TUTORIAL: Time Freeze in After Effects

Create a simple Time Freeze effect where one character can examine the frozen world!

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10 years ago
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6 years ago
thanks for the tutorial! Here's my short time freeze video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkaIbfaiiK4
I hadn't watched this tut until now. Very cool, thanks!
John Doe
9 years ago
Yesss, I'm having the same problem as LCS Productions, but it doesn't seem to happen when I use your footage, only with my own.

Could anyone shed some light on this?

Anyway, thanks for all the tuts, really awesome
LCS Productions
9 years ago
Love this tutorial

Tried this with some of my footage and when I Time Remap to freeze the frame I want and set the two other points to set the speed back normal there is a frame jump in the frozen portion.

I keep trying with other footage but keep getting the same jump???

Thanks for your time and help and all these tutorials
Juancho Salao
9 years ago
Before I got into after effects, I have always wondered how did they do the selective freeze motion in the movie Big Fish (Tim Burton). Anyway, this tutorial blew me off my feet.
9 years ago
Hey, you know for the time freeze effect, what if i wanted to make the main actor move in FRONT of the frozen characters, instead of behind, like on your video you made a mask with the dude about to drop, but the moving actor is behind the frozen guy, i wondered, how do you do it if the person moving is going in front of a frozen character, do i have to change the masks shape and in each frame on the moving person? PLease respond, me and my friends are making a parody of movies, and this certain one is for a parody of the movie "Click". Thank You!
9 years ago
Why i cant watch the video?
9 years ago
great tutorial. keep em' coming
10 years ago
OMG this tutorial is extra cool:) this effect freez is great. Andrew you cool man. Great job :D
Sam Mansfield
10 years ago
Dude is there anything you cant do??? this was the exact tutorial i have been looking for for so long thanks!!!
10 years ago
I screw up always it seems my two image won't appear together. And I don't really understand the concept of the pen tool. I'm a Noob!
10 years ago
It might help to put the whole thing into a new comp and simulate a handheld camera with the wiggler or something, for that "Heroes" effect
10 years ago
got it. They work all of a sudden. These tutorials are so great!
10 years ago
I love the tutorials but a lot of them dont work for me. like the time remapping or time freeze. Do you know what could be the porblem?
10 years ago
awesome tutorial!...this one's my new favorite trick...haha
10 years ago
Hey ANdrew! I got the designer sound FX. But the "Fall.wav" is not on the DVD! WHere can i get it?
10 years ago
awesome tutorial man, been waiting for a tutorial like this to come around, you should make another tutorial where the camera rotates in frozen time while some guy walks around. ive been curious how they did that. thanks man. Love the tutorials
Fame Little
10 years ago
It was a pleasure meeting you at AENY & sharing your great work with us. Hope to see you again, you are a blessing to anyone who's trying to learn motion graphic.

God Bless You.
Thank again.
pablo Ruiz
10 years ago
muy bueno ¡ les felicito esta pagina me a inspirado mucho, yo soy de chile y estoy haciendo una pelicula para el colegio.

Me han dado una buena idea aunque yo utilizo mas los montajes.

SEria bueno una ayuda de ustedes......
10 years ago
Oscar Nonis
10 years ago

You are the man. Thanks for sharing and your way of teacing is really easy to understand and keep this up.

I wish you good luck and better future

10 years ago
Excellent tut Andrew.....your work is great. Thanks for posting it.

10 years ago
great work man! and one more time, thanks for bring it us some of your time to show us how to work with this great tool AE.

and what happen if i want freeze the time in 3D? :p
10 years ago
Andrew, desde que vi tu sitio la primera vez, no pude creerlo.
Es impresionante, tu manera de retribuir al mundo del diseño tus conocimientos, enhorabuena, y gracias por compartir.

Sigo mucho tu trabajo, y estoy pensando seriamente en comprar alguno de tus productos.

10 years ago
Any chance you could tell us how to do this with effects rather than video. I.e. Freezing cc Particle World mid bubble so we can rotate around it with a camera?

Cheers Andrew.

Dan Winer
10 years ago
Great Tutorial. How would you develop it to do a 3d move of the frozen shot. See it a lot on TV but never worked out how it was done?
10 years ago
You are awsome man! i love your website. i check it out every day! how did you get so..... king in AfterEffects? and how do you get your audio in after effects? i render my movie but there was no sound? answer me!

Kid 12 norway
10 years ago
Hi Andrew.
All your tutorials are amazing.Keep up the good work.
I work for a television broadcast I like all your tutorials.I have learned a lot from you.

God Bless You

James Cawley
10 years ago
Andrew, thanks again for the great products and tutorials! Cant wait for your next great product, I will be the first to buy!


Manmeet Ahluwalia
10 years ago
Awesome guru, I don't have words to explain how much I like your tutorials.
Keep up the good work.

Production Editor
CBC Canada
10 years ago
hey ET Entertainment,
no sorry im not that person :)

hehe andrew the after effects guru ;)

thx again
10 years ago
Excelente Tutorial.....
Eres de lo mejor Andrew....
10 years ago
Hi this is yogesh from india, i watch your every video its fantastic. and i really love its. But i need production kind of effects. so can you send me . and i alo spcialy thx for andru
Jayakhanthan (JK)
10 years ago
Sofar i dont even play around with Timefreeze effect....but now on i'm
going to do some trials.

Really good Tutorial.Thanks.
Please can you do one morph tutorial.When ever you can.
10 years ago
Hi Andrew,

Well i am from India and a huge fan of your presentation,

Although i didn't enjoy this tutorial as much i enjoyed some of your other tutorials but still it is a must read tutorials for novice after effect users and new film makers. i more things all the tutorials which we downloaded from your websites are only playble in 7.0 version not in 6.5. (until or unless we recreate them in 6.5) so is there any way to make them work in 6.5 directly?

Thanks and regards
10 years ago
Great work man!

Very nice Tutorial, u are my man :D

Sascha from Germany!
10 years ago
Hello andrew sorry I mean to say that Hello Andrew sir. actually I m ur unknow student. But u dont know i really impressed with ur work and i always try to follow ur mind and ur creative idea. thanx Andrew You r really a great person. I salute you. and and and God bless u.
10 years ago
This tutorial was wery good. I used this in my latest test Movie.
I have also used the lightsaber tutorial.

Thanks Andrew!
10 years ago
Andrew wats u eat plzzz tell me thats am also eat and work like u:D
Migha CG
10 years ago
WOW! Andrew, you and your website and your products... I just simpley want to thank you a bunch for making these AWESOME tuts, very usefull and everything.
Never stop with the good work! U simpley are THE man! ;);)
Charles D.
10 years ago
Thank you so much Mr. Kramer.
I've always been fascinated by this technique and now I know how to do it thanks to you! I just can't imagine all the ways I can use this as a storytelling device in my short films. Here's my first attempt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di2Bbq0IhSk
I wish I could find more time freeze videos but it seems not many people are posting them online. It would be awesome to see the many different ways it can be used.

Also, I learned, after shooting this indoors, that you need good lighting (as with everything else) to be able to do this well. I spent a long time just messing around trying to fix the shadows. Thankfully, the low quality of youtube somewhat makes it less obvious. Thanks Again!
10 years ago
Well, the project files may not work but the tutorial can be followed in AE 6.5 with slight variations. The project files are more just as a bonus...
10 years ago
Hey Andrew, you should make sure
that all the free tutorials work with
After Effects 6.5 and not just 7.0

I currently have 6.5 and most of
the project files I've downloaded
didn't work...
10 years ago
great tutorial, very useful. It would be fantastic if you made a 'morphing' tutorial. I've always been interested to see how that is done.
10 years ago
(you can do it with a Greenscreen... but then u have to worry about lighting.. and camera angles.. and were the actor walks around)
10 years ago
Joe.. All u have to do is mask the actor over the top of the background layer.... tho this would require u to adjust the mask every key frame if hes walking around.
John Paite
10 years ago
@Joe what effect are u talking abt ? If u mean this effect..well u dont require a greenscreen like u see...
10 years ago
bueno me gusta mucho tus videos!
y sabes ,e gustaria comprarlos....
pero estan en ingles!
creo que si los pudieras traducir seria mejor!
buen tuto!
10 years ago
Cool tutorial.. bbut would it be possible to do this effect with the frozen world in the bacground. or would that only be possible with greenscreen?
10 years ago
I am wondering...can I get a DIRECT link to the video file? Because from my home(here in China) I cannot get to it for some reason. Before I found other tutorials with the direct link and could download them...but any tutorial hosted on "andrewkramer.net" or "videocopilot4.net" I cannot watch.

Damn weird...

Thanks in advance.
10 years ago
yeah i loved the tutorial, but like many people I am also wondering, if it is possible( I dont think so) To do something like in the show Heroes, i mean like the camera is moving around. Or even the Smallville where Clark is going super fast and everything is Slow. I assume that you need high quality CGI(3d animation) stuff.
10 years ago
awesome stuff
10 years ago
ah! I got it...thanks...

woah, that's going to be alot of keyframes to mask!
John Paite
10 years ago
@ET Entertainment - Car effect is similar ur right..shoot it with a tripod.. u have to mask the one getting hit so put that above the car running..mask him, feather it a bit,put motion blur when u keyframe him to be push off the scene(u wanna push himm off pretty fast to hide the uneven masking) but if u wanna work ur way with masking every bit then u can afford to slow it down a lil bit..either way since its shot in the same scene u will have the upperhand advantage of masking ur actor...
10 years ago
"Ahhh… then this is how you did that scene of the guy getting hit by a car! Sweet!"

omg....so who would be the car...the one with the boxes...or the one without?? I need to learn the one with the car so badly...before Monday (when summer school starts) AHHH!!!! I need to go to AE school
John Paite
10 years ago
@Harry - U have to plan ur shot really well before for that act..maybe even need to shoot the second shot(person reaching out to the box) on a green screen to have the flexibility of moving around the actor for the right action and then the boxes have to be seperated from each other(full view) after that its just masking and keyframes..however u need to put a layer(the main scene, in this case the street) before the actors comes in to the view(you can freeze frame this part) and just put it under ur mask layer...thats about it!
10 years ago
hey Luki.....are you Mattias?? from Spanish class!!!!!!!

dude, you still want to take that fender back to
Germany...it will cost alot to ship man ...

anyways...if it is you...nice knowing you and keep in touch
I know you hated that class, and everyone did. You're probably
on your way to Czech right now. bye man
10 years ago
oh!! great question Harry McHugh. I think that would be alot of keyframing and stuff, if I were to do it, I'd just make the actor stand still and the other one just move the boxes in real time
Harry McHugh
10 years ago
Hey I am interested to see how to have the person that is not frozen interact with frozen stuff. Like go up and move one of the boxes? would u just mask that item and keyframe the movement?
John Paite
10 years ago
ahhh the embed didnt work, worked in my wordpress..anyways here is the link to youtube..its basically one of the box falls when sam went in contact with it..
I remember Daniel G was asking for this kinda effect in the begining!
John Paite
10 years ago

I just made this with the clips provided.. I remember see one of this effect where the actor actually interact with the still object in THE LOT .. Guess its pretty neat effect but that needed to be planned beforehand..
10 years ago
great tutorial , nice work , i learned a lot great stuff , keep up the good work ;)
10 years ago
Hi, nice tutorial Great work but can you make one tutorial with Matrix Effect? not the rain code but the slow motion or somthink like that ?

Great work man excellent
10 years ago
Great work Andrew u have totally got me and my mate hooked on After Effects and this site ;) keep up the amazing work

patricio urriola
10 years ago
Hola Andrew, quiero agradecerte por enseñarnos tus conocimientos.
Muchas gracias por todo, y eres de gran ayuda

Santiago de Chile
10 years ago
Ahhh... then this is how you did that scene of the guy getting hit by a car! Sweet!
Thanks for this!
S. Gilbert
10 years ago
Awesome tutorials, I have been checking out videocopilot.net several times a week for over a year now, love your work, keep it up Andrew!
10 years ago
Hi ! I'm French (sorry for my bad english ^^) and i come from Emob > http://www.emob.fr
I really reallyto know this website, your tutorials are fun and very interesting and it's easy to understand thanks to the video of course but you speak very well and not so fast. A big "Bravo" !
Thanks you to all ;) ..and good continuation
10 years ago
Anyone get their soundfx yet?
10 years ago
Hey Andrew, It's paddy..

You probably remember me from some of my emails I have sent you (eg. Water Ricochet)

Just wanted to say great work man.

One question, are you using WORDPRESS now for your blogs?
10 years ago
umm ..that is a car. i thought.
10 years ago
great tutorial man.. i love it.. keep the good work
10 years ago
YOU ROCK!, you've teached me so much with those AWESOME videotutorials. Just my IDOL. Thanks bro for all.
Eduardo Torres
10 years ago
Andrew is totaling inspiring and his tutorial are fun an easy to watch. I bought the Serious FX and compositing DVD and I'm expecting to see part II very soon. I never used AE before so I downloaded a Trial, now, almost 6 months later I scheduled to take the Adobe Certified Expert Exam and AE will be the first exam, and all this thanks to these inspiring tutorials learned here, and a little credit to Creative Cow podcast. I'm currently a VP of a Financial Institution but now I want to be a Film maker.

Good idea to include here a comments feature. Wish to also see an open forum where all users may exchange projects and more ideas.

Greetings from the Caribbean,
San Juan, Puerto Rico.
10 years ago
garbage matte? whats that black flash in the upper right corner?
10 years ago
Hey I am a 15 year old aspiring filmmaker, and I have to say, your tutorials have helped me more than any After Effects book I've read. I'm planning to make a short this summer, and hopefully I'll be able to use some of the effects you have explained, especially the time-freeze effects. Thanks again for the great tutorials!
10 years ago
Awesome as always!
John Paite
10 years ago
First and foremost Am a fan of Andrew no doubt his tuts are awesome and his stories,entertaining....

Oh btw @ Daniel G, if u wanna move the boxes, u have to add an additional layer(time freeze the scene when the actor is not in sight) put that below the freezing box layer and when the actor touches it, just mask out the box and move them to the side a bit( this time the actor has to reach and touch the box and not passed behind them,otherwise it will take serious masking)...what I would like to know is, how can the actor grab the boxes as if they are in one real scene....? moving aint hard, but grabbing, that calls for Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!
10 years ago
Once again andrew, nice tutorial! Big fan :)
10 years ago
Wow Great tutorial, Congratulations for da blog andrew ;>
I challenge all Total training AE instructor! Brian Maffitt, John Fischer other like Bill.O Niel, Joe Chao, and others, even all Creative Cow AE instructor... you guys should come down to Video Co-pilot and see how ANDREW KRAMER is making the world of fans... (though those guys are great, but... wht ever) i wish Andrew the Best FX artist 2007!!!.... even looking at the SOUND FX trailer, damn! its is heart breaking, i connected my PC to my DVD speaker deck, men!!! my house was BREAKING, my wife loved it more than me..... i had to disconnet the internet so that my wife wont be mailing Kramer behind me..kiddin..

Pls Andrew can you send me only the movie clip for the Trailer, i want to have it, waking up with it....

great Andrew, keep it up

Tunslike (Nigeria)
Knut Emil
10 years ago
My Tutorial is not working why?
I think its a great tutorial beacuse Andrew Made it :D seen them all :D

But Can someone help me?

Knut Emil
Kristiansand, Norway
10 years ago
Mr.Kramer, since the gathering has come to pay respects to the wu-tang-clan maste of ae i think i oughtta leave my own r-e-s-p-e-c-t. a silent (til now) viewer from ioa-greece
10 years ago
Andrew, you are UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I only own the trialversion of AE but i like it to watch the tutorials on your webside. Now i can tell my friends "you saw this cool effect in the movie? I know how is done. I can show you."
Congratulations!! Your products are awesome too!!

My trial time expires soon with AE, but i will remember the time and remember you! But if I have 1500 $, I will buy a fender stratocaster and not AE ;);)

Keep on rockin!!

Sorry for my english, im 16 years old and im from germany so, i want to say more but i dont know the right words ;)

Daniel Reynolds
10 years ago
Great tutorial Andrew, keep up the good work. These tutorials totally apply to what I need to learn in After Effects, and what I like to do. Thanks!
Daniel Reynolds
Club House Inc productions
10 years ago
Man..i name u...the "aftereffects Guru"....
10 years ago
Hi, how are you (Andrew and Sam XD). My name is Guillermo (the same in English is William), Im 17 years old and Im from Spain.
Im learning a lot with your tutorials and I think that http://videocopilot.net is a very good web. Congratulations for your work, and thaks.

Pd: I hope my english were good xD.
10 years ago
great work!
'videocopilot is definitely the best tut-website on the net!': that's what i thought the first time i ran across this site one year ago and that's what i'm still thinking now.

all the best,

Jason Rosacia
10 years ago
sup Andrew! great tutorial! I've been using the chroma key technique for this effect, and it was a pain in the @$$! thank you for your free tutorials, that other lead animators wont share!
10 years ago
Great job, andrew

i hope more tutorials

if you want to be a road cleaner, be the best cleaner!
if you want to be a carpenter, be the best carpenter!
if you want to be a footballer, be the best player!

at your own time be the best of your kind....

Andrew Kramer, Video Co-pilot is first of its kind, he has impacted and mentored me, great tutorials, great teaching, entertaining voice, nice sociality, great freebies. the guy is just to much, guys am saying again, appreciate this guy, he is really the one... am ready to contribute back what Video-copilot has contributed to my skills

bye for Now

Babatunde Tunslike (Nigeria)
illusion2reality productions
10 years ago
Your site is a fantastic resource for learning After Effects. I think the attraction is because your tutorials are not only skill-based steps, but they are interesting. They are tutorials that have REAL applications. So many of the books, manuals and classes out there are based on ".....animate this square.....move these wavy lines.....paste this text here......", etc. But not you! Your stuff is fun and educational, all at the same time. Keep up the fantastic work. Love the site. You're now my homepage! I challenge you to stay my homepage! (Good Luck!) LOL
its a pity i couldn't read all the post, cuss i aint got time, i would love to see what people are saying about Andrew.
Great, skilled, talented, wonderful Andrew Kramer, guys! this guy is the man of the world, as for me, he has being the mentor in AE, with Co-pilot tutorials, am one of the greatest in my hood! now am about freezing the world... guys pls appreciate Andrew, he is one of its kind, its not just simple to sit down and write tutorials for free, its mean lot, very time i get to Videocopilot, am always intrigued, check out the Sound FX Trailer, men am on for that... keep it up Andrew, we love you, i wish someday we will make some spectacular FX together.... and keep it up your humor, its makes me want to listen to you

thanks Andrew, you are great

Tunslike (Nigeria)
10 years ago
Really are Master, Tutorials is the extra, just forward.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
10 years ago

You're best of best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



you dont know how much i APPRICIATE this tut'

You'r simply THE BEST Grandmaster for AE!!!!!!
thanks for keeping the gd work up and keep up the humor, it's really entertaining.

10 years ago
Sir, Andrew u really Rocks, all your tutorials are amazing Keep Rocking Sir I'm your biggest fan
10 years ago
haha yahoo.. :P
10 years ago
WOW! That is a lot of bloggin.

I really do appreciate all of the feedback. I told my wife that I had friends and now I have the proof ; )

10 years ago
Andrew I just wanna kiss you. :D
ofcourse i'm not one of them I just love this website than any other site. Really thank you for shareing this tut with us man.
By the way you forgot to play that music in the last tut. ;)

Ahmed Sleem
10 years ago
Hey Andrew,
Man, I have to say what a great job you are doing both in teaching us and entertaining us. All the tutorials are very well put together and you obviously enjoy doing them. My congratulations to you for your efforts mate. Just loved the latest tutorial and look forward even more to whats on the horizon.
10 years ago
Your tutorials are great, very good and simple !

Thx a lot.
10 years ago
Great work on this turoial i did something like this for a school project and got $500 for it but his looks way better! wish i had seen this befor i did it....
10 years ago
OK, enough butt kissing everyone. Obviously we all come here daily or else we wouldn't have posted the day the Blog started. I'm going to point out the obvious which none of you have seemed to notice(but if you have I'm too lazy to read all your posts)...

...and that is, "WTF Andrew?! NO THEME SONG?!"

Yeesh, come out with a blog and new DVD featuring sound effects and you skimp on the THEME SONG? I vote for a recall!"

... cool tutorial anyways.
10 years ago
its Really cool tutorial>>>>>

Keep up the good work>>>>

you'r the beast........

from\ saudi arabia
10 years ago
By the way I'm from Brisbane, Australia
10 years ago
Can I just say thank you, for all the things that you've taught me? I've only had AE (6.0) for three days and already, I've learned SO MUCH, thanks to these AWESOME tutorials. This one is amazing. It's like Piper's power from Charmed! :D

The thing I love most about your website is how experienced, professional and dedicated you are to your fans. The site is always neat, clean and easy to navigate through, and you seem to update at least once a week or so, which is something that I find very rare. Well, thanks again! :)
10 years ago
i emailed this idea. thanks andrew!
10 years ago
Your my hero Kramer!
Barry Barrera
10 years ago
Master Andrew,

I never saw any AE site that is so perfect and clear when it comes to tutorials!....VIDEOCOPILOT is definitely 2nd to nothing!....Keep it up Master Andrew...

Barry Barrera
jbsynchrovision video
10 years ago
Hmm....can't say I LOVED this tutorial, it seems like something that could have been pieced together from your older tutorials...but I suppose if you got a lot of demands for it it'd be a reasonable effect to show people.

Don't get me wrong at all, I love your tutorials and would be lost without them, but I'd like it a lot more if you touched on maybe some of the things in After Effects that were a bit more...complex...I think at this point you've pretty much brought us really up to speed with After Effects, don't be afraid to try some really complex stuff....I'd love to see something I didn't understand. It'd bring the magic back to editing.
Iftakar Kaysar
10 years ago
your* sorry typo
Iftakar Kaysar
10 years ago
DUDE YOU ROCK!, our tutorials are mad helpfull, thanks
10 years ago
Hi Andrew, you're very great...could you trust that I visite your site every morning (in office) and every evenig (at home)!! Your tutorial are very great and powerful!! I'll buy all your products (one by one)...I hope that every week we'll find a new tutorial! Bye.

Catania, Italy
10 years ago
Hey JonL,

Can you try increasing the shutter speed of the camera? this will lessen the motion blur of the foreground element. See here:


I think Andrew makes reference to this at the very end of the tutorial. Good luck!
10 years ago
When i've tried this effect in the past, there is usually to much motion blur in the foreground to rotoscope it properly, any tips on how to reduce it?
10 years ago
Great job man! I like your style and tutorials also keep it up with the good work and remember YOU ARE THE BEST!!! You make me better movie maker and i want to thank you! As some people say i check the site 10-20 times a day with the only hope that there will have a new great and amazing tutorial by you! YOU ROCK EVERYBODY! I want to wish you a lot of luck and happy and nice moments in your life :) LOVE YOU! keep it up.
10 years ago
As always, love the tutorial - thanks for your generosity keep up the good work - looking forward to the next tutorial.

London, England
10 years ago
Cool tutorial!

I was wondering: could you make a plate out of a still of the footage and use that for a difference key on the frozen and not-frozen Sam. I tried it with the download, but it's to compressed to get a proper key.
I've never used difference key before, but it seems you could get pretty neat results if it would work.


The Netherlands
10 years ago
Andrew you have 'wowed' us all. You have made us better film makers, editors alike. I feel OBSESSED because of YOU but in a GOOD way. Heres how I am now, thinking hmm, let me go to videocopilot.net. Ohhh no tutorial in 1 week GEEZ. Then almost 2 weeks I thought we lost you. I seem obsessed coming to your site like 50 times a day. Sorry for eating your bandwidth ^.^ You made me what I want to be. You molded me to become a better editors and filmmakers. Now just have to ask... Did you try for 'On the Lot'?
Dustin James
10 years ago
I liked the tutorial...

I think it would have been a little better if Sam kept walking the same direction...

but it is just a tutorial... so that doesn't matter cause its not like your going for an award winning video there...

I want to do this with a dog or something like that...

also.. you could animate the mask's shape and have your moving character walk in front of the frozen character...
10 years ago
Really Awesome Andrew keep up the good work and thanks for taking the time to show up these tutorials.
10 years ago
man u are just the best i love ur tutorials am gonna buy the sound fx today i love ur work i hope u put more tutorials soon and i love ur humor hehe keep up the good work my regards cross
Shujaat Syed
10 years ago
Thanks for the awesome tutorial
Sebastian Vázquez
10 years ago
You sir.. Are the Best!

Fantastic Tutorial like always, very useful and helpful.
10 years ago
Another amazing tutorial. Fun yet interesting I think :P
Justin Productions
10 years ago
Great tutorial! By the way, that Wordpress comment section goes very well with your design.

I still can't believe someome made 400$ of Break.com with your Action Movie Essentials DVD; http://www.break.com/index/guy-shoots-his-own-hand.html . Even more dramatic, if you look closely, the blood stays in front of his fingers when he approches them in front of the camera. Too lazy to rotoscope or what? ;)

That blog thing is a good idea as long as it stays "professional".
Keep up the good work bud.
10 years ago
Nice tutorial. good as always :)

Boston, Massachusetts
Rafael Dourado – Brazil
10 years ago
Someday I´ll get there ! lol
Congrats Andrew ! And all ur folks ! Keep doind ur awesome work !
Tks a lot ! U have no idea how u´ve been helping me ! Tks !
10 years ago
hey great tutorial i love it keep up the good work BIG BIG FAN of ur work this is my first comment an ur site but it wont be my last.
Luiz felipe Britto
10 years ago
Really cool tutorial! Great great job, easy to follow...

Dude, i tell every body in Brazil about your website.

Thanks for all your free tutorials, I already ordered Riot Gear and Video Streams HD.

Greetings from Sao Paulo, Brazil
10 years ago
Great tutorial, and so easy to follow, i love this page, i have it in my favorites, regards.

Juararez, Mexico.
10 years ago
Magnifico tutorial como todos los que ha hecho Andrew Kramer,sus tutoriales tienen buena acogida para los que hablan español,y me gustaria comprarke un dvd pero nose como hacerlo ya que no domino mucho el idioma ingles
10 years ago
Nice tutorial and cool
Keep up the good work
L. Kideckel
10 years ago
Awesome Tut! Thanks for making our lives easier!

It would be super cool if your next project was how to do "A scanner darkly" cartoon animation/style http://imdb.com/title/tt0405296/
without having to animate frame by frame :) wishful thinking maybe...

Thanks a mil for the great work!
10 years ago
Awesome Andrew!!!!

U r just awesome with ur every Tutorial.
Thanks a lot for everything.

Warm Regards
Travis McRae
10 years ago
Man i dont knwo where you come up with this stuff
im here everyday and for the past two weeks i though you died or somethign put i was so happy when i saw the new tutorial
its amazing keep it up man

10 years ago
mark summarized it all.

Great tut, thanks
10 years ago
Nice tutorial! thanks a lot! just a question, what was your shutter speed??
10 years ago
Really cool tutorials, you are amazing ;)

///Wiedel from sweden
10 years ago
totally agree with the above comments. No need to repeat the same. I have yet to come across another site such as yours were you offer great tools and most of all you share your full tutorials up front. Others places make you buy their product in order to see a good tutorial. They only show a basic (this is what you get) tutorial that is not appealing and make you question is the $ is worth it. I hope you do not change your business practice and method of doing business as it will keep me here long term. Like i said, i hit your web page first before anyone else's and keep coming back to it.
Wagner Antonelo
10 years ago
Really cool tutorial! Great great...

very good...
10 years ago
another Great job by Andrew , very useful
10 years ago
nice tutorial . thanks Andrew
Craig Woolhouse
10 years ago
I'm on your site like 3 times a day to see if you have new tuts up, so putting a blog on here is another reason to visit!

Another great tutorial my friend, would be nice to know how the moving actor can move in and around the frozen actor!

10 years ago
Dude, thanks for the weekly encouragement. This is a sweet tutorial! We used to do this stuff back in high school on VHS and green screen... Ah, just makes me appreciate After Effects so much more! Rock on, AK!
10 years ago
HAHAHA, OMG!:D Very Nice.... In Holland you have a show called 'mijn vader is een tovenaar' --> translated --> ''My father is a wizard'. The main character in that movie can use the same power, isn't that amazing!!!!:D That show is from the 70's....!!!! I liked the tutorial very much, and I am going to test it right away!!!!!!! THANKS!!:D
10 years ago
Thanks for the new tutorial - once again it is a really good one. Great new blog page too. Take care.
10 years ago
Poor Sam ... latetly he have the bad work :) lol
Great Tutorial, already looking forward to see the next :)

Thanks for sharing this with us,

Paris, France
10 years ago
As always, really damn great! :)

Morten Christensen
10 years ago
hey !
I'm french and I find your tutorial very very well !
good work for good man ! ;)
10 years ago
Yeah! Again a fantastic tutorial!
I was a complete crap before! But now, thanks to all your tutorials i'm completely better at After Effects.
Your site is in my favorites! thanks again for all your free tutorials, I will order Riot Gear or Sound designer soon as possible !

Thanks x100

Lucky from France :).
10 years ago
Great tutorial, i love it, and i will try it out a lot i guess....
thanks again Andrew

Amsterdam (Holland)
10 years ago
Great tutorial and easy to follow
would be even better if you can go around the frozen stuff
there was a show on tv where all people got frozen and the actor moved between them but seeing the behind the scene in some parts they just told the people not to move when the actor walk and then added stuff using CG that added realism
but anyway very cool effect
thank you
10 years ago
Another great and certainly fun tutorial from the ever-inspiring cinematographer, Andrew. Keep up the great work.
10 years ago
Great Tutorial , let's freeze the world now , take our camera and go out getting footage. Thanks
10 years ago
I saw one of the "directors" use this on The Lot and i immediately thought, "Man, that would make one great tutorial on Video Copilot." Just goes to show you that great minds really do think alike.
10 years ago
Awesome new tutorial Andrew! I gonna buy the Sound FX as soon as I found my cc :D

Greating from Germany
Scott Wetherall
10 years ago
Keep up the great work. . . I check your site twice a day for Tutorials (gee I must get a life)
10 years ago
Expected nothing less from you, just show us a really cool effect and break it down to a few simple steps. The tutorials are what you should be selling more of! Great!
Haydn González
10 years ago
Just wanted to congratulate you guys for all that cool stuff, great tutorial.

Greetings from Miami, USA.
Jesus Ramirez
10 years ago
great tutorial like always, i actually did something like thhis before! im surprised to have done something then see the tutorial for it, usually its the other way around!

SF Bay, California
Christopher Carlsson
10 years ago
Really cool tutorial! Will definitely try it =)

// Christopher, Sweden =)
Daniel G.
10 years ago
hello i am just wondering how would i go about having the non frozen person moving the frozen box (sorry if that is worded weird)

any help would be gladly accepted.
10 years ago
Sweet tutorial man! Keep up the good work!

Norway, Europe.