Gravity in After Effects

Getting back to Motion Graphics…
I’m working on a new tutorial that will demonstrate practical ways to use gravity and give mass and elasticity to layers.

Watch Sample Video

Download Project File (AE7)

I know I haven’t been posting as often but I’m working on some important website updates before we transfer to the new Dedicated Servers. These updates will make it easier for me to post more frequently and some other great features you’ll just have to wait and see. I still plan to release a new tutorial every week; although this one may be out on Tuesday or so. Of course, don’t worry if there isn’t a new tutorial one week, just go outside and play some hopscotch. And I’ll let you know when the little Kramer is here. Tick-tock.

8 years ago
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fazal manan(pakistan)
4 years ago
but i have no plugin for this
how can i buy <3
fazal manan(pakistan)
4 years ago
i like ur all tutos....
Should be useful
6 years ago
andrew tahnk so much for the step by step tutorial, it helps me a lot...i'm just a beginner and wandering so much of what can i do and how i'm i going to use AE. anyway thank so much again for the tutorials. God Bless you and video copilot
6 years ago
Hey, Andrew!
I love your tutorials.
Can't wait to watch the tutorial.

Keep up the good work, Andrew!
7 years ago
good site mkeiud
7 years ago
Andrew could you tell how you make bounce text? Please!
8 years ago
helal kocum sana emolu nerden orendın bunları very good
8 years ago
Hi Andrew,
First of all great work congrads! 2ndly, quick question, erm how come all your titles are in black background.. Im trying to design a movie credits on white background but could not seem to get a professional film looking or as good as it would look on Black background..


8 years ago
Man, am I burnt out on hopscotch.....
Rap cat
8 years ago
look forward to it and congrats

and check out the site i work for.. for the little one that is.

Baby toy and new tutorial slaughter

8 years ago
My wife is pissed. I am up at 3:00am couldnt sleep, looking to try something out and I am playing hopscotch.
8 years ago
Well, it looked pretty freakin' ace to me... Anyway, I've not posted before, so just want to say a big thanks for all these tut's. I only got AE a couple of months ago and you've really opened up my eyes to what's possible. Looking forward to the new one!
8 years ago
Jeremy, no fire here. This is just one example, and yes it is exaggerated. But you will be able to control the bounce to fit your tastes...
8 years ago
I'm not crazy about this one, to be honest. Maybe it's the lack of a visible floor, but the bounce doesn't look realistic at all to me. I think the variance from the first bounce to the second is too drastic. It should be more gradual. I could be wrong and this method could be the most "realistic" but it doesn't look as good as it could.

*Arms Flameshield*
8 years ago
Andrew, please, post your SinCity tutorial on your website )
Hey here is my try on this effect, please leave a comment, negative og possitive, just wach and eny, sooo..... hmm, by the way andrew Grats with the baby.

I prefere VFX.
Sorry, bad english
8 years ago
“How did Andrew make his own expression control effects into one big controll effect?”

8 years ago
hai andrew and to every one i got a question for you guys it is what is the good software to convert the avi files to flash (.swf)format i tried some softwares through net but they dont seem working for me my file is almost 4gb so i need a good software
andrew what you use to convert your stuff into flash format
thnkx in advance
8 years ago
…in a graveyard!
8 years ago
Okay, here's the challenge. Photoshop an image of someone playing hopskotch while eating cheez-its and wearing a tin-foil hat.
8 years ago

I love the motion graphics tutorials. I find them the most useful for the 'real world' work I do - i.e. the stuff I get paid for :)

Thanks heaps Andrew for still posting while you're so busy - and having a baby of all things!
Alexey Pekarin
8 years ago
the project file doesn't work on my AE too ;(
I'm on AE7 pro.

is that a teaser? can anyone confirm that it actually works on their AEs?
8 years ago
Looking good AK:)

8 years ago
awesome andrew. prefer vfx too, but looking forward to ur tutorials like always =)

btw, have u thought of any names for little kramer? =)

best wishes,
8 years ago
Hi there, can anyone answer this question?

"How did Andrew make his own expression control effects into one big controll effect?"

I am really interested, how I could do this... XD

Greets from germany, Chris
Orc Master
8 years ago
Uh, I'm having the same problem as Dan... Does the gravity in the file work for everybody else? Because it doesn't for me. I have CS3...

Also, stop demanding a forum... I want a forum too, but Andrew is moving Videocopilot to a new server; SO why don't we just sit down and wait 'till that's done, THEN ask for the forum? ;)
8 years ago
[QUOTE=Jamsta] It doesn’t scream out 80’s at all mate. the colours/fonts/music don’t reflect that decade. some footage would be cool ;) your work was nice. [/QUOTE]

The thing is, the film isn't set in the 80's, it's just 80's style. Guess I could still make it a little more 80's-esk...
8 years ago
8 years ago
Right. For us to say, hey, look at my youtube channel!!!

It's spamming. But with a forum, we could ask for advice, tips, whatever.

BTW, if anyone does look at that channel, lol, i'd love some tips and advice.
8 years ago
This is why you need a Forum Andrew. Theres way too much spam going on which isnt even related to the topic at hand. Meh. So hopefully once you get the forums up and running, you can dedicate a section for User Demo Reels/Showcases.

But I look forward to the Gravity Tute.
8 years ago
[QUOTE=Domini Riozzi] Did anyone watch my promo? :S [/QUOTE]

Yeah I did...

It doesn't scream out 80's at all mate. the colours/fonts/music don't reflect that decade. some footage would be cool ;) your work was nice.
8 years ago
Did anyone watch my promo? :S
8 years ago
Cool i will wait for it! Andrew i think it`s a good idea to make a tutorial for morph or reshape effect it`s a very cool effect. Also some advanced ways to use trapcode particular and maybe how to make awesome intro title or logo with some nice particles or lightnings or something like this here:
8 years ago
In the project file its not the final file
the gravity isnt working
8 years ago
Hi Andrew,

great stuff. I linked on my main page @ to get you even more traffic and visitors ;-)


8 years ago
This is my test of time remapping:
8 years ago
Clancy- my family is from poland, but i was born in AU, so i know both languages well lol, im 12 and yeah, i live in au :P
8 years ago
Hey Andrew...

Always welcoming of cool ways to dress up drab titles. Always hated the fade on, fade off technique because I know so much more is possible.
Dustin James
8 years ago
Sounds good.. To bad I'm visiting my parents this week... All I have is my iPhone to connect to the outside world. Normaly I can play QuickTime files from the Internet but I assume the QuickTime format you used is not compatible with the phone. To bad I was excited...

I'll just have to wait until I get back home to my computer.

PS: I just watched The Bridge to Teriberhia with my parents.. mmm hmm
khaled Dostzada
8 years ago
very nice that your doing motion graphics again, maybe for a future tut you could show how to put 3d things into live action footage?
8 years ago
Hey cool man! superb, keep it up.
U always Rock!

Warm Regards
8 years ago
peter-- where r u from man?
8 years ago
Woo, can't wait!

BTW, please take a look at a promo I've just created for an up and coming film from Idol Pictures, '80's Style Action Film'.

Find it here:

Thanks :D

8 years ago
Andrew, you must tell me! how do you merge expression control effects! like in your lightsaber preset, cuz I have some presets I want to make but i need to do what you did and create a controll effect.
8 years ago
The other post didn't work...I emptied my cache thats why?
8 years ago
8 years ago
DONE! Wow that uploaded fast, under 10 minutes since my last post.
Here it is:

Check it out!!
8 years ago
I just finished mine, and I'm currently uploading it. I've been working on it since's been over 2 hours, but I had a Taco session in between.
I'll post the link when it's on YouTube.

in the meantime, visit:
Harry mcHugh
8 years ago
looks nice. I would like to see some 3ds max tuts but wutever youll give , ill take. Congrats on the baby, do you know if its a boy or girl yet?
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

I actually thought about simulated gravity ever since I saw the making of halo, however never thought that it was relevent in After Effects. I think you'd be able to do some really neat effects.
8 years ago
I want to watch a tutorials with chroma key like Forest Gump Chromas
8 years ago
Hey Andrew, I got an iPod too. Except I won mine. :P
8 years ago
what about the 3dmax or flash integration? keep the good work.
saludos desde Argentina
8 years ago
love the motion graphics tutorials, keep it up.

does anyone know of a good site for adobe illustrator tutorials?
8 years ago
8 years ago
Do you own a Sandsisk Sansa mp3 player? beacause the backbround looks like from the player.

i prefer vfx but this is unsefull too
8 years ago
Cant wait
8 years ago
I love Motion Graphics! I have been using MoGraph and tags in Cinema 4D for gravity so I am really excited about possibly being able to achieve similar effects without leaving AE.

Thank you in advance Andrew!
8 years ago
Cool : ) Hope it comes soon!
8 years ago
look foward to the tutorial
8 years ago
Just Amit
8 years ago
u never let us down Kramer!!!
Orc Master
8 years ago
LOL, alright, I'll go outside and play hopscotch...

Tuesday? Oh man, I'll have to wait 'till I come back from vacation... Well, it'll be worth it!

I also prefer VFX, but GFX are also useful for movies, since they help you make cool titles. Thanx, Andrew!

Man, make sures you post some pics of little Kramer as well ;)
8 years ago
Cooly Wooly .. !

I am going to play hopscotch tommorow I prommes...
8 years ago
Do you know if you are having a boy or girl?
Nice... Thanks for the update Andrew. Did you get any of my emails?

8 years ago
Very Cool, looking forward to it!
8 years ago
cool, but i think ill stick with C4D for gravity.
8 years ago
Man! Second comment!
Josh Carr
8 years ago
I prefer VFX, but a new Kramer tut is always welcomed!!!
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