Worth Mentioning…

In an effort to bring more content and information to the Video Copilot world or wonders, I will be releasing a new series of free tutorials in addition to the free tutorials you are so generously accustomed to

These new tutorials will be shorter (1-5 minutes) and focus on cool techniques, follow-up advice on previous tutorials, workflow and even design tips. I’ve been collecting dozens of great ideas and I’ll be releasing these tutorials in between our featured tutorials you know so well.

This will also help us release new content on the site, even when we are busy working on big projects. (Like right now). It’s win win.

The first episode will be online May 02, 2008.

I’ve created a cool intro graphic but It’s not quite finished so it will have to wait…

T-Shirt Design & Win, Begins Now!

The Design & Win T-Shirt contest is now online. Check out the rules and get started.

I can’t wait to see all the ideas and designs. Video Copilot will be picking the winners and the contest ends May 31st 2008. You can submit up to 5 designs.

T-Shirt Design Contest

ADOBE TV & Steve Holmes

There are some great videos on ADOBE TV from the recent NAB show and I though I would share them here as well.

A talented designer you may know, Steve Holmes from Energi Design, has a great presentation on integrating PS and AE, he even mentions our product Evolution. Yeah!

Check the video out!

T-Shirt Template

We’re almost finished with the T-shirt design contest site but the template is ready to download now. You can use any program to design the T-shirt such as Photoshop, illustrator or Paint (although the latter may hurt you chances).

IMPORTANT For Photoshop: When you open the PDF template be sure to set the “Crop To” option to “Media Box”.

Download Template PDF

Download includes PDF, PSD and vector image of Sam.

Official Rules will be launched soon so remember to check them before submitting your design.

Releasing May 20th

Our first Advanced Training DVD will be available on May 20th along with the Series One Tutorial DVD. So now you know!I will be demonstrating the Bullet techniques for Cinema 4D, 3D max and the free multi-platform Blender, including all of the necessary steps to work between After Effects and each program. I’m back from NAB and it was a lot of fun but now I’ve got to get back to work.

NEW TUTORIAL: Stabilizing Video & More

As promised, here is the second tutorial this week with minutes to spare here on Saturday night.

In this new 2-part tutorial you will learn a great method for stabilizing footage in After Effects that smooths the result rather than freezes the tracking center. We will also create smoke flying behind a police car, which is as fun as it sounds.

This one tutorial has many great tips and techniques including, rotoscoping, expressions and matte blending.

Watch Tutorial

Download the footage and try the technique out for yourself. I’d also like to thank Mark Christiansen for allowing me to demonstrate his stabilize technique in this tutorial. For more information about his great After Effects book Click Here.

PS: Getting ready to go to NAB, more info about the T-shirt contest when I get back.

Why I Use After Effects 7

The short answer is so that more people are able to utilize the project files. Most of the techniques I demonstrate do not require the newer version and I like to focus on core techniques and workflows. I’m sure I’ll start using it in my tutorials but I just haven’t made the leap.

I do use CS3 for my own work because there are many great new features.

NEW TUTORIAL: Smoke Screen

In this tutorial we will use various compositing techniques to create these smoke designs in After Effects, this tutorial also covers a couple new expressions.

Watch Tutorial

Sample Video

Attending NAB

Although we were not able to secure a booth in time for NAB 2008, I will be lurking around the Plug-in Pavilion on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll probably be unrecognizable but Sam Loya is going to be with me so look for him and please stop by to say hello. Now if you can count cards, we should really talk

Two Tutorials in One Week

I’m finishing up 2 new tutorials that will be out this week. These shorter tutorials will demonstrate some creative techniques but give me time to finish a few other projects. One tutorial will be on creating the smoke effect from above and the other will be disclosed later in the week when it is released.

Moderation: Remember, please do not beg for tutorials… we’re working our tails off, these babies take time.

T-Shirt Design Contest

We are finishing up work on a Submission section of the website specifically for a new T-Shirt design contest. We’ll have some great prizes and hopefully it will be fun to see what everyone develops. We should have the rules and information at the end of the week and we’ll be accepting submissions soon after. Remember to keep your ideas secret until we begin accepting submissions.

I’ve got one idea so far but it could use some work.

“Wow. That fast blur is fast”
Video Copilot

3D Panoramic

Here is a great script by Paul Tuersley that will turn a panoramic photo into a 3d cylinder inside of AE. The instructions can be found at www.AEnhancers.com

This script is great for many things but I’ll let you guys think of cool ideas.

PS: I’ve noticed some pretty poor comments by a few individuals lately that aren’t helping the community.

Instead of posting why something is bad or how on program is the best, etc, let’s contribute new ideas and suggestions that will help others that visit here that do not have your “wisdom”. I want to build a strong community and create solutions; that is what Video Copilot is about.

Need Color Swatches

Adobe has a great website called Kuler that helps create useful color schemes to jump start the design process. This site allows you to upload an image and create swatches from the tones within. It also has options on how to interpret the colors for specific looks or tone styles.

If you are in need of some color inspiration, this is a great place to start. Visit Kuler

Now if you need some more inspiration, I would start by checking out some of the Video Copilot Products!

New Tutorial: Colorful Universe

In this tutorial we will create a dynamic scene with an extreme wide angle camera and an circular particle system. Basically we’ll be creating what you see in the picture

Sample Video

Watch Tutorial

PRESET NOTE: The preset is inside the project for this tutorial and it works with AE 6.5, 7 and CS3.