FX Console Plugin
Speed up your After Effects workflow
Rooftop Set Extension
Create a digital set extension
Where are the Tutorials! + NAB 2017!
Yo Andrew! Where are all the Tutorials!?! A reasonable question actually....
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
I must confess... I was never a big fan of shape layers...  we just didn't ...
Blog Show Out-Take
So we're working on a new Blog Show and thought this was a good time to remin...
Visualization Experiment and new Renders
Just playing around with a new After Effects experiment without using any 3rd...
MotionPulse BlackBox
2000 Multi-Layered Sound FX
Optical Flares
3D Lens Flare Creation Studio
Action Essentials 2: 2K
HD Pre-Keyed Action Stock Footage
HD Particle Stock Footage