3D Simulations

The past week I have been experimenting heavily with dynamic simulations inside of 3D studio Max using Reactor (which is the engine that processes object interactions). The image above is a test for an FX shot I’m working on where a freeway over pass collapses. By using the fracture node, you can group objects together and have them break apart when they collide. What is great about this is this is the object will only break when an impact affects that area.

The truth is I’m somewhat overwhelmed. I have a fair amount of experience with these type of simulations but now that I’m looking at it from a teaching perspective, I have to dig deeper and really understand what is going on so that I can explain it better. By doing this , I’m learning a great deal more than I ever thought I knew. Every time I feel good about teaching one aspect, I come across more new features…

I’ll get my head together and share some more tests. In the meantime do a youtube search for “reactor simulation”. Inspiring stuff.

10 years ago
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