Online Tutorial DVD Almost Done!

Here is the preliminary artwork for our next mini-product, Video Copilot: Series One. The new Tutorial DVD will be available in 2 Versions: Standard and Special Edition. Both will contain all 50 free tutorials and project files but the Special Edition DVD will have many bonus features. Basically the Special Edition DVD is for the fans and the standard edition is for the people who just want to be able to watch the tutorials offline or on the road.

Sam might even sign a few copies in the first batch as well. Then again, I may not be able to stop him.

More details to follow, after these messages.

Questions for us? (closed)

Sam and I (Andrew) are working on a special video to answer questions that you may have. I’m not talking about technical questions but other general questions. Just post them here and we’ll take the good ones.

update: Thanks for the help.

New Tutorials: Dead Planet Series

Welcome back! Today we have 2 brand new tutorials that should be a lot of fun. First we’ll create a dying planet with lava so that we can blow it up. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out Evolution our exciting new product.

Trapcode Form Released

There is a new plug in out Called Form. I’ve used it and it’s pretty cool. Check out the information here and be sure to read some of the the help files to see how it works and the impressive possibilities. I’ll probably do a tutorial or 2 in the future but I wanted to start spreading the word.

There area also some tutorial demonstrations at the bottom of this page:

Call of Duty 4 + Video Copilot?

Like many others, I patiently waited for the release of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare only to find a special surprise. It seems that someone down at Infinity Ward used Action Movie Essentials for much of the in-game blood.

While playing the game for the first time I noticed something looked familiar. But it wasn’t until I started using the Sniper scope that I saw the blood up close. So I did a screen capture of my gameplay and opened it in After Effects.

I also brought in some of the blood from Action Movie Essentials that seemed like possible candidates. After scrubbing through a few frames I could see that the AME blood fit over the in-game blood like a fingerprint. It was identical except for and additional layer of small blood particles generated by the game makers.

Roll over images to see comparison.

This was a exciting surprise for all of us at Video Copilot, especially since we are all fans of the game series. They even used a lot of the blood for the in-game cinematics, driving the rather interesting story.

The individuals that worked on the game did an excellent job blending the blood into the 3d game play too. The blood reacts to scene lighting as the time of day changes throughout the game. Aside from this effect, the game also has many amazing particle effects and spectacular graphics that we had nothing to do with… but it’s nice to know that we had a small role.

At Video Copilot we don’t expect credit or special royalties when our products are used professionally. They are made to help you and everyone save time and increase quality. Sure we get flattered and brag to our wives, but they don’t even care. The point is, we offer high quality products to everyone at reasonable prices. So be sure to check them out today. Click Here

If you think this is good marketing check this out:

The blood is even in the online part of the game so everyone gets a little taste of Video Copilot, especially when I clean your clock!

Evolution Now Available!

Our newest product is now available on the purchase page along with some sweet new bundles. We’ve pack this product with so much stuff it will take you plenty of time to get through it all. With all of the video elements, tutorials and the Twister preset, it’s time to get creative with Evolution.

Promo Video Breakdown

I’ve been getting a few questions about how I created the promo Video for Evolution. Click here to see a the mini breakdown.

NOTE: I’m just consolidating the blog by making it a subpage.

Free Twister Tutorial

This is one of the seven tutorials included with Evolution that I decided to put online for free. This tutorial highlights one of the cool features of Evolution, the Twister Preset.

Watch Tutorial

Now, I know this tutorial doesn’t help anyone right now, but I wanted to show you first hand how this product works. We will also be releasing more free tutorials, that are not on the DVD, to show even more ways to use this great product.

Of course the twister preset works with virtually all languages of After Effects and as our good friend Aharon Rabinowitz pointed out, you can use this preset with other video elements like Riot Gear as well.

Hope to see you on November 12th 2007!

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More on Evolution

Here are some high quality still images from the Evolution Promo that should give you a closer look at the quality of the design elements.

View Images

I’ve also uploaded a high resolution QuickTime video as well. (35mb)

Watch Video

Evolution is a collection of high-quality decorative design elements for motion graphics work. This product is going on sale November 12th, 2007.

Visit Product Page

Evolution Online!

Evolution Now Online!
Evolution is ready to launch November 12, 2007 and all of the information about this product is online. There is so much to tell you about this product that it spans 5 pages!

Click Here

Be sure to check out the new promo video and the Twister Preset demonstration. This product was more work than we ever imagined but the quality is something we’re truly proud of. I’m pleased to officially release it and share it with you.

Also sign up for the email notification too, I’m sure we will have something good to offer at least something better than a kick in the face.

Trick or Treat

Here is most of the Video Copilot team. Mark, Sam, Bobby, Matt, Andrew, Tino, Jeff. Trick or Treating was fun, but we got more candy last year.

Purchase Page Online!

OK, the Purchase page is back online.