New Tutorial: Skin Displacement

In this tutorial we’ll learn a procedural way to make skin displace as if bugs are crawling under the surface. This technique can be used for numerous things, including Halloween videos.

Watch Video

PS, Thanks for your patience ; )

Here are some different possible looks:

9 years ago
Atmospheric Re-Entry!
Here is a preview of an animation i’m working on. Playing around with Element 3D and Saber to create the fiery streaks! This past week has been super productive, finishing VFX for Intercept, doing daily renders and preparing for another DMALA meeting in Los Angeles on October 18th. Going to be a blast! Circuit City #Element3D […]
Circuit City
Making circuits! After trying to create something large, I thought I should try to make something small! I started by taking a circuitry texture and placing it on a plane in Element 3D. I used the texture in the Glossiness channel and the reflection channel to give the pathways a metalic look. Next I built the […]
Cloud City
Continuing the Element 3D fun! This started as a desert scene and soon turned into a cloud city! Typical. Part of the fun of these render projects is just creating random stuff and designing without a specific goal. It’s actually been really challenging and exciting to try various techniques. In this scene, I used an aerial […]
My 10 Cloverfield Lane Contribution
Earlier this year I had the chance to work on 10 Cloverfield lane, on this horrifying matte painting and composite. Many image-searches for road kill have scarred my mind! As always it was a pleasure to work with Dan Trachtenberg.     My work on 10 Cloverfield Lane! #nightmares #mattepainting A photo posted by Video Copilot (@andrewkramer) […]
Crazy Fans!

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And no, I’m not talking about Video Copilot fans, although we have our fair share 🙂 Actually, I’m talking about my Indiana Jones Costume! Well it wasn’t easy but I managed to finally put together an Indy costume that I wouldn’t be ashamed to go outside in.

The hat is from Disneyland, I even had to buy a woman’s purse so I could use the buckle for the army bag strap. Sure the real Indy didn’t have his logo on the outside of his hat but that’s ok.

I used to make fun of all those Star Wars fans that would dress up but now I know how they feel… but that doesn’t change my thoughts about those desperate fanboys. It just makes me a hypocrite and I’m plenty fine with that.

Still working away on the new stuff, stay tuned, just keep your radios down.

9 years ago
Upcoming Tutorial

Well we are approaching tutorial number 50 and I figure I’d better make it a good one. With the Halloween on the way, I think I’ll be doing an effect where a bug or something creepy is crawling under the skin. It will be all done in After Effects so I’ll need some more time to experiment and get it right. We’ll probably go shoot some footage of Sam getting infested today or tomorrow.

9 years ago
Evolution Update

Here are 7 of the 10 free Design Templates that will be included with our soon to be released product Evolution. All of the designs were created using only Evolution and hopefully this will give you an idea of what is possible with this new product.

We have also created a very in-Depth animated gallery page that makes finding the right element fast and easy.

Of course these are just a few of the great features of Evolution that will be launching soon. And yes I could post a video of these designs but I want to wait for the promo.

9 years ago
Zaxwerks ProAnimator

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A friend of mine just released a new training series for After Effects and the plug-in Zaxwerks ProAnimator called “Making it Look Great”.

The author, John Dickinson is a real life broadcast designer with more than a training background. When he’s not fighting kangaroos, he produces commercial and promos for a major station in Australia. Needless to say he does quality work and I recommend his series if you’re using Zaxwerks or are interested in this 3D plug-in down the line.

Watch his Promo Video
Product Page

While I’m on the subject of plugging products for friends… Another talented guy, Harry J. Frank has a superb series on Expressions. So if you want to learn more about using them in After Effects this is a great and in-depth series. I think he’s working on another series that should be out soon, so keep your eyes open. Check Harry’s Expression Training Series.

Of course if Video Copilot has a new product out, I’ll probably forget I know either of these guys because you know me I’ll sell the shirt off my back 🙂

9 years ago