3D Extrusion in After Effects by Maltaannon

Of all the ways to create 3D text in After Effects this has to be one of the bests. Using some very ingenious scripting, Maltaannon figured a way to make the Shapes in After Effects CS3 extrude into 3D space.

It even comes with a handy preset to make things even easier. Maltaannon was working on this ingenious project for several weeks before I released my 3D Text Tutorials so it was really well thought out and comprehensive. Keep an eye on this guy he is a crafty one.

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How about a little Maya?

I don’t have any practical experience with Maya, but our Video Copilot friend Jesse does. Check out his great tutorial on creating 3D text in Maya. Be sure to thank him for his time.


Twitch Progress

You are seeing an actual screen shot of the new Video Copilot plugin Twitch. This little idea has come a long way and is really starting to sizzle. Initially an FFX preset for After Effect only, the concept is now a real Plug-In!

What this means is that you will be able to use Twitch with almost any FXplug application such as: After Effects (+mac Universal), Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Motion, and several others too.

Of course, I couldn’t do all of this myself and so I have partnered with a very talented developer that is helping bring this project to life. He also offers capabilities that weren’t available in the FFX preset format, which means the feature list has improved and the speed and power is incredible.

We are working very hard on this project and hope to see it available soon. With all the new features and benefits of the Plug-in architecture, I hope you guys understand a small price increase from what was originally planned. With the new Plug-in developer and necessary testing for outside software hosts like Final Cut and Premiere; it’s no longer just a ‘weekend project’. I can assure you that it will be under $49 and I’m trying my hardest to keep it as low as possible.

After realizing the possibilities of multi-software Plug-in and new features just not possible as a preset, I knew that creating an actual plug-in was the only way to make this product longer lasting and more valuable to everyone.

I can’t wait to start using it more and showing off all the new stuff. More info coming soon.

UPDATE: Here is a screen shot of the Effects Panel:

NEW TUTORIAL: Cinema 4D Text

It can be done in Cinema 4D too. Here is another tutorial that quickly shows the same techniques for creating 3D using Maxxon Cinema 4D. Of course, we’ll get into more integration with After Effects soon, but those kind of tutorials have to be planned out a little more. Don’t pretend for a second that these tutorials are just random, we have surprises for you all the time. We’re like the website that loves you for who you are.

Wow! You must be excited to see new tutorials everyday. You probably want to support us right now by buying our great DVDs. Good Idea

NEW TUTORIAL: 3D Text in 3D Max

Well it looks like the mystery is all over. I’ll be using 3D Studio Max for most of the 3D tutorials to come. Although, I still plan to cover Cinema 4D for specific tasks, I think 3D max is the best solution to help the most amount of people. Many of the features in C4D to integrate with AE is a bit like cheating because the people that have Maya and Max or other 3D programs cannot take advantage of the easy integration so instead I’ll be focusing on universal solutions. Watch the tutorial for a more technical explanation.

Anyhow, I’m going to need a little more time to finish the Medical Zoom tutorial but this is a fun one that I think will help a lot of people and frankly cut me some slack to get a few other things taken care of.

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Medical Zooming

I’ve been watching a lot of the show House MD on DVD and so I thought I would make a tutorial to cover that cool effect where the camera goes inside the person to show the problem.

Anyways, this will be the first AE tutorial featuring a 3D program, but I’ll also show a solution for just AE users. Personally, I’d rather show you the better solution using the 3D application because even though everyone doesn’t have an expensive 3D program, understanding the principals is important to professional compositing. Besides you don’t want to have to use claymation for everything.

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Basic Training

Thanks for making the new Basic Training Series a huge hit. From the numbers, it looks like you guys have been hitting it pretty hard. For everyone else who still hasn’t checked it out, remember not all the tutorials are for beginners, in fact the Titles sections is particularly detailed with many great camera animating tips and tricks. Don’t forget to make yourself a fake certificate once your finished going through it. You earned it.

The New Video Copilot

New & Improved Website
Welcome back to a few new features and a lot more content. Our website is now on it’s own dedicated server so hopefully we can handle all you video junkies. The ground work has been laid for future development and continuous content for everyone. Special thanks to Marc Biorklund and our very own Patrick Otten for their knowledge & support.

Enhanced Tutorial Section

Our tutorial section is now database driven and much easier to update. It also has a pretty sleek appearance. (If I do say so myself.) You can search for keywords and leave comments directly. We’ve added more footage downloads to some of the older tutorials as well. You can also pause/play the tutorial by clicking the screen. Now that’s high-tech!

New Tutorial: Audio to Animation

We also have a fresh tutorial for you today and plenty more to come. There are many surprises to follow…

Free Basic Training Series
We now have a complete training series for After Effects users of all levels and the best part is, you get it for FREE. Enjoy all 10 video tutorials ranging from the basics to advanced tracking and animation. This one has something for everyone.

9 Free Animation Presets
Don’t miss this! We’ve added a new section that includes Free Animation Presets for After Effects. Not only do you get the preset but there is also a video demonstration to show you how to use it. Some of the presets are so amazing you’ll have to see for yourself.

Music to Keyframes

I’m working on a new tutorial where I’ll be using a music track to generate animation. Its pretty straight forward but I’ll be covering some fancy expressions too.

This is going to be a good month for tutorials. So don’t feel bad about buying a couple of our DVDs from the online store.

Sneak Preview of TWITCH

I’ve been working on a new tool for After Effects called Twitch.
Check out the demonstration here.

TUTORIAL: Virtual 3D Photos

In this tutorial you’ll learn a simple way to turn 2D photos into a 3D layers. Most of us know this simple effect from the popular film “The Kid Stays in the picture”, where the photos come alive.


I was hoping to launch the new site today but I’d like to polish a few things out first. Remember good things come to those who have to wait.


Labor Day Weekend

It’s a girl!

Our little one finally arrived Sunday morning at 9:32 am. Katie Lynn Kramer showed up at 7 pounds 10 ounces. Needless to say, this was a pretty exciting weekend.

BTW, I’m wearing the new Baby-ManBra 2000 pretty sweet new device that keeps the baby warm