Indiana Jones 4!

My favorite film series is underway. They just released this great photo of the man himself:

Sure he looks older but not too bad for 60 years old. To tell you the truth, Indiana Jones is my hero. I have a signed Raiders of the Lost ark poster and you might say I’m a HUGE fan. I’ve heard people say negative things about this movie and how old Harrison Ford looks, etc. But not here. This guy is the man! If you write negative comments, I will delete them and I will come to your house and unplug your refrigerator. Your comment will be an unsolved mystery for the Hardy Boys.

Now if want to praise this movie uncontrollably… Please do.

9 years ago
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4 years ago
Ah, well. I suppose it could have been worse. Maybe.

Or maybe not.
5 years ago
I just read this post and am a HUGE Indy fan. When I found out about the 4th coming out I got a friend to sneak me into the theaters at 3 in the morning so I could be the first to watch the trailer for the film.
How have I never known you love Indy?? I, too have a signed Raiders poster, as well as the '93 pinball machine. Raiders is absolutely my favorite movie of all time.
6 years ago
looking back at the old days.
6 years ago
60 year old Indy could kick Lara Croft´s perfect tatooed ass any day of the week. That´s just mi opinion.
7 years ago
Jop old Harrison Ford,he still hase the guts!
Pablo Puentes
8 years ago
Heres a quote from the great Ron Bennington of Ron and Fez:

"If Harrison Ford was a real man, he would be Sigourney Weaver."

Oh man...Im an Indy fan, but that was too funny not to share.
8 years ago
haha its funny because the refrigerator thing was funny until a load of you guys started ripping it off! yeh, indiana jones is cool - i know this comment is really late cus its out in about a month or two...!
9 years ago
We has a title!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.

I like!
9 years ago
Where can i watch the movies u and ur friends made? I'd like to see the movie wich i think was in ur awesome tutorial where the guy gets crushed by the rock. =)
9 years ago
The closest to being involved with this film was to wait in line with 30,000 other hopeful extras in New Haven, CT a few weeks back. It was great getting to see the set for the chase scene - it's amazing how they transformed the streets of Yale campus into the 1950's. I was too busy to catch any of the shoot, but 600 lucky people from the area got to participate in the film.

I'll just wait for Indy 5...
Uncle Benja
9 years ago
New video at One amazing shot from a preview monitor. I'm so friggin' excited about this film. Raiders still reigns supreme as the greatest film ever made.....Period.
9 years ago

Very interesting information! Thanks!

9 years ago
Indiana Jones and Han Solo are the best heroes in the galaxy XD!!!!!!!!!
Badweather Baker
9 years ago
Summer of 08 is going to be an awsome time for movies. Indy 4 and the dark knight, I cant wait!
9 years ago
The new Indiana Jones movie is heading to Hawaii.
Cast and crew, including Harrison Ford, Shia LaBeouf and new cast members Jim Broadbent and Cate Blanchett are currently shooting scenes at Yale in New Haven, Conn. (No time for love, Dr. Jones!) Production of the fourth Indiana Jones film has been shrouded in secrecy, but TMZ has learned that the production is expected to shift to the garden island of Kauai within a few weeks ... then it's back to Hollywood to film scenes on the back lot at Paramount.

courtesy of
9 years ago
andrew whats up .i have a question please let me know what to do i shoot with the xl2 footage looks good on camera but when i download it to the computer and export it to my videos it doesnt look clear what format i should export iam using premier 1.5 .help
and in AEi want to render the whole footage in the com time line how to do that .
9 years ago
Oh Man! Thanks for the link! Temple of doom probably not my favorite but I like a lot of the gags.
9 years ago

Hey, Andrew. I thought 'd link you to this you seem to be interested in it! Its a short video of the first day of shooting. The blog is a great addition to the site by the way! I check here almost every day now!
9 years ago
Andrew likes Indiana Jones. Huh! Who would have thought.

Well anywho, this being my first post I just wanna say 'Thanks for all the great turorials ...Keep em coming'.

Oh yeah by the just for the record...loved Raiders and Last Crusade, not so much Temple of Doom (as an Indian I thought it was racist and xenophobic, though not a bad film in itself)
9 years ago
love the indy films, this one is suppost to be set in the 1950's so the age thing will fit in with the timeline, being as the 1st three where set in the 30's
TL Westgate
9 years ago
Ya bunch of posers! I'm the Real Indiana Jones! At least according to the movie I made in college, I am. :)

Seriously, another huge fan here who is eagerly awaiting the final Ford chapter in the Indy saga.
Good Times
9 years ago
What Up Andrew!! Dude I'm a Big fan of Harrison Ford.... My all time favorite Movies..Yeap Yeap..!!!
9 years ago
Hell Yeah! I've been waiting for this sooo long! There is absolutely no other Indy than Ford. Were did you get this Picture? It's amazing...I can't believe myself freaking off from that little on-set image!!!
And remember, it's the name of the dog... :)
BTW I really enjoy your tutorials, go on, help me to become a successfull so i can postwork Indiana Jones 5 ;)

cheers from Germany
9 years ago
Cover your gray Indy!!
9 years ago
I must say, Indy is also my favorite movie series ever!
My favorite scene was when there's this crazy arab with a scimitar or something and indy simply pops him with his revolver! Classic!
9 years ago
Harrison Ford will ALWAYS BE MY GREAT HERO. I seen him in person
he's a awesome guy.
9 years ago
yea this is gonna be sweet and tell me im wrong I dare you!

The first teaser will show:
a) shots from the first films with text in between, then a reveal of Harrisons face, then the title fo the film.
b) fade in/out shots of his feet, hat, whip, etc. then maybe a sillouette, the title and thats all.

Knowing hollywood thats what they would do...and I can't wait!
Li Cui
9 years ago
I've never seen an Indiana Jones movie in my life. Don't delete my comment and come and unplug my fridge!
9 years ago
This reminds me Andrew. When can we expect the "Rolling Rock and Poison Darts" tutorial then?

Seriously though, I read somewhere that they are going back to basics with this movie. Not all CGI but stunctmen doing their thing instead, just like the others! Absolutely can't wait.

The only downside I can see is that when Indy 4 comes out on DVD I'll have to re-buy all the others again to get the latest boxed set. Still, I suppose it;ll be all the excuse I need to buy blu-ray rather than SD eh?
9 years ago
There are three things any movie fan knows when he walks into a cinema playing Indiana Jones! First; Harrison Ford is the man! Lets not even take the time to imagine someone like Ashton Kutcher taking over the role. (Some of us are still upset about Casino Royale & Daniel Craig. I mean, c'mon....where's Clive Owen?) 2. Indy will never use his whip as much as you'd like to see. And finally; when the films over, you will struggle to remember the last time you were as satisfied as an audience member. Indy rocks, as does Andrew and his site! I know i've learnt alot & would love to see many more tutorials. Thanks, Andrew!!!
9 years ago
Yeah the Indiana Jones series is great, is it true about Sean Connery not being in the movie.
9 years ago
They're making a new movie? Didn't know that :S Well these movies are very good movies and they are in my favorite list. And Harrison is a very good actor! :D

9 years ago
I like serial with young Indiana more than film but film is still film !
Indiana rulez 4-life.
Alexander Jansen
9 years ago
Haven't actually watched any of the movies yet, but just watched "The fugitive" (watched it because Neil flynn was in it!), but Harrison Ford wasn't too bad either :)

John Paite
9 years ago
didnt know this was coming out niceee im a big fan of indianna jones thats for sure!!
9 years ago
Indy 4, whew! It's about time, I think this will be the LAST of the "Camp outside the theater" movies on my slate. Harrison will be great, the lineup of talent working on this flick is phenomenal. One could not even feel pitty for the poor saps who try to release on the same date as the Jones'! Can't wait!
Dustin James
9 years ago
are you serious...
9 years ago
well here is my story .iam a big fan of Indina Jones, I WAS WAITING FOR THEM TO CALL US FOR EXTRA WORK on the film and they never did i was pissed but who knows maybe a'll be in the 5th .cant wait to see it
Justin Productions
9 years ago
Harrison Ford is a good actor, but I don't think this new Indiana Jones will be good.

So, while you come to my house and unplug my refrigerator, think you could give me a few tips in After Effects?

Just kidding, it'll be awesome. Of that I'm sure.
Dustin James
9 years ago
guys i'm serious....

I think Ford isn't the main character...
9 years ago
Actually scratch that, I liked The last crusade better
9 years ago
Now I'm not saying this at all to please you but I have always loved the Indiana Jones series.

To be honest, it is one of my favourite movies of all time (Raiders of the lost ark was my favourite)

Harrison Ford is an awesome actor and I don't think for a second that his age and/or looks will put down this movie!

Can't wait :D
9 years ago
indiana jones- oldie?, hehe, hey, hey andrew!!!, noooooooooooooo!!!!
my refrigeratoooooooooor!!!!!!!!
Dustin James
9 years ago
is that the reall Sam Loya? lol... I want your autograph... amazing facial expressions throughout the tutorials!

9 years ago
9 years ago
DUDE!!! OMG CAN'T WAIT!!! Filming early this week. I watched the last cruisade a couple days ago. Its filed with action and adventure ... that probably why they call them action adventures. AND THEY'RE FUNNY!!! Lol, remember when the dude was swingin his swords and showin off. Then indy just shot gim. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
You know what i love about Harrison? He's diverse! He can play the President of the United States, Indiana Jones, Probably pull off Han Solo again. ----------


Edited by Andrew Kramer- Get a bag of ice, cause your grounded.
9 years ago
Not the refrigerator, my mom would be pissed!!
So can we expect some neat Indiana Jones tutorials in the future? :)
Some other guy
9 years ago
I`m seeing forward to indy 4, but don`t unplug my refrigerator because then i will unplug yours and then we could have a unplug refrigerator battle.
9 years ago
Nice new sound effects dvd. I may have to add it to my bag of music.
9 years ago stoked. Spielberg is my idol. Ever since I was a young lad I've always had a love for the movies. It's all because of E.T. Rock on guys.
Dustin James
9 years ago
I swear Shia Labeouf is taking over the Movie industry... with all these big movies he's starting to star in... (I remember the good ole' disney show with him in it.)

Anywhoo... isn't he the star of the new Indiana Jones... I thought it was going to be passed down to a new Indiana... ya know.. Harrison Ford teaches the new young kid.. and then the legacy continues... that's what I've heard...

(I think Die Hard 4 looks great.. I really enjoy all the Teasers for that.. I've been playing with Riot Gear to create those Bold Grungy Letters they use... great teasers)
9 years ago
Wow, he's 60!? Didn't realize Ford was that old, he looks great.

Also, this post reminded me of this:

Finally a new Jones film!
9 years ago
man he is so sexy does anyone know what its called (the new film)

p.s wen i sed sexy i mean like for sixty
9 years ago
I'm just glad they didn't make the title dumb like they did with Rocky 6. I can't wait to see this. I am a man of action.
9 years ago
Man when I was 10 I used to watch the Indiana Jones films non-stop with me grandad and seeing that they ARE actually making another will be great. My grandad should love it too.
9 years ago
He doesn't look THAT much older... Good job for 60, lol
Jammin’ JJ
9 years ago
I can't believe they're finally getting around to making Indy 4! I remember reading a newspaper article back in 1993 about how they were trying to get #4 put together. Took their sweet time... I have a friend that used to go around the neighborhood dressed in full Indy garb; the hat, jacket, whip & revolver. I've owned probably three fedoras myself and I still have a 12 foot bullwhip around here somewhere. Indy is a great character for sure. This genre seem to be coming back into style now, what with movies like National Treasure and Davinci Code. I expect Indy 4 to be the cream of the crop, however.
9 years ago
the first three movies were gold
but i think they can mess it up pretty badly if they don't have a good script
i thought episode 1 was going to be the best movie ever until i saw it
9 years ago
Hey Andrew!! You call him Dr. Jones!!!
9 years ago
I enjoy Harrison Ford, but im not sure how strong this movie is going to be. Hopefully Hollywood's writers will not kill this like most other sequels and add ons to movies.
9 years ago
Sean Connery turned down the role, even though he couldn't think of a cooler movie to play in. He said he just wants to enjoy his retirement. Sounds like we won't see him in movies ever again.
9 years ago
Harrison Ford is the man! just please dont unplug my refrigerator, I have some important stuff in there!
Lol, im pretty pumped for this too, and he looks suprisingly good for 60. Does anyone know what its gonna be about, and do we know if Sean Connery will be in it?
9 years ago
JigglyWiggly, Just read the manual...

(or turn off auto gain and switch it to L)
9 years ago
shujaat, if i were you I would watch the earler movies first. than you can be sur that you didn't miss anything.

did this make any sense?
9 years ago
not a big fan of Indiana Jones, but a HUGEEEE fan of Spielberg and I can only say that this movie will rock ..cant wait for it.
9 years ago
I have not watched any Indiana Jones movies, it may be beacuse I am only 13, but I will try to watch this one.
Jacob Aaron
9 years ago
Wow, I cant believe people are saying that. I am too a huge fan!
9 years ago
This should be the best of all series. I have a lot of expectations in terms of special effects. It took almost 18 years since the last chapter so many people will have to catch up with the previous 3 movies to then go to the theaters. My son is 15 and told me exactly this.

By the way, I noticed on Fox (a few months ago) an advance of "Lost" where they used the music you used on your demo reel. Where exactly that type of music is found? Thanks and keep it up!
9 years ago
Don't worry, it was just a joke, but foul language posting here will be removed.
9 years ago
Great! Postet it on my blog, too! Thanks for the info and the pic!
9 years ago
Actually on the serious note, Andrew have you ever used the camera from Canon the XH A1, I kinda need help on it, the picture looks grainy like a camera phone...
9 years ago
You can't delete this! Based on the act of free speech! I don't like the movie!!! Although it must be great in some way.... som many like it.
9 years ago
9 years ago
... Message deleted by Andrew Kramer. You better find an ice chest son.

Seriously though, don't use foul language here.
9 years ago
I think we all figured out you was an HUGE FAN of Indiana Jones when we watch your Action Movie Essentials Trailer :)

Harrison Ford is actually one of my favorite actors, so I am of course a big fan of Indiana Jones. He look really good for his 60 years old, and he is a great actor.

PS: If you need some help to run some commando operation unpluging a few refrigerator let me know I am your man :D


Paris, France
9 years ago
He's one of my favorite actors anyway. I don't think he looks 60 in this picture. Can't wait for part 4!
9 years ago
Yeh its like Die Hard 4.0 This old looking guys rule the World, we love them for this!
stef D
9 years ago
the first movie is like the first back to the future.
you could have seen it 1000 times, sure it's on tv, i will seat in front of it !
Wil-diana Jones
9 years ago
Damn ! I've just re-seen the 3 (firsts) movies last week... this movie makes me dreaming to realize movies myself. The 4th can only be a great one. (my refrigerator is empty so ... it's honest here :P).
I'm starting to get more of this right now.
Patrik TG
9 years ago
Wikipedia says that > is the movie with First all-digital composite.
9 years ago
my like your humor
9 years ago
Can't wait to see it...When is it supposed to be released?
9 years ago
I too am a huge fan of the Indy movies and can't wait to see this one. I don't think it will be a problem that he is older because they are playing on the fact that he is an older Indy.

Looking forward to it.
9 years ago
hee lol. I also really love the movies. great style I think and, yes, harrison Ford is the MAN... I would love to see the movie.
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