once

9 years ago
Is the smoke footage? or is it created by your own? then it surely would be possible to make it in the shape of a person?! that would be great
9 years ago
uju!!! 2 nuevos tutoriales!! del carajo!! muchas gracias andrew kramer por tus tutoriales desde colombiaa!!!!
Christopher Gruber
9 years ago
I'm a fan of creating smoke (and clouds) via a method similar to the one outlined in Mark Christiansen's book. Now with the puppet tool, things become even easier. Looking forward to tweaking my current process.

Excellent choice, and thank you!
9 years ago
Mr kramer sir, I demand you do better than this. We all pay you huge money to make this free site. You have to stay within our boundaries and do exactly what we say because if you dont what your doing is things should be much better than this!!!!! hahah Im just kidding of course..that was all sarcasm,...You are doing a great job and dont let us keep from doing your best. Keep it upp.
9 years ago
I know every other comment is someone saying thank you, but I have to say it. THANK YOU! I don't think I would have ever gotten into after effects if it wasn't for you! AND I LOVE IT!
9 years ago
Looks Nice! I've always wonder how i can simulate a cloud chamber like those from Artbeats...
Those stills looks really nice to me...
Thx in advance Andrew!
9 years ago
Pat, Perfectly Stated. I wish I had it when I was 14 as well; no adult commitments with time to learn it!! Then I'd have the Dream Job like Andrew! :)
Jim Andrews
9 years ago
Thank you Andrew, I know you and your crew work hard to bring us Great Products and Tutorials :)

Andrew I wanted to show you this Cebas Product called PSD Manager 2.0 for 3ds max, I just bought it and WOW what a time saver this is, please check it out
I think you will find it very handy.

Example usage:

Product Home Page:
9 years ago
@wouter: nice work. one thing that might help you 'sell' the realism of the shot is to add some motion blur to your jumper. his flip will appear more like real movement then.

wish i had after effects when i was 14.
Mr. Straws
9 years ago
Plus, I think calling out people who act like that brings a lot of negativity to the forums, of other people suddenly forming a witch hunt and themselves negatively commenting on people, and that itself brings down the professionalism of VC.

But I guess it has to be done to keep order.
9 years ago
Smoke, been waiting for another tutorial to come up.
9 years ago
Well I say "we" because although I record the tutorials there is a lot more that has to be done in order to publish it.

I appreciate your understanding on the lower note, I really don't like to write stuff about the beggars, but I think it is important to make these rules clear so that we maintain a high quality presence, not only through content but also through the examples of VC members.
9 years ago
Nice ;) i've always wanted to know how to make smoke.
Richard Ramos
9 years ago
Andrew you and your team are doing an amazing job man, I think sometimes people can't hold there excitement in, PEOPLE!! chill out and let the man work his magic. Besides there are over 60 tutorials on his website I'm sure you can do a few over that could help you review. The tutorials are so jam packed with information you can watch them 2-3 times and still learn something new. And if you want more tutorials buy more VideoCopilot products!!! ,lol

Had to give a shout out for VideoCopilot products, THERE AMAZING!!!, lol
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
9 years ago
looks like a acid cloudy sky! bet thats particular! NICE!
If you will make a tutorial with a WHITE Background, i would mark that day in my calendar!
9 years ago
Yeah! We should be glad that andrew kramer providing us a very good detailed tutorial. You cant see this everyday, that someone would be dedicated enough just to give us some tips and show how it is done well.

Thank you kramer for being a good mentor. Your work will be appreciated and your name would be heard.
9 years ago
i <3 AK
Alex Burrows
9 years ago
Cheers Andrew, really need this for a project!!!
9 years ago
You are a river of tutorials so plz don't stop
Dean Doll
9 years ago
It could be a tutorial about how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich and I would still watch it. :)
Martin Laabs
9 years ago
U say: "These shorter tutorials will demonstrate some creative techniques but give me time to finish a few other projects." Dude u have all the time in the world to bring out those GREAT tutorials of urs. And u dont need to justify urself in front of us. We have to be greatful for all ur work. And also: U must be a really chummy guy, cause u always say "we" instead of "i". We all know it's only u right :) ...Oh and not to forget S A M! U rock dude! But i guess primarily in front of the camera right? Well keep up the good work and take care!
George Lucas
9 years ago
Yeah, the smoke looks nice, but....mmm, something is wrong with the background, mmmm, ohh, noo, is dark!!!!

9 years ago
looks awesome. This is the best tutorial site I have ever seen.
9 years ago
Looks cool! I know this is an AE forum... but ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK GO KU! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
You are an inspiration to alot of mographers and wannabe-mographers over here. In fact, I often see glimpses of your tutorials in local broadcasting. Keep up the good work. I smell a new product coming...."Riot Gear 2"??
9 years ago

I think he uses Pc cause most of the people here use pc, and he's making tutorials (no... realy?) so its a lot easier.

And i realy look forward to the smoke tutorial:)

Btw, i made this, its a car chrash/jump over car. You can have a look on it, i'm not satisfied with the way i blend it from 3d to real, but its the first time i use 3d en real footage in one video. And i'm only 14 at the moment:P
9 years ago
AK, Why do you use a PC instead of an Apple? More plugins and apps available? Faster render? Familiararity with PC(what you grew up with)? Just curious.
9 years ago
Looks good :)
"but give me time to finish a few other projects." - good to know your always working on smth, thanks Andrew ;)
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
@ 5ive&2wo

And it's more in the after life than effects!

.. No, wait
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
Looks good, will be fun;)
9 years ago
Great! =)
9 years ago
hey Andrew dont worry man....

dont care about them..

nice man
9 years ago
Awsome! Can't wait!
9 years ago
*Some people

[in all fairness]
9 years ago
people still beg for these things?

People need lives... I love after effects as much as the next guy.. but there is more to life than after effects.. thats for sure.
9 years ago
Smoking is bad for health
arf arf :-)
Andrew strikes again, great tutorials to be come
Greg Harrell
9 years ago
We all know you didnt create that smoke in AE...

What are you guys smoking over there at "The Video Copilot Office"...

Really....what are you guys smoking, I want it...

= ) smoke...
9 years ago
I beg you, make more tutorials!!!

Nah, just kidding. :P

Wow, two tutorials?!
Very, very nice job Andrew!

I'am really looking forward to see that Night-Vison Smoke effect. :)

After Effects still won't install on my computer, so I have to reinstall Windows -XS- (XtraSucky)...

Wouter K.
9 years ago
You know something AK? If it wasn't for your amazing tuts on such a robust and complicated program I would still be quite lost. Thanks for you and your teams efforts to bring quality tuts to the struggling students and lost motion graphers everywhere.
9 years ago
Good deal Andrew thanks. I have to say, I have a little boy myself and just having a child in itself take a lot of work and time. Take your time man and thanks for everything!
9 years ago
i bet its shot with sam smoking a 15 pack sigarbox on a blue screen ;)

wicked looking forward to this one.
9 years ago
Andrew, stop worry about those people who begs for tutorial, those are just tards:P ;) Keep it up Kramer
9 years ago
Great cant wait! Smoke effects are great to use for text effects and others ofcourse :D Keep up the good work
9 years ago
The smoke looks great... I can't wait to see how you made it :P
9 years ago
I found this website last week (having just bought Production cs3), and WOW! Your tutorials are amazing. They're both intresting and useful, and to be honest slightly frightening (The possibilities of these software things are out of this world!) Thanks for all your tutorials and guides, I've learnt loads of stuff already and I've only seen a few of them!
9 years ago
looks like the intro of the new Will Smith movie with the drunken superhero! Awesome!!!!
Djeki Bidjerano
9 years ago
awesome, can't wait

Andrew, you should have your tutorials available for download or just put them for podcast also, because some people here probably want to watch them on the go and stuff without having to open the internet browser (especially if the internet isn't working)
9 years ago
You're so right, Mr. T. I can't imagine what the web would be without VCP anymore.
Every tut is so much appreciated.
9 years ago
scott R
9 years ago
That's what you get for being so good at what you do! (people begging for more tutorials) LOLOLOLOL.

I wish my wife treated me like that. LOL.
9 years ago
I agree. Ignore the beggers.

Take your time, and for gods sake don`t waste all of your time feeding us AE/3DS junkies! Spend some time with your lovely Wife & Baby.

All the best. From a grateful (even if you decided to do 1 tute per month) follower.
Matthew from Italy
9 years ago
You're simply the best
9 years ago
looks amazing kramer!I was thinking how to create something like a cloud in the 3d space,but something more than what you did in the previous one..this one looks fabulous!!thanks for being alwais the best ;)
9 years ago
I like best the tutorials where you and Sam go outside and film something. Its so exciting!
9 years ago
Andrew President !!
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
The smoke looks nice. Nice to hear that you'll upload two tuts:) You're right about the beggars. You give them your thumb and littlefinger, but they want the whole hand:P

Relax man, take a break sometimes;)
9 years ago
The GOD of AE=AK
Mr T.
9 years ago
Yes stop begging for them.
Don't forget 3 years ago, there was no free videotuts on the net.
This guy made it happen and still does!

Looking forward to this 2.

9 years ago
Awesome work Andrew. I look forward to the new materials and training.
You have requested that we write something positive when we blog.
My only advice to readers is to expose yourself to as many ideas as you can and back those ideas up with experimentation and training.
I know many MOGRAPHER ARTIST on here are students, but many others work in the industry and have to come up with ideas quickly. The more help you have the more effective you work will be.
9 years ago
looks amazing, can't wait! are you using particular for that? take care...
9 years ago
awesome! can't wait :D
9 years ago
9 years ago
yeeey :D:D:D::D Looove you man